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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationDistribution Statussort iconAccession Number
Good Luck Greta2012Reel Feelings Media12In Library Only0784a
Eric2023Reel Feelings Media8In Library Only0784b
Mountain Dance Company [1/3]1979Janet Miller30In Library Only789
Mountain Dance Company [2/3]1979Janet Miller9In Library Only790
Mountain Dance Company [3/3]1979Janet Miller12In Library Only791
Wills - Should You Have One?1979Peoples Law School24In Library Only793
Canadian Court System [1/4]1978Peoples Law School25In Library Only0794a
Canadian Court System [2/4]1978Peoples Law School25In Library Only0794b
Canadian Court System [3/4]1978Peoples Law School35In Library Only0795a
Canadian Court System [4/4]1978Peoples Law School35In Library Only0795b
Preventive Medicine1978Ben Fairless15In Library Only796
Punk-a-roonie1979Jim Cummins3In Library Only0799a
Too Bad- Eh!1979Jim Cummins3In Library Only0799b
Message To China1979Susan Britton22In Library Only0800
Writers Union Of Canada1979Keith Maillard27In Library Only802
Chaos #11979Alvin Collins29In Library Only805
Chaos #31979Alvin Collins30In Library Only806
Chaos #41979Alvin Collis30In Library Only807
Towards Location Markings (moyetsukita Chizu)1978Don Druick20In Library Only808
Portrait Of Tim Porter1978G. Berteig15In Library Only811
Serene Composition Suggestive Of Pastoral Repose1977Noel Harding17In Library Only813
Role Of The Woman In The Chilean Resistance1977Pat Smith30In Library Only824
Shot Of The City1978Ken Kuramoto4In Library Only0825a
Homage1978Ken Kuramoto19In Library Only0825b
Phoenix Observed1971Educational Television Ontario20In Library Only826
Bread- Bible And Bullets1971Educational Television Ontario30In Library Only827
Unuru! Merdeka! Libertad!1971Educational Television Ontario30In Library Only828
Cake Of Custom1971Educational Television Ontario30In Library Only829
Evolution Or Revolution1971Educational Television Ontario30In Library Only830
Other Two Worlds1971Educational Television Ontario30In Library Only831
Press Gang Publishers2023Pat Feindel7In Library Only833
International Women's Day Special1979Pat Feindel25In Library Only834
Video Inn Productions1977Video Inn Members50In Library Only837
Video Inners1979Video Inn Members45In Library Only0838
Video Brain1974The Poem Company30:00In Library Only840
Robin Blaser Reading at The Western Front1974Western Front Video60In Library Only0841
The Rites Of Everything1974Gregg Simpson60In Library Only0842
Robin Blaser Reading At UBC Arts 11974Video Bag30In Library Only0844
For the Unpersuaded: An Interview With Marge Piercy1980Shawn Preus40:45In Library Only846
I Am And You Are In The Sentence1977Rhoda Rosenfeld29In Library Only850
Casting Call1979Susan Britton35In Library Only851
Liquid Legs-a Preparation For Bioni1978Gerard Pas17In Library Only852
We Will Not Be Beaten1980Peg Campbell30In Library Only853
Blue Mule Interviews1985Ken Kuramoto55In Library Only854
Untitled1985Ken Kuramoto18In Library Only0855a
Visage1985Ken Kuramoto3In Library Only0855b
Defending The Motherland1979Lily Eng19In Library Only859
Year Zero The Silent Death Of Cambodia1979John Pilger56In Library Only860
Mondo Arte Cabaret1979Hank Bull30In Library Only862
Ars Gratis Artis1979Randy and Berenicci46In Library Only863
Satellite Video Exchange Sampler2023Video Inn60In Library Only864
Script (Abe's)1980Paul Wong29In Library Only0866
Diviate Unit1979Daniel Dion9In Library Only0870a
Urgence1979Daniel Guimond9In Library Only0870b
Interview1979Daniel Dion4In Library Only0870c
Middleclass Marriage1979Hank Bull16In Library Only873
Renaissance Fair 19791979Andrew Krumins40In Library Only874
Downtown East: Beauty Or Beast?1980Leslie Dyson44In Library Only876
Vancouver Womens' Movement1980Pat Feindel60In Library Only881
Choice Issue1979Pat Feindel13:00In Library Only0883a
Alas- "We Have Not Come A Long Way- Babies"1971Reel Feelings Media0In Library Only0883b
You're Just Like a Time Machine1980Ken Kuramoto46In Library Only0888a
Poly-filla1980Ken Kuramoto31In Library Only889
To Smoke Or Not To Smoke - Is This Your Question?1980Shawn Preus9:00In Library Only893
Don't Tell Me What To Do1980Nomi Kaplan3In Library Only894
Lesbians Against The Right1981Amelia Productions45In Library Only902
Three Video Dance Poems1976Paul Wong30In Library Only905
Instead of Prisons: Inquest Into Death Of Steve Biko1980Claire Culhane30In Library Only906
Instead of Prisons: Ivan Horvat1979Claire Culhane30In Library Only0907
Instead of Prisons: Stanford Univ.prison Experiment:instead Of Prisons1979Claire Culhane60In Library Only908
Instead of Prisons: John Trudel (AIM)1979Claire Culhane30In Library Only909
Conversation With Dr. Death1980Nelson Channel 1020In Library Only910
Dr. Thomas Szasz1978Claire Culhane60In Library Only912
Zapotec And Mayah Weaving1980Andrew Krumins17In Library Only0913a
Waters Of Japan1980Andrew Krumins13In Library Only0913b
Renaissance Fair 19801980Andrew Krumins22In Library Only0913c
Life Of A Squatter1980Stokely Seip10In Library Only916
You Don't Take 'No' for an Answer...1979Michael Goldberg59In Library Only917
Simo Simo1981Charles Keast6In Library Only0918
Clichettes [1/2]1981Jeanette Reinhardt60In Library Only921
Moving Sculpture Co.1978Evelyn Roth28In Library Only930
Mountain Dance Company1979Janet Miller43In Library Only931
Lesbian Mothers1981Ellen Frank26In Library Only934
Street: Winter1977Jane Wright18In Library Only0936a
Music 11975Jane Wright13In Library Only0936b
Wired Into The Future1981Jeanette Reinhardt7In Library Only937
Instead of Prisons: Irish P.O.W. [1/2]1981Claire Culhane20In Library Only0938a
Instead of Prisons: Irish P.O.W. [2/2]1981Claire Culhane30In Library Only0938b
Twu Tel1981Amelia Productions9In Library Only939
This Line Is Not In Service1981Amelia Productions25In Library Only940
Mothers Day 19801980Amelia Productions30In Library Only0941
Instead Of Prisons: Gary Lake1979Claire Culhane30In Library Only0945
Textual Strategies1980Daniel Guimond20In Library Only946
Sunglasses1976Teri Chmilar7In Library Only0949a
Run!1976Teri Chmilar2In Library Only0949b
Woman & Violin1977Teri Chmilar3In Library Only0949c
Moving Images Vs Stills1977Teri Chmilar2In Library Only0949d
Survey Of Empathy1978Teri Chmilar3In Library Only0949e
Disection #11978Teri Chmilar3In Library Only0949f
Kidcatcher1981A.J. Krumins20In Library Only953