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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearsort iconProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
My Dead Mother Mother Project1998Kerri Lattimer9:40In Distribution2305
Spiritual Animal Kingdom1998Steve Reinke28:00In Distribution2307
Echo Valley1998Steve Reinke7:15In Distribution2308a
How Photographs are Stored in the Brain1998Steve Reinke7:30In Distribution2308b
Black Flag1998Istvan Kantor9:00In Distribution2316
3 Squares- 4 Corners1998Kathryn Weiler11:40In Distribution2311
Stand by Your Man1998Minnie/Stefan St-Laurent10:45In Distribution2314
Rapt and Happy1998Emily Vey Duke17:00In Distribution2317
Subkonscio Redukta Tricikla1998Clark Nikolai31:00In Distribution2258b
Nuzvelz1998Clark Nikolai4:46In Distribution2258c
Nondocument1998Vancouver Association for Noncommercial Culture26:00In Distribution2322
Phoenix is a Cunning Cunt1998Roisin Mongey6:00In Distribution2325
Heirs to a Felt Fortune1998Michael Turner8:30In Distribution2327
Bringing truth to light: a struggle for Justice in Guatamala1998Eva Manly25:00In Distribution2328
Cow at My Table1998Jennifer Abbott90:00In Distribution2383
On Hypochondria1998Judy Jheung20:00In Distribution2417
Video In at 25- Program 1- Social Documentaries1998Lorna BoschmanIn Library Only2393
Video In at 25: Program 2: Personal Histories1998-In Library Only2394
Video In at 25: Program 3: Video Art by West Coast First Nations Artists1998Various58:00In Library Only2395
Supercat1998Mary Cross3:00In Distribution2405
Diva TV1998Diva Research Team39:00In Distribution2409
She's a Diva1998Sheila James3:55In Distribution2410
Katy's Story1998Mayrs7:00In Distribution2419
Slasher1998Frederick Cummings5:00In Distribution2433
Three Waltzes1998Monique Moumblow7:00In Distribution2452d
Seuls les ƒternuements sont ƒternels1998laura jeanne lefave9:00In Distribution2475
Elephantiasis Ears: Performance Documentation1998Tagny Duff15:00In Distribution2504
Jizaltus Omega1998Clark Nikolai3:23In Distribution2527
Singing Our Stories1998Annie Fraziér Henry58:52In Distribution2381
White Christmas1998Jeremy Drummond1:32In Library Only2637e
Chiclette- The Posh Urban Piglet1998Marlene Madison4:30In Distribution2714d
Vixen1998Kyath Battie5:00In Library Only2825
Sniff1997Ming-Yuen S. Ma5:00In Distribution2185
Buffalo Bone China1997Dana Claxton12:00In Distribution2194
Totem Talk1997Annie Fraziér Henry22:00In Distribution2196
Condola1997Jonathan Wells11:00In Distribution2198
Empty Orchestra1997Kira Wu13:30In Distribution2200
Miss Chinatown1997Paul Wong4:30In Distribution2214
Window/Fenêtre1997Nelson Henricks3:00In Distribution2217
Surfer Dick1997Wayne Yung3:20In Distribution2230
Si'Elu'taxw1997First Nations Video Collective25:00In Distribution2235
Her1997Maureen Bradley10:00In Distribution2236
Death & Love: A Rhythm Myth1997Terence Anthony26:40In Distribution2243
In Living Memory1997Amy Gottlieb14:00In Distribution2246
Boys From Easy1997Ruby Truly21:00In Distribution2248
Look Honey...a Guerilla Girl1997Dana Claxton2:00In Distribution2249
New Acquisitions Winter 1997 Tape 1199754In Library Only2253
New Acquisitions Winter 1997: Tape 21997Winston Xin52In Library Only2254
Video Maligna: Clark Nikolai Compilation1997Clark Nikolai60In Library Only2257
Clark Nikolai Compilation1997Clark Nikolai57In Library Only2258
Star Trek: Disco Generation1997Gordon Wong5:00In Distribution2260
Working Baby Dyke Theory: The Diasporic Impact of Cross Generational Barriers1997TJ Cuthand3:00In Distribution2273
Untitled1997Kenneth Sherman5:00In Distribution2284
Vereca Nebulo1997Clark Nikolai14:00In Distribution2258a
Keeping Time1997Liz Tevaarwerk3:00In Distribution2326
Ingrained Legacy: Early Prarie Woodworkers1997Judith Silverthorne23:50In Library Only2330
Chris Delaney Interview1997Lorna BoschmanIn Library Only2349
Sunshine Coast Stream Restoration -Employment Project1997Human Resources33In Library Only2354
Swan River Round-up1997Gerry Kisil27In Library Only2355
2 bits a Ride1997Gerry Kisil10In Library Only2356
Discover Oral Hygiene1997Tagny Duff6:00In Distribution2382
Sometimes Stitches are Necessary1997Christof Migone9:34In Distribution2396a
Sometimes the Memory is Enough1997Christof Migone3:43In Distribution2396b
There is Something Wrong1997Christof Migone2:44In Distribution2396c
Charlie's Prospect1997Ariella Pahlke10:00In Distribution2426 a
V.L.T.1997k.g. Guttman8:00In Distribution2429
Five Visits to the Doctor1997Marlene Madison9:00In Distribution2448
Plug1997Monique Moumblow4:00In Distribution2452c
Would You Rather Be a Cyborg?1997Carla WolfIn Distribution2471
Albert's Diner1997David Clark10:00In Distribution2487
Mt. Baker Compilation1997Robert Linsley1:15:In Library Only2595
Unsung Heros: Chinese Canadians in WW II1997Chistina M. Wong27:30In Distribution2649
Cancer Video1996Lorna Boschman23:00In Distribution2154
a.m.1996Shani Mootoo30:00In Distribution2147
Deconstructed Dollhouse1996Margaret Dragu20:00In Distribution2151
Blending Milk And Water: Sex In The New World1996Paul Wong28:00In Distribution2155
Lotus Sisters1996Wayne Yung5:00In Distribution2161
It's Up To Us1996Camp Salish Students7:00In Distribution2163
Twala1996Cathy Sisler16:00In Distribution2169
Nothing To Be Written Here1996Wendy Oberlander47:00In Distribution2172
Awakening of Elizabeth Shaw1996Eva Manly25:00In Distribution2174
Your Mother Wears Combat Boots1996Laurel Swenson15:00Special2178
Everybody Loves Nothing (Empathic Exercises)1996Steve Reinke11:00In Distribution2179
Forever1996Maureen Bradley1:30In Distribution2184
Fistfull1996Laurel Swenson6:00Special2193
Sad Story of a Gay Skater1996Jonathan Wells5:00In Distribution2199
Curse Of The Homo1996Joe Sarahan17:00In Distribution2209
Gathering Evidence 1/71996Sarah Butterfield10In Distribution2212
I Against I1996Tate Shimozawa10:00In Distribution2216
Tainted: Christopher Lefler and the Queer Censorship Chill1996Maureen Bradley28:00In Distribution2219
Boulevard Of Broken Sync1996Winston Xin3:00In Distribution2146
Comfort Suite1996Rae Staseson9:40In Distribution2225
o/c1996Andrew Power7:20In Distribution2229
All Night Till Next Morning1996Kenneth Doren7:00In Distribution2231
XXXSpacejunk1996Shawn Chappelle9:00In Distribution2238f
Fresh Blood: A Consideration of Belonging1996b.h. Yael55:00In Distribution2265
Colonization: the Second Coming1996TJ Cuthand3:30In Distribution2272
TOXIC (Yellow River)1996Peter Courtemanche5:00In Distribution2297
Vermeer1996Jocelyn Robert7:00In Distribution2306a
Snowmobile1996Jocelyn Robert2:00In Distribution2306b