Video Out Distribution

Video Out Distribution is a non-profit, non-exclusive distributor of media art on video to galleries, festivals, educational institution collections and broadcasters nationally and internationally. 

The primary activity of Video Out is to provide artist driven distribution services that promote the practices of independent media art and earn revenue for independent media artists.  In addition, we provide curatorial, exhibition and research support through communication about the videotape collection.  The foundation of both these activities is ongoing collection management and preservation activity.

Founded in 1980 by the Satellite Video Exchange Society, the distribution services and the over 4,000 title collection we manage are an integral part of the VIVO Media Arts Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Video Out Distribution News & Outreach:

A new Video Out online presence is being developed to replace this site. In the meantime, please visit our DISTRIBUTION NEWS & OUTREACH page HERE for screening events, improvements to services and other initiatives.  For Conversations w/ Distributed Artist-Producers click HERE.