Lull Before The Storm: Part 1 The Forties

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  • Lull Before The Storm: Part 1 The Forties

  • Artist: Sara Diamond
  • Artist: Women's Labour History Project
  • Year: 1990
  • Duration: 48:00
  • Country: Canada
  • This 4 part series (each segment is 48 minutes long) examines the changing roles of women in post-war British Columbia, and the transitions that were taking place in the family, the media and the workforce at the time.
    Part 1 "The Forties” and 2 “The Fifties” explore the histories of working-class women and men in post-war transition. Parts 1 and 2 use the vehicle of a voice narrator, typical of advertising, documentary and dramatic narrative of the time, to orchestrate and speak the contradictory ‘wisdom’ of the era concerning women’s ideal position within society. It refers the viewer to the unresolved story of Dorothy, George and Bobby Sanderson, three individuals trapped within the messages and demands of their epoch.
    Parts 3 and 4 “Women in Woods” and “Community Acts” uses the oral histories of the wives of BC wood and millworkers, as well as that of women working in the wood industry. Using a documentary format, these sequences stress the important role of rural women in family and community life, and the critical role of women’s activism in British Columbia.

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