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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationsort iconDistribution StatusAccession Number
Third Mind1994Mark Handley4:00In Distribution1982
Hair Today Gone Tomorrow1993Eva Manly4:00In Distribution2000
Identity1992Ling Chiu4:00In Distribution2008
Tee Hee Hee1994Ling Chiu4:00In Distribution2008a
Dog and Fish1994Sabrina Mathews4:00In Distribution1983f
Motherfuckers1995Laurel Swenson4:00Special2159
Stain1994Rae Staseson4:00In Distribution2226
Radiant Monster1998Elizabeth MacKenzie4:00In Distribution2290
Shuet Ying: A Story of My Mother1998Gordon Wong4:00In Distribution2312
Search Engine1999Wayne Yung4:00In Distribution2292b
Plug1997Monique Moumblow4:00In Distribution2452c
Just My Hat2000Sydney Hermant4:00In Distribution2522
Upgrade Beta Version 1.12001Paul Manly4:00In Distribution2546
Eyes Skinned (WF)1988Western Front Video4:00Special1552
Please Sir can I have Some More2002Oliver Hockenhull4:00In Distribution2631
Ode to Galactic Traffic2002Oliver Hockenhull4:00In Distribution2632
Adventures of A.D.D. Girl2000Terra Poirier4:00In Distribution2674
Natalie Without a Cause2003Shawn Chappelle4:00In Distribution2725
White Palace2003Leigh (Jen) Fisher4:00In Distribution2740
6pm in America2003Mark Kenneth Woods4:00In Distribution2747
Tuesday and I (Remix)2003Jeremy Drummond4:00In Library Only2765 B
A Miracle2004Daniel Barrow4:00In Distribution2807a
Facing Fasd2007Heidi Slat4:00In Distribution2939
SuPORNNatural2007Sacha Fink4:00In Distribution2955
Introduction2007Christine Kirouac4:00In Distribution3008
Replicate2005Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)4:00In Distribution3013
Trial By Media1983Cornelia Wyngaarden49:00In Distribution1181
Edited Messages1981Marcella Bienvenue49:00In Distribution1295
Keeping the Home Fires Burning1988Sara Diamond49:00In Distribution1570
Broken Crows1992David Clark49:00In Distribution2488
Native Youth Movement: Vancouver Chapter2001Nitanis Desjarlais49:00In Distribution2589
Womyn Warriors1999Patrice Leung48:20In Distribution2422
Lull Before The Storm: Part 1 The Forties1990Sara Diamond48:00In Distribution1748
Lull Before The Storm: Part 2 The Fifties1990Sara Diamond48:00In Distribution1749
Lull Before The Storm: Part 3 Women of Wood1990Sara Diamond48:00In Distribution1800
Lull Before The Storm: Part 4 Community Acts1990Sara Diamond48:00In Distribution1801
Homecoming '92 - Conference Overview1993Ruby Truly48:00In Distribution1971
Al Neil - Piano Antics1973June Boe48In Library Only0018b
Pour Faire Changement [1/2]1974Tahany Rashed48In Library Only245
Homecoming '92 - Before The Uprooting1993Ruby Truly47:00In Distribution2100
Nothing To Be Written Here1996Wendy Oberlander47:00In Distribution2172
Antarctica2001Meesoo Lee47:00In Distribution2533
"record Date: December 3- 1984- Pacific Wave #12"1984Gayblevision47In Library OnlyGV71
Dreams of the Night Cleaners1995Leila Sujir46:30In Distribution2145
Maureen Bradley: Selected Works1999Maureen Bradley46:00In Library Only2404
C Major Response Time Sheet1974Don Druick46In Library Only176
Ars Gratis Artis1979Randy and Berenicci46In Library Only863
You're Just Like a Time Machine1980Ken Kuramoto46In Library Only0888a
Homecoming '92 - Children Of Two Cultures1993Ruby Truly46In Distribution2103
London Years2002Kim Dawn46In Distribution2659
Uranium Question1978Andy Harvey45:00In Distribution724
41978Paul Wong45:00In Distribution1058
Confused: The Controversy1984Robert Harvey45:00In Distribution1157
Ordinary Shadows/Chinese Shade1988Paul Wong45:00In Distribution1621
Story To Tell You1990Eva Manly45:00In Distribution1806
West Coast Homo Love Story1994Joe Sarahan45:00In Distribution1997
Homecoming '92 - Intermarriage #11993Ruby Truly45:00In Distribution2101
Sunnybrook1995Lorna Boschman45:00In Distribution2173
Red Interiors Compilation1992Various45:00In Library Only2240
Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Haunted Body1999Marusya Bociurkiw45:00Special2479
Tekhn1999Remi Lacoste45:00In Distribution2473
To Return: The John Walkus Story2000AM Productions Ltd.45:00In Distribution2472
Monologue Series2001Kim Dawn45:00In Distribution2671
Journey Women - Reflections On The Survival Sex Trade2006Leigh (Jen) Fisher45:00In Distribution2897
Metro Media Sampler 19741974Metro Media45In Library Only263
Quebecoise Rient1977Diane Heffernon45In Library Only613
Video Inners1979Video Inn Members45In Library Only0838
Lesbians Against The Right1981Amelia Productions45In Library Only902
Three Mile Island1979Metro Media45In Library Only1196
Homecoming '92 - Redress: The Community In Process1993Ruby Truly45In Distribution2105
Point Grey And Environmental Discussion1971Metro Media45In Library OnlyM183
Mad About The Crazy Lady [1/2]1977Monica Holden Lawrence44In Library Only682
Mad About The Crazy Lady [2/2]1977Monica Holden Lawrence44In Library Only683
Downtown East: Beauty Or Beast?1980Leslie Dyson44In Library Only876
Ordinary Shadows/Chinese Shade [2/2]1988Paul Wong44In Distribution1622
"record Date: October 28- 1982- #29"1982Gayblevision44In Library OnlyGV26
"record Date: May 1- 1983- #35a- Walk For Peace"1983Gayblevision44In Library OnlyGV33
In the Absence of Heroes1984Jayce Salloum43:00In Distribution1208
Little Miss Mira2000Marlene Madison43:00In Distribution2455
Vancouver Mental Patients Association1976Dennis Blue43In Library Only523
Mountain Dance Company1979Janet Miller43In Library Only931
Tom Konyves Video Sampler1982Tom Konyves43In Library Only1183
Xenophobikk1979Scott MacEachern43In Library Only1213
"record Date: October 16- 1982- #28"1982Gayblevision43In Library OnlyGV25
Nellies1981Teri Chmilar42:00In Distribution1009
Hygiene1985Andrew James Paterson42:00In Distribution1309
Futurist Sound1979Anna Banana42:00In Distribution1372
Other Tongues Compilation1992various42:00In Library Only2239
Shani Mootoo Compilation 91-94 1991Shani Mootoo42:00In Library Only2276
Act Your Age2009Meg Torwl42:00In Distribution2508
William Burroughs Reading1974Paul Wong42In Library Only281
Central America: 19831983Russell Stephens42In Library Only1182
"record Date: April 2- 1983- #34- Aids Special"1983Gayblevision42In Library OnlyGV31
Record Date: ? David Roundell2022Gayblevision42In Library OnlyGV84
Fred Quilt1974Metro Media42In Library OnlyM191
Devil Music Screening2002Various41:56In Distribution2669
Devil Music2002Trinity Square Video41:55In Library Only2669
"record Date: July 23- 1983"1983Gayblevision41In Library OnlyGV90
Wounded Knee1974Metro Media41In Library OnlyM163
For the Unpersuaded: An Interview With Marge Piercy1980Shawn Preus40:45In Library Only846