Boys From Easy

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  • Boys From Easy

  • Artist: Ruby Truly
  • Year: 1997
  • Duration: 21:00
  • Country: Canada
  • √íMy sister and I are nine years apart. One borne before and one after the war we never talk about...except of course, when the boys from Easy come to visit. My daddy was first sargeant in Easy company and his boys would come by every year for a beeg reunion at our house. They would sit around the bbq meat and drink beer and talk story. How tachibana lost his leg, how blind Fujino whoa had a sight of 2400 almost walked right into the enemy dodging from haystack to haystask in the dark of night, Kelly the medic and how when they got hit they called Kelly, Kelly, instead of mamma, mamma, hundreds of voices all calling Kelly, Kelly, the lost batallion, the haole officers, the Buttaheads, katonks, one puka puka, 442, going for broke, going fvor broke, all you fallas going for broke.

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