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  • 7 Works

  • Artist: Mark Curry
  • Year: 2000
  • Duration: 00:00
  • Country: Canada
  • A Faint Show 3:03 min
    The scene chosen is of a young woman dying in her suitor s arms. The reworked video suggests a couple forever caught in a strange embrace. Romance and tragedy meet in a moment without end.
    - taken from the film Camille 1936

    A Long Wave Rolling in from the Sea 2:00 min
    A technological exploitation of an actress passionate performance is exaggerated to a point of near cruelty.
    - taken from the film Persona 1966

    You and You Alone 3:12 min
    A figure s gliding passage by a doorway is framed by an empty room echoing cinema s voyeuristic gaze.
    - taken from the film The Exterminating Angel (El Angel Exterminador) 1962

    A Sunday Drive in the Country 3:25 min
    The viewer as a passenger making an endless ascent toward the sun in a vague shimmering world.
    - taken from the film Shoot the Piano Player (Tirez sur le Pianiste) 1962

    Pageant 2:00 min
    The performance of a suicide is repeated until it becomes an elaborate parade of images, an empty show - a pageant.
    - taken from the film The Tenant 1976

    Autumn 3:20 min
    This video explores a moment of unending leisure in a garden of sweet tea and cigarettes. Each sip of tea, puff of smoke and leaf falling measures time passing, yet this meter has neither beginning nor ending and so lulls to the point of monotonous quietude.
    - taken from the film Effi Briest (Fontane Effie Briest) 1974

    Au Revoir 3:20 min
    The screenwriter and director on the set of the film within a film talk of future plans and say goodbye. Looping this penultimate sequence keeps their future a permanent horizon, and roots the actors to their roles.
    - taken from the film Contempt (Le Mepris) 1964

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