Going (and Coming) to Paris

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  • Going (and Coming) to Paris

  • Artist: Nikola Marin
  • Year: 2003
  • Duration: 16:50
  • Country: Canada
  • Going (and Coming) to Paris looks at the obstacles that Canadian artists face in presenting Canadian art on Indie√Ę budgets. The piece approaches social dynamics of local Canadians by bringing issues of race, sex, class and economics to their doorstep. As well, attitudes of what represents work are unveiled, attitudes that reflect the barriers towards viewing artists as professionals in their own right. These humorous skits illustrate taboos that arise such as unsolicited requests for money from strangers. The film also documents grassroots public education that occurs with every door knock and conversation in regards to a feminist filmmaker raising funds to attend a lesbian film festival in Paris.The filmmaker attempts to tap into Canadian√Ęs respect for those who overcome great odds by creating parallels between Canadian artists and other legendary Canadian fundraisers, such as Terry Fox, who would not be able to accomplish their vision without the support of their communities.

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  • Distribution Status: In Distribution
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