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  • ,000,

  • Artist: Isabelle Pauwels
  • Year: 2016
  • Duration: 58:20
  • Country: Canada
  • ,000, is a video about false fronts, paint jobs, happy endings, commerce, rot, and customer service. Or, more simply put: pictures, popcorn, and kernels of truth. The narrative follows two entwined characters - the once prominent city of New Westminster, B.C., and a disillusioned Actress Slash Dominatrix- as they struggle to survive. It's a classic case of tease and denial. Tease: you can’t be the same at the end as you were at the beginning. Because that’s the rule. Denial: maybe ,000, is really about the failure of narrative to deliver us from life.

    ,000, exists as a radio play, a single-channel video, and its original form as a multi-media installation.  Comissioned by EMPAC-RPI, the installation premiered in October 2014. The piece is mounted on a soundstage, and consists of 27 audio channels, 9 video channels, sculpture, lighting, and a live audience.  The performance hinges on the disjunction between the narrative spectacle, with its rapid-fire video graphics, overabundance of competing voices, and multiple points of view--- and the visceral, grounding experience of one’s body moving through an immersive audio environment.  The installation-view and documentation is available upon request.

  • Accession #: 7056
  • Distribution Status: In Library
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