Supa Showfolk

  • Supa Showfolk

  • Artist: Michael Venus
  • Year: 2001
  • Duration: 3:10
  • Country: Canada
  • Shot at the House of Venus' fifth annual wig-fest "Wiggle," Show folk captures the wild essence of a live Venus extravaganza. This is a showcase of the hottest performers, designers and avant guard pushers exhibiting headdresses made out of everything from plastic to paper to candy!

    Director - Michael Venus
    Camera - Michael Turcotte
    Music - Dickey Doo
    Editor - Robert-John Farrow
    Sound Editors - Dickey Doo and Robert-John Farrow
    Starring - Andrew, Brad, Carlotta, Cotton, Dickey Doo, Fritz, Imelda Mae, Inga, Joan-E, Lady K, Luka, Maxine Von Mink, Mia, Mikela J Michael, Robyn Graves, Roger, Rondin, Velveeta and Wanda Wacko

  • Accession #: 5097
  • Distribution Status: In Distribution
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