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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationDistribution Statussort iconAccession Number
Illusion1976Black Rose Theatre19In Library Only637
Her Handicapped1977Reel Feelings Media25:00In Library Only638
Eva Jessye: Black American Folk Music1977Innerflex Media30In Library Only639
Billion Dollar Image1976Westside Video28In Library Only640
Australian Video Newsreel [1/2]1977Avid Productions30In Library Only642
Australian Video Newsreel [2/2]1977Avid Productions30In Library Only643
What Happened In Chile1976Loni Ding28In Library Only0644
Window1974Meryl Blackman6:00In Library Only0645a
Ins & Outs1976Ralph Hocking8In Library Only0645b
Hat1976Ralph Hocking8In Library Only0645c
Experimental TV Centre N.Y.1976Peer Bode4In Library Only0645d
Blue1976Peer Bode5In Library Only0645e
Processed Images1975Walter Wright12In Library Only0645f
Of Mice And Men [1/2]1976Reg Alcock60In Library Only646
June Boe Pot Pourri1976June Boe50In Library Only647
Edge Of Sleep1977Taki Bluesinger60In Library Only648
Paye - Moi Donc Un Cafe2024Nicole Giguere29In Library Only649
Birth1975Gloria Lemay30In Library Only650
Sun Spot Activity 19371977Pat Drake13In Library Only651
Next 200 Years1976Video Circle50In Library Only0652
Women's Poetry Festival #1 [2/2]1977New World Press60In Library Only655
O L'enfant Fort2024Jo Laforce60In Library Only656
Trouble With Oil1981SPEC18In Library Only657
Abdication Of Queen Elizabeth II1977Punk Video10In Library Only658
Young Adults Demo 19771977Young Adults15In Library Only659
Renaissance Fair 19771977Andrew Krummins60In Library Only660
Australian Video Newsreel [1/3]2024Avid Productions60In Library Only661
It's Our World So Let's Do Something About It1976Penny Joy30In Library Only662
Swampwater1977Penny JoyIn Library Only0663a
Daddy- Are We Alive Or On Videotape?1977Penny JoyIn Library Only0663b
Introduction To Dental Acupuncture1977Janet Miller12In Library Only664
Issues In Child Abuse1977Janet Miller28In Library Only665
Surveillance1974Richard Ward30In Library Only666
Artists' Union Exhibition 19761976Gann Matsushita30In Library Only0667
Interview About 1960's Art In Japan1976Gann Matsushita30In Library Only668
Broken Dolls1977Sharon Lovett80In Library Only669
Broken Dolls (part 2)1977Sharon Lovett80In Library Only670
Common Assault1981Peg Campbell35:00In Library Only671
B.c. Bowl Busters 19771978Sharon Lovett20In Library Only674
S.a.a.c. Conference: A Time Of Change1977Metro Media33In Library Only675
Alice, Who Did That To Your Face?1978University of Windsor55:00In Library Only676
Sign Of Affection?1977Peg Campbell25In Library Only677
Christmas Special1977Jim Bescott60In Library Only679
Co-op Chez-nous1976Cine-Videobec17In Library Only680
Pis Pas Rien Que Du Cote Des Garderies1977Cine-Videobec30In Library Only681
Mad About The Crazy Lady [1/2]1977Monica Holden Lawrence44In Library Only682
Mad About The Crazy Lady [2/2]1977Monica Holden Lawrence44In Library Only683
Narc- Narc- Who's There?[1/2]197560In Library Only684
"narc- Narc- Who's There? [2/2]"1975n/a20In Library Only685
Of Mice And Men [2/2]1976Reg Alcock60In Library Only687
Diane Di Prima, John Beecher1978Creative Outlet29In Library Only689
Reindeer Werk October 19771977Video Vehicule Productions20In Library Only695
Hello Ten Years Later1975Bill Vazan27In Library Only696
Portrait1977David Moore21In Library Only0697a
Vers Le Capitalisme1977marshalore12In Library Only0697b
Ruelles - In Perspective2024Marshalore13In Library Only0698a
Videonomic2024Denis L Esperance17In Library Only0698b
Day In The Life1974Urban Planning Aid (Boston)20In Library Only699
Quick City1975Visual Purple28In Library Only700
Dennis Banks At PSU1978Creative Outlet58:00In Library Only0701
Descriptive Approach To Community2024C.I.R.C.T.55In Library Only702
Mauri Land Problems1976Darcy Lang60In Library Only0703
Derwood Show1977Paul Bergson30In Library Only705
Elvis1978Rene Bauermeister8In Library Only0706a
Hommage A Duchamp2024Rene Bauermeister6In Library Only0706b
High Fidelity2024Rene Bauermeister7In Library Only0706c
Working With The Physically Handicapped1977Kathy Seltzer8In Library Only707
Axis Mime At Van Tech1978John Sawyer25In Library Only708
Nuclear Power And Human Fragility1978Andy Harvey29In Library Only709
Yvonne Wanrow1978Daryl Lacey28In Library Only710
Correction Of A Catachresis1975Cardena Warming-Up20In Library Only711
Interim1977Don Druick3In Library Only712
Minnesota Citizen's Review Commission of the FBI1977moody25:00In Library Only0713
Taxi Drivers1977Geoff Wheelwright22In Library Only714
This Street1978Gerry Gilbert23In Library Only715
Electron Movers - Four Selections1977Electron Movers17In Library Only716
999 Live At Nashville Rooms1976Fantasy Factory7In Library Only0718a
Albion Free State1976Fantasy Factory60In Library Only0718b
Leonard Peltier Trial1978American Indian Students in Comm.20:00In Library Only719
Intimacies1976Cardena Warming-Up etc.etc.etc.10In Library Only0720a
Rencontres1976Cardena Warming-Up etc.etc.etc.10In Library Only0720b
Instead of Prisons - Hard Time1981Claire Culhane30In Library Only0721
Votre Sante1977Groupe Intervention Video3In Library Only722
South Africa1977Leen Oosterling15In Library Only723
and Are You Not Willing- Then I'll Use Force1977Medienpedagogik-Zentrum28In Library Only726
Defend Yourselves1977Medienpedogogik-Zentrum40In Library Only727
First National Lesbian Conference1973Vulva Video25In Library Only728
Stop The Extradition2012Jan Darger20In Library Only730
Puyallup Tribe1978Hans Jorg Heinrich50In Library Only731
Light Dissolves Light Poles1977Nan Hoover30In Library Only732
Los Angeles Videoletters1975Los Angeles Feminist Video Outlet30In Library Only733
News & Analysis Shorts 19781975Los Angeles Women's Communications Collective60In Library Only0734
Pea Soup [1/3]2024Pierre Falardeau30In Library Only735
Pea Soup [2/3]2024Pierre Falardeau30In Library Only736
Pea Soup [3/3]2024Pierre Falardeau30In Library Only737
Tale Of Channel 681977Vampire Video40In Library Only739
Sugar1978N.C.N.M.12In Library Only740
Home Remedies With Noel Peterson1978Andrea Montclair28In Library Only741
Ideology & Nature1978Fabio Mauri55In Library Only742
News From Europe [2/2]1978Fabio Mauri5:00In Library Only0743b