Mastery and Dominance: Crow Serenades Primates at Play

4346_Crow serenades primates at play.jpg
  • Mastery and Dominance: Crow Serenades Primates at Play

  • Artist: Byron Black
  • Year: 2006
  • Duration: 1:34
  • Country: Indonesia
  • High above the Ciliwung River in East Jakarta the ancient struggle for dominance among primates continues, flashing fangs versus the video recorder. It is stylized as 'play' because SpeedyBB, the master of the monkey orphanage in Condet, truly loves his vicious primates. On one end of the recording device we have Nano O'Nanny, star and opponent of the weak hairless ape, a contender with a bite that can snap through bone. In the other corner of consciousness is SpeedyBB, a balding white man with thin skin and false teeth. Unequal match? Oh sure, but not for the reasons you might assume. Nano can rip and tear through flesh; SpeedyBB has lightweight machine guns and CBW, thermonuclear-tipped ICBMs and killer drones. And a sweet line of fast sales talk at the right price. Nano may be a fart smeller but he ain't smart enough to deduce how you don't fuck around with white people, by far the most elegant, modern, efficient and spectacular killers on the planet. Never forget, however, that we are truly nice killers: we want to be admired, respected and loved. Thus SpeedyBB keeps whining at his deadly adversary with the superfluous “Do you love me, Nano? Hmm?”

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