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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationsort iconDistribution StatusAccession Number
Simple Histoire D'amours [1/2]1972National Film Board60In Library Only602
Simple Histoire D'amours [2/2]1972National Film Board60In Library Only603
Sharing The Dance1976Western Front Video60In Library Only618
Of Mice And Men [1/2]1976Reg Alcock60In Library Only646
Edge Of Sleep1977Taki Bluesinger60In Library Only648
Women's Poetry Festival #1 [2/2]1977New World Press60In Library Only655
O L'enfant Fort2023Jo Laforce60In Library Only656
Renaissance Fair 19771977Andrew Krummins60In Library Only660
Australian Video Newsreel [1/3]2023Avid Productions60In Library Only661
Christmas Special1977Jim Bescott60In Library Only679
Narc- Narc- Who's There?[1/2]197560In Library Only684
Of Mice And Men [2/2]1976Reg Alcock60In Library Only687
Mauri Land Problems1976Darcy Lang60In Library Only0703
Albion Free State1976Fantasy Factory60In Library Only0718b
News & Analysis Shorts 19781975Los Angeles Women's Communications Collective60In Library Only0734
Deutschland - Deutschland (3 Parts)1977Telewissen60In Library Only744
Lovejoy's Nuclear War1978Green Mountain Post60In Library Only756
Selections From Guimond/dion1977Daniel Guimond60In Library Only763
Bradford Working Life1974Darcy Lang60In Library Only769
New Waves '78 (vancouver Bands)1978Peter Lipskis60In Library Only772
Paul Jacobs And The Nuclear Gang2023WNET/PBS60In Library Only782
Selbstmord im Knast ist Mord1977Medien Fuhlsbüttel60In Library Only788
European Fascist Meeting In West Germany1976Medienpedogogik-Zentrum60In Library Only832
Robin Blaser Reading at The Western Front1974Western Front Video60In Library Only0841
The Rites Of Everything1974Gregg Simpson60In Library Only0842
Mary Daly [1/2]1979Carolyn Shrenesbury60In Library Only848
Satellite Video Exchange Sampler2023Video Inn60In Library Only864
Vancouver Womens' Movement1980Pat Feindel60In Library Only881
Mental Patients And The Law1977Peoples Law School60In Library Only0899a
Instead of Prisons: Stanford Univ.prison Experiment:instead Of Prisons1979Claire Culhane60In Library Only908
Dr. Thomas Szasz1978Claire Culhane60In Library Only912
Clichettes [1/2]1981Jeanette Reinhardt60In Library Only921
Four Chapters1981Noel Harding60In Library Only959
Last Grave At Dimbaza1978Merena Films60In Library Only963
Telepath: Byron Back In Bangkok1980Byron Black60In Library Only988
Tatayana Mamonova - Russian Feminist1981Amelia Productions60In Library Only1001
Angst: A Travellogue1981Scott Mceachern60In Library Only1117
Mississippi Tapes - Episodes 1 And 21983Jane Wright60In Library Only1130
Mississippi Tapes - Episodes 3 And 41983Jane Wright60In Library Only1131
Mississippi Tapes - Episodes 5 And 61983Jane Wright60In Library Only1132
Instead Of Prisons: Managing The Systems Parts 1&21980Prisoners Right Group60In Library Only1142
Sign Language - Ecuador Part 11982Jan Abbey60In Library Only1174
Japanese Americals For Redress1982Keiko Tsuno60In Library Only1184
A Is For Atom1979WGBH60In Library Only1199
Videopionier1984Gerd Conradt60In Library Only1229
Cabaret Voltaire1978Steve McCaffery & Co.60In Distribution1255
Spawning Sockeyes - 2 Channel Installation1982Tomiyo Sasaki60In Distribution1399
Spawning Salmon - Channel 21982Tomiyo Sasaki60In Distribution1400
F.L.V.: Feature Length Video1989Paul Wong60In Distribution1704
Signed By A Woman: A Perspective On California...1976Sheila Ruth60In Library OnlyW0001
Interview With Kate Millet (part I & Ii)1980Women in Focus60In Library OnlyW0013
Still Sane1985Brenda Ingratta60In Library OnlyW0096
Tatyana Mamonova1981Amelia Productions60In Library OnlyW0124
Concerned Aboriginal Women Occupy The Department of Indian Affairs1981Amelia Productions60In Distribution1002
One Hour Of Peace1987Joe Sarahan60In Distribution2037
Fantasmagoria: Sexing The Lesbian Imaginary2023Lock Up Your Daughters60In Library Only2001
"record Date: July 1- 1983- #38 The Sleep Of Reason"1983Gayblevision60In Library OnlyGV35
Record Date: ? Gay Pride 83 Van Coronation Ball 821983Gayblevision60In Library OnlyGV36
"record Date: July 1- 1985"1985Gayblevision60In Library OnlyGV57
"record Date: April 1- 1985"1985Gayblevision60In Library OnlyGV58
"record Date: October 26- 1980"1980Gayblevision60In Library OnlyGV59
"record Date: October- 1985"1985Gayblevision60In Library OnlyGV80
Record Date: ? Sharing The Obvious2023Gayblevision60In Library OnlyGV86
Record Date: ? Private Members Bill2023Gayblevision60In Library OnlyGV88
Japanese Flute Music/south American Music1974Metro Media60In Library OnlyM156
Community Learning Festival/arts In The Forum1973Metro Media60In Library OnlyM159
Young People Playing/musical Sculpture/grayson1974Metro Media60In Library OnlyM161
Italian Song Festival Contest1974Metro Media60In Library OnlyM162
Vancouver Free Program1973Metro Media60In Library OnlyM173
Paris Compilation Video Assembly2023Metro Media60In Library OnlyM178
Paris Compilation - French Version2023Metro Media60In Library OnlyM179
Compilation Of Metro Media Programs1973Metro Media60In Library OnlyM180
Naf Arts & Crafts/kraft Boycott/wounded Knee1973Metro Media60In Library OnlyM195
Memorandum1980Metro Media60In Library OnlyM215
China Report Tape #22023Metro Media60In Library OnlyM241
China Report Tape #42023Metro Media60In Library OnlyM242
China Report Tape #52023Metro Media60In Library OnlyM243
Video Maligna: Clark Nikolai Compilation1997Clark Nikolai60In Library Only2257
Louie1970Brian Levin6In Library Only0009b
Twenty Years1974Sakumi Hagiwara6In Library Only385
Rocket1976Terry McGlade6In Library Only0607b
Stairs1977Ross Gentleman6In Library Only0636b
Hommage A Duchamp2023Rene Bauermeister6In Library Only0706b
Simo Simo1981Charles Keast6In Library Only0918
Knox1981Andrew Krumins6In Library Only0956a
Ballistics1981Gerry Kisil6In Library Only1187
Do Be Do1983Joe Naylor6In Library Only1203a
Schernsteinfeger The Chimney Sweep1982Michael Morris6In Library Only1243a
Installation 19841985Paul Wong6In Library Only1261
Two Works By Andrew Keating1985Western Front Video6In Library Only1263
Patriarchy Takes All1981Clive Robertson6In Library Only1271
Big Wake1984Marilyn Wulff6In Library Only1285a
Renaissance1984Dean Winkler6In Library Only1293
Confused Sexual Views: Jeanie1984Jeanette Reinhardt6In Distribution1336
Core1986Terry Harasym6In Distribution1514a
Blind Faith1986Terry Harasym6In Distribution1514e
Hana Matsuri1990Visual Brains6In Distribution1985a
Ani Phyo Showreel1997Ani Phyo6In Library Only2369
How to Make Love in an Earthquake2001Donna Szoke5:57In Distribution2575
Welcome To Ogopogoland2005Randy Grskovic5:57In Distribution2858