100% Woman

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  • 100% Woman

  • Artist: Karen Duthie
  • Artist: Diana Wilson
  • Year: 2004
  • Duration: 50:58
  • Country: Canada
  • Michelle Dumaresq is Canada s reigning National Champion in the adrenaline-charged sport of downhill mountain biking. But for her first 20 years Michelle was Michael. As the first transgendered athlete ever named to a national team, Michelle is testing all the limits. Whether it s friendships with her team mates, gender definitions, or the political climate of international sport, Michelle forces us all to ask: can a transsexual be 100% Woman? Directed by KAREN DUTHIE Written by KAREN DUTHIE & DIANA WILSON Producer DIANA WILSON Executive Producers CARI GREEN & HARRY SUTHERLAND Cinematography MOIRA SIMPSON & KAREN DUTHIE Editors BONNIE DEVLIN & HEATHER FRISE Music & Sound Design DENNIS BURKE

  • Accession #: 2812
  • Distribution Status: Special
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