El Nino

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  • El Nino

  • Artist: Vaerkstedet Vaerst
  • Artist: Ane Mette Ruge
  • Artist: Jacob Schokking
  • Year: 1985
  • Duration: 17:00
  • Country: Canada
  • This video is based on two years of performance on the El Nino theme. The title is derived from a Perucian phenomenon regarded as the cause of certain climatological disturbances in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. The actual meaning El Nino is boy or child. In this case, El Nino is a grown-up man and sea-farer. Like their performances, the work is best descibed as poetic, with a clearly structured part; all persons function on the same level as the sculptural and audio-visual elements.

  • Accession #: 1318
  • Distribution Status: In Distribution
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