The Edge of Life

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  • The Edge of Life

  • Artist: Maxi Cohen
  • Year: 1984
  • Duration: 19:00
  • Country: United States
  • Applying a documentary style to a fictional story, The Edge of Life is a contemporary day-in-the-life narrative that addresses the anxiety of urban life and the conflict between love and career. Z, a video artist, is torn between her boyfriend and her video work. Cohen follows Z along the streets of New York, as she shoots video, argues with her cameraman/boyfriend, and goes home to an empty apartment. Cohen re-shapes traditional linear narrative through her use of special effects, verite-style camera work, and visual leitmotifs. The mock soap-opera title both satirizes Z's dilemma and defines her role as the artist who works on the edge of society.

  • Accession #: 2114
  • Distribution Status: In Distribution
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