Cow at My Table

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  • Cow at My Table

  • Artist: Jennifer Abbott
  • Year: 1998
  • Duration: 90:00
  • Country: Canada
  • "Weaving together interviews with animal rights activists, agribusiness representatives and animal welfare experts with archival and documentary footage (including some very disturbing slaughter house scenes), Abbott has produced an extraordinarily compelling, powerful and visually stunning documentary. While Abbott is a thoroughly engaged documentarian who makes no claims to objectivity, she presents a story which is far more complex than one with only two sides." --Vancouver International Film Festival 1998
    On May 17, 1996, Jennifer Abbott was arrested at Intercontinental Packers Ltd. in Saskatoon for crawling under a fence and videotaping a dead cow. The next morning in jail, she asked for a vegetarian breakfast and was given a bacon Egg McMuffin. While the crown later dropped the charges, security alerts quickly went out from producer associations in the meat industry warning of Abbott's project. Her experience in Saskatoon was a perfect example of her thesis -- that social forces in our society conceal, distort and legitimize factory farming with peilous repercussions to animals, humans and the environment.

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