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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationsort iconDistribution StatusAccession Number
Life Craft Earth1972Fitch Cady50In Library Only105
Vous Savez Ca- Monsieur Le Ministre1973Robert Favreau50In Library Only160
Petit Prince [1/2]2022Yves Trepanier50In Library Only318
Chilliwack Impressions1975BC Assn of Non-Status Indians50In Library Only0634a
June Boe Pot Pourri1976June Boe50In Library Only647
Video Inn Productions1977Video Inn Members50In Library Only837
Silent Tapes [2/3]1982Monty Cantsin50In Library Only1033b
Silent Tapes [3/3]1982Monty Cantsin50In Library Only1033c
Best Of Under 51984Video In50In Library Only1223
"record Date: December 5- 1982- #30"1982Gayblevision50In Library OnlyGV27
Various2022Metro Media50In Library OnlyM164
Vancouver Peoples' Law School: Fighting City Hall2022Metro Media50In Library OnlyM165
Metro Media Program1973Metro Media50In Library OnlyM175
Box Concert1975Suzy Lake5In Library Only489
Shadow Of Wall No. 21979Keigo Yamamoto5In Distribution1043b
Breath No. 31980Keigo Yamamoto5In Distribution1044
Nokara1984Don Xaliman5In Library Only1133
You Can't Take My Secret Away1984Stokely Seip5In Library Only1156
Akumu1984Fumiko Kiyooka5In Library Only1185
Because I Know...and You Don't1984Paul Landon5In Library Only1223c
I Want A New Drug1984Stephen Sabyon5In Library Only1223h
Spaghetti: Une Obsession1984Martin L Abbe5In Library Only1223i
Aud(vid)ition1981Lin Rankin5In Library Only1270
Mekaron Compilation1994Tiure5In Library Only1983
Within Dialogue (silence)1987Susan C. Rynard5In Library OnlyW0020
Variations on a Polypropylene Wrapper2001Tricia Middleton5In Distribution2539
Queer Things I hate About You 2001Nickolaos Stagias5In Distribution2518b
Elegy2006Meesoo Lee4:58In Distribution2888 B
My Sweet Prince Charming2001Lisa G4:55Special2559
Getting Organized With the Ladies! Video 1: Bag Folding2002Ladies Afternoon Art Society4:52In Distribution2707
Album2006Donna Szoke4:52In Distribution2895b
Framed2003Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)4:50In Distribution2724c
Nuzvelz1998Clark Nikolai4:46In Distribution2258c
Sarania2004Velveeta Krisp4:45In Distribution2783
Light as a feather / heavy as lead2006Irene Loughlin4:45In Distribution2892
Bad Boy2005Velveeta Krisp4:43In Distribution2876
Bus Stop2007Stuart Pound4:43In Distribution2928 c
Snuff Flick1982Stokely Seip4:40In Distribution1072
An Atlas of the Moon2001Wayne Yung4:38In Distribution2572
Queer Things I Hate about You2000Nickolaos Stagias4:36In Distribution2518a
G1998Terence Anthony4:35In Distribution2302b
Degrassi B Girlz High2005Mark Peacock4:35In Distribution2881
Two Peanuts2006Michael V. Smith4:35In Distribution2907
bambi/colours2005Meesoo Lee4:35In Distribution2975
Moonshot2004Meesoo Lee4:34In Distribution2798 A
Was Ist Das1980Joyan Saunders4:30In Distribution0950a
Distance1984Luc Bourdon4:30In Distribution1361b
Me, Myself, I1995Sheila Urbanoski4:30In Distribution2181
Miss Chinatown1997Paul Wong4:30In Distribution2214
How to be a Recluse: 7 Easy Steps1998Laurel Swenson4:30In Distribution2301
Snip1998Terence Anthony4:30In Distribution2302a
Safe Sex is Hot Sex1992Maureen Bradley4:30In Distribution2401
Traces of Absence1999Tamara Vukov4:30In Distribution2447
The Cornman Commeth2000Velveeta Krisp4:30In Distribution2505
Femme2001Nickolaos Stagias4:30In Distribution2563
Master Libation2002Dayna McLeod4:30In Distribution2654
Having Coffee with No One2002Monique Moumblow4:30In Distribution2667
Clown2002Kim Dawn4:30In Distribution2681
Chiclette- The Posh Urban Piglet1998Marlene Madison4:30In Distribution2714d
I Can't Believe You Actually Died / the Microphones2004Brian MacDonald4:30In Distribution2767 E
Holy Matrimony Billy2004Mark Kenneth Woods4:30In Distribution2777
I don't care who you are...2003Vanessa Kwan4:30In Distribution2782
Buried Treasure2004Donna Szoke4:30In Distribution2808
like2005Donna Szoke4:30In Distribution2848
Shui2001Clark Nikolai4:29In Distribution2582
What don't you understand about "I'm leaving ... again"?2005Amy Lynn Kazymerchyk4:25In Distribution2910
What's My Mother !#@$ Name2007Amber Dawn4:25In Distribution3004
Anwolek - Regatta City2005Dana Claxton4:22In Distribution2841
Sick Fun La!2006Winston Xin4:22In Distribution2911
T L C1985Elizabeth Vander Zaag4:20In Distribution1306
The Thoughts of Mary-Jane / Rock n Roll Fantasy2005Meesoo Lee4:18,In Distribution2823 A-B
The Thoughts of Mary Jane 2005Meesoo Lee4:18In Distribution2823 A
All Sales Final2000Tricia Middleton4:17In Library Only2425
Toronto- Toronto2004Mark Peacock4:16In Distribution2788 B
Untouchable1998TJ Cuthand4:15In Distribution2274
Wolf Lake2006Michael V. Smith4:15In Distribution2900
Wolf Lake2006Michael V. Smith4:15In Distribution2900
Swing2002Laurel Swenson4:14In Distribution2607
Deep West2002Nikola Marin4:12Special2680
Fluid From Motion2005Clark Nikolai4:11In Distribution2813b
Le Fluide du Mouvement2005Clark Nikolai4:11In Distribution2813 C
Dragonfly2006Terry Haines4:07In Distribution2920
Blueprint1999Jeremy Drummond4:06In Library Only2637b
Rock n Roll Fantasy2005Meesoo Lee4:06In Distribution2823 B
States Of Being1981Joyan Saunders4:00In Distribution0950e
Review Of Kim Tomczak's New Photos1980John Mitchell4:00In Distribution0990b
Off the Street with Peter George1980Kim Tomczak4:00In Library Only0991b
No Return1983Joan Woodward4:00In Distribution1139
Share It With Me1983Joe Naylor4:00In Library Only1203b
Red Notion1985Elizabeth Vander Zaag4:00In Distribution1269b
Touei1984Luc Bourdon4:00In Distribution1361c
Reading Alone1982Terry Harasym4:00In Distribution1434a
Eyes Skinned (MH)1988Mona Hatoum4:00Special1552
Ads Epidemic1987John Greyson4:00In Distribution1709
Dinosaur Daze1991Scott Robinson4:00In Distribution1811c
Ambling Through Green1989Scott Robinson4:00In Distribution1811e
In The Beginning1991Scott Robinson4:00In Distribution1811b
Subject In Progress1992Susan Harman4:00In Distribution1831
Lest I Burn1991Shani Mootoo4:00In Distribution1846
Coming Out Of The Closet1993Susan Harman4:00In Distribution1912