Anti-Racist Mathematics & Other Stories: Secessio (Episode 3)

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  • Anti-Racist Mathematics & Other Stories: Secessio (Episode 3)

  • Artist: Byron Peters
  • Year: 2018
  • Duration: 18:00
  • Country: Canada
  • Anti-Racist Mathematics & Other Stories is a presentation of tales from the history of mathematics, global power and communication technologies. From the notion of a ‘science of revolt’ declared by Brad Werner and contextualized by Donna Haraway, the history of the algorithm from al-Khwārizmī, Karl Marx’s mathematical manuscripts, to IBM’s present-day algorithm that is cited to distinguish refugees from terrorists, these stories speculate on the make-up of technical languages and what they could become.

    Secessio is an adaptation of an ancient story of a mass general-strike, told through a present-day crowd-modelling and crowd-control software. While showing the 'artificial-stupidity’ of technologies used for the training of enforcement officers and security design, it presents an anachronistic world where number doesn’t hold.

    The debut episode is titled Pure Difference (21min45sec). Episode 2 is titled 10-3=13 (12min).

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  • Distribution Status: In Distribution
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