Boilt Pixels

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  • Boilt Pixels

  • Artist: Oliver Hockenhull
  • Year: 2001
  • Duration: 8:00
  • Country: Canada
  • This image work is based on data of quantum fluctuation in a vacuum. The data was garnerned via supercomputer simulations of QuantumChromodynamics (QCD) on a 24(power 3) x 36 space-time lattice using a 128-node Thinking Machine. The image sequence was then aestheticized by cross association of digital peaks and valleys of Bach played backwards andcolour pixel values and placement calculated through the filter of my own made in Orissa astrological chart on a Mac G4. Took 20 minutes to do and 12 hours to render.

    Boilt Pixles a) 5:00 min b) 3:00 min

  • Accession #: 2558
  • Distribution Status: In Distribution
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