New queer Acquisitions Fall 1999 Tape 2

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  • New queer Acquisitions Fall 1999 Tape 2

  • Year: 1999
  • Duration: 60:00
  • Country: Canada
  • UNMAPPING DESIRE (Sheila James 4:00 1999)
    UNMAPPING DESIRE is an experimental video/poem carrying the theme of separation, political borders and social boundaries which prevent women from loving women.
    FUCK THIS, GINGER (Nikola Marin and Jennifer Conroy 4:00 1999)
    One redhead, one black woman; one interracial connection. 2 girls fucking. Sexualized, racialized, unmasked and visible. An a whole lotta raw, raunched-out sex. Produced through an Out on Screen Scolarship.
    IRRESISTIBLE (Annthea Whittaker 4:00 1999)
    Loss, fear, repulsion, obsession, waxy build-up.
    TOILET MOUTH (Velveeta Krisp 4:00 1999)
    TOILET MOUTH is a dirty room with a view. It locates obsession between attraction and repulsion.
    OH BEAUTIFUL (Bonita Makuch 6:00 1999)
    A meditation on a collective fantasy addressing our culture s moral preoccupation with sex, and representing the exten to which we re titillated by probing into private spaces.
    BOY GIRL (Lorna Boschman 14:00 1999)
    Rocking to Johnny Cash s Ring of Fire, three people talk about the ambiguities of gender, sharing experiences ranging from a woman who is always mistaken for a man to one who modelled based on her androgynous looks.
    ARENĂ•T YOU LUCKY YOU BROUGHT YOUR OWN CHAIR? (Margaret Scott16:00 1999)
    After coming up against homophobia from straight service providers, Queer Gimp Girl seeks out other disabled queers and asks about their experiences of disabled awareness and access in the queer communities.

  • Accession #: 2444b
  • Distribution Status: In Distribution
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