Toni Latour: Selected Video Work

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  • Toni Latour: Selected Video Work

  • Artist: Toni Latour
  • Year: 2000
  • Duration: 30:00
  • Country: Canada
  • Toni Latour s artistic practice focuses on her identity as an artist. With HUmour as its vehicle, her work addresses many of the drives, desires, difficulties and anxieties involved in art production. Often depicting the carnivalesque quality of the artist/performer, her work seeks to be both satirically funny and poignantly honest. It describes the self and social scrutiny that go hand in handwith keeping up in the fast paced worlds of art. from peptalks to public posturing, latour s work encompasses both the excitment and apprehension that surround art making today. The selected works on this tape share a perspective of the artists interior thought processes and studio existence.

    Robin Red Breast, 2000, 2:10 min
    You Can Do It!, 1999, 10:00 min
    Suggestions, 2000, 2:20 min
    Still To Do List, 2000, 8:27
    One Bag, Two Bags, Three Bags, Four; 1999, 4:10

  • Accession #: 2706
  • Distribution Status: In Library Only
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