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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearsort iconProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Out of Play2002Bonn KimIn Distribution2630
Please Sir can I have Some More2002Oliver Hockenhull4:00In Distribution2631
Ode to Galactic Traffic2002Oliver Hockenhull4:00In Distribution2632
Life is Like a Flow of Water2002Esther Shinkawa8:24In Distribution2633
Fish Bowl2002WG Burnham9:54In Distribution2634
Gender Line Extended2002WG Burnham60:28Special2635
What's News Representations of Take Back the Night2002Nikola Marin9:00In Distribution2636
Jeremy Drummond Compilation2002Jeremy DrummondIn Library Only2637a-m
Suburban Discipline2002Jeremy Drummond6:24In Library Only2637c
Lady of Shallot - A Surveillance Player2002Margaret Dragu3:30In Distribution2639
More Cleaning and Loving It2002Margaret Dragu13:00In Distribution2640
Syntax Errors2002Artspeak Gallery3:13:In Distribution2642-2643
Syntaxerrors 01: Acting out- Play-Doh* and Doubt: a personalized history of performative lecturing2002Artspeak Gallery52:33In Distribution2642-2643
Syntaxerrors 02: The honey's not far from the sting2002Artspeak Gallery1:20:00In Distribution2642-2643
Syntaxerrors 03: Counter-Interpellation2002Artspeak Gallery50:33In Distribution2642-2643
Dress2002Mark Peacock15:00In Distribution2645
Miss Edmonton teenburger 1983 in: You're Eternal2002Amy Lockhart7:00In Distribution2647
Famous Formula2002Donna Szoke0:15In Distribution2650
Kevin2002Monique Moumblow8:55In Distribution2651
California, MEXICO2002Shawn Chappelle7:30In Distribution2652
Salty Wet2002Winston Xin8:47In Distribution2653
Master Libation2002Dayna McLeod4:30In Distribution2654
EBA2002Smartbodies5:00In Distribution2648
E V O2002Oliver Hockenhull1:17:In Distribution2655
Skwelkwekwelt Protection Center2002Nitanis Desjarlais28:19In Distribution2656
Take Back the Land - Spirit Lake2002Nitanis Desjarlais28:00In Distribution2657
Native Youth Movement (Secwepemc Chapter) Roadblock2002Nitanis Desjarlais29:51In Distribution2658
London Years2002Kim Dawn46In Distribution2659
Pop Songs2002Meesoo Lee38:00In Distribution2660
YotinPimoteoQuartzDevabe2002Frederick Cummings26:29In Distribution2661
Satellite2002Nelson Henricks5:30In Library Only2662
Having Coffee with No One2002Monique Moumblow4:30In Distribution2667
E V O (Anamorphic Version 16:9)2002Oliver Hockenhull1:17:Special2655b
Devil Music2002Trinity Square Video41:55In Library Only2669
Devil Music Screening2002Various41:56In Distribution2669
Spaghetti 82002Terra Poirier2:30In Distribution2673
Satellite: Performance2002Nelson Hendricks40:00In Library Only2675
It's a Slut2002L.O.V.EIn Distribution2676
Allicia Macdonald2002L.O.V.E15:12In Distribution2677
Kalie's Tape2002L.O.V.E15:12In Distribution2678
Help Me the girl Whispered2002Lyla Hunter2:06In Distribution2679
Deep West2002Nikola Marin4:12Special2680
Clown2002Kim Dawn4:30In Distribution2681
Wasted2002Scott Russell20:00In Distribution2684
Unravelled2002Lisa G2:05In Distribution2686
Library2002Lisa G2:40Special2687
Snow Storm2002Scott RussellIn Distribution2688
Beautiful Jew2002Oliver Hockenhull1:45:In Distribution2689 a-b
Orphan Dyke2002Sheila James15:57In Distribution2700
3 Videos2002Scott RussellSpecial2688
Getting Organized With the Ladies! Video 1: Bag Folding2002Ladies Afternoon Art Society4:52In Distribution2707
Laundry Room2002Emma Howes2:25In Distribution2708
saltysatedradiant2002Randy Lee CutlerIn Distribution2709 a
Transportation2002Randy Lee Cutler5:30In Distribution2709 b
Split Screen Test2002Marlene Madison1:33In Distribution2714a -d
Star2002Marlene Madison15:00In Distribution2714c
Untitled #12002Pierre- Andre Sonolet8:20In Distribution2716
Women Breaking Boundaries2002Desiree Lim1:23:In Distribution2717
E V O (Installation Version 16:9) DVD2002Oliver Hockenhull1:17:Special2655c
Junkmail2002Jeremy Drummond1:56In Library Only2733
Noise the politics of digital audio2002Brady Cranfield7:25In Distribution2737
Pimp & Ho : License To Queer2002Mark Kenneth Woods18:00In Distribution2744b
Pimp & Ho : Queer Fashion Crime Models2002Mark Kenneth Woods13:00In Distribution2744c
Public Gender Announcements2002Mark Kenneth Woods3:05In Distribution2745
Lesbian Robot Zombie at Door2002Kiley Fithen9:00In Distribution2768 a
Cake 2002Vanessa Kwan2:09In Distribution2781 a
Interview With My Dad2002Vanessa Kwan2:30In Distribution2781 b
Peking Duck Dinner2002Vanessa Kwan7:17In Distribution2781 c
Your Cheatin' Heart, Part 32002Vanessa Kwan25:07In Distribution2781 d
Impermanence2002Venus Soberanes6:00In Distribution2914
E V O (Letterbox)2002Oliver Hockenhull1:17:Special2655d
Vast Tonic2002Jen WeihIn Distribution2954
Smash2002Paul Wong55:00In Distribution2974
Larry's Leap Daycare2001Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM244
Candie Tanaka Compilation2001Candie TanakaIn Library Only2361
Attachments2001Tricia Middleton13:30In Distribution2514
Being Fucked Up2001Emily Vey Duke11:30In Distribution2515
Homeless in Two Parts2001Annthea WhittakerIn Distribution2526
P4 Promo Reel2001Paul Manly13:30In Distribution2531
Out of Place2001Renee Poisson11:00In Distribution2532
Antarctica2001Meesoo Lee47:00In Distribution2533
Chosen Family2001Maureen Bradley13:00In Distribution2537
Photographer's Diary2001Wayne Yung26:00In Distribution2538
Variations on a Polypropylene Wrapper2001Tricia Middleton5In Distribution2539
Watching Lesbian Porn2001Dayna McLeod10:30In Distribution2540b
Untitled (DC)2001Dana Claxton8:00In Distribution2545
Upgrade Beta Version 1.12001Paul Manly4:00In Distribution2546
Ciao Ciao2001Michelle Irving5:30In Distribution2547
An Atlas of the Moon2001Wayne Yung4:38In Distribution2572
Chopstick Bloody Chopstick2001Wayne Yung14:16In Distribution2572
Bad Hair Day2001Meesoo Lee7:20In Distribution2549
People Dance2001Dana Claxton24In Distribution2554
Shame on You2001Elana Herman (Lupis)11In Distribution2555
Ò6Ó2001Oliver Hockenhull15:00In Distribution2557
Boilt Pixels2001Oliver Hockenhull8:00In Distribution2558
My Sweet Prince Charming2001Lisa G4:55Special2559
Three Things My Mother Never Told Me2001Lisa G5:27Special2560
Queer Things I hate About You 2001Nickolaos Stagias5In Distribution2518b
Femme2001Nickolaos Stagias4:30In Distribution2563
Suspects (Performance for the Police)2001Artspeak Gallery26:38In Distribution2564