Dance Videotapes

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  • Dance Videotapes

  • Artist: Laurie McDonald
  • Year: 2017
  • Duration: 18:12
  • Country: Canada
  • A compilation of dance video works:

    Dying Swan (1975) A recreation of the acclaimed ballet removed from its theatrical context and taken back to the lake.
    Deux Pieds (1976) Video effects are used to create balletic feats only possible through the video medium.
    Minute Waltz (1977) A 20 minute ballet performance recorded on a time lapse video recorder borrowed from a bank, resulting in 3 minutes of video.
    Duet for Tap and Galoshes (1980) A visual restructuring of a real time tap performance. The dancer's feet fill the screen and different views of the feet are edited to the beats of the tap rhythms.
    Russian Dance (1978) A ballet dancer's relatively static feet and legs are featured while the camera reacts to this energetic music from The Nutcracker.
    Spinning Ballerina (1978) A magnetic ballerina toy inspired this video. A real ballerina spins as if the magnetic coils in a television were controlling her movements.
    The Sleeping Beauty Waltz (1980) A dancer and a hoist perform a pas de deux to The Sleeping Beauty Waltz.

  • Accession #: W0125
  • Distribution Status: In Library Only
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