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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducersort iconDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Shadow Of Wall No. 21979Keigo Yamamoto5In Distribution1043b
Breath No. 31980Keigo Yamamoto5In Distribution1044
Breath No. 4 (a Talk)1980Keigo Yamamoto9:00In Distribution1045
Japanese Americals For Redress1982Keiko Tsuno60In Library Only1184
Writers Union Of Canada1979Keith Maillard27In Library Only802
In Search of Truth from Banana Relationships2003Keith Suriani15:30In Distribution2730
8th Canadian Scout Jamboree1993Keme Sales Inc.59In Library Only2106
Threnody: A Wailing Song For Carl1991Ken Anderlini20:00In Distribution1809
Hose1998Ken Anderlini9:00In Distribution2303
Terms of Engagement: Documentation1995Ken AnderliniIn Distribution7023
"Couch" (The Dance)2008Ken AnderliniIn Distribution2965
Shot Of The City1978Ken Kuramoto4In Library Only0825a
Homage1978Ken Kuramoto19In Library Only0825b
Blue Mule Interviews1985Ken Kuramoto55In Library Only854
Untitled1985Ken Kuramoto18In Library Only0855a
Visage1985Ken Kuramoto3In Library Only0855b
Signed- K.K.1979Ken Kuramoto15:00In Distribution887
You're Just Like a Time Machine1980Ken Kuramoto46In Library Only0888a
Poly-filla1980Ken Kuramoto31In Library Only889
Untitled1977Ken Kuramoto20In Library Only1301
Untitled1986Ken Kuramoto14In Library Only1307
Tba Tv Welcome To Tba Tv: K.k. Klose-up1980Ken Kuramoto19In Distribution1396a
Ken Kuramoto Interview About Video Art1979Ken Kuramoto10In Distribution1598
Icarus Landed 1993Kenneth Sherman5:00In Distribution2281
Re:Vision 1995Kenneth Sherman5:00In Distribution2282
Untitled1997Kenneth Sherman5:00In Distribution2284
Scholarship Portfolio -19951995Kenneth Sherman7:00In Library Only2334
All Night Till Next Morning1996Kenneth Doren7:00In Distribution2231
Raven1995Kenneth Doren14:00In Distribution2232
Crusading2001Kenneth Doren6:00In Distribution2579a
Homage Medulla-Oblongata2001Kenneth Doren11:00In Distribution2579b
Your High Imperial2000Kenneth Doren17:00In Distribution2579c
For the Love of All at Once- Take me Now2000Kenneth Doren10:00In Distribution2579d
K of P Reading at the Western Front1976Kenneth Fletcher3:00In Distribution0872c
In the Blue Light1993Kenneth Sherman5:00In Distribution2283
My Dead Mother Mother Project1998Kerri Lattimer9:40In Distribution2305
Forbidden Fear1999Kevin Ettinger7:00In Distribution2463
Lesbian Robot Zombie at Door2002Kiley Fithen9:00In Distribution2768 a
Vexation Island2000Kiley Fithen6:00In Distribution2768 b
Success (aka Hack)2003Kiley FithenloopIn Distribution2768 c
Land of The Khmer2003Kiley Fithen2:45In Distribution2768 d
I'm Telling2000Kim A. Hines14:20In Distribution2509
Man Made Woman: An Exploration of Reproduction Technology1989Kim Blain16:00In Distribution1644
London Years2002Kim Dawn46In Distribution2659
Monologue Series2001Kim Dawn45:00In Distribution2671
Forced being Forced2001Kim Dawn9:00In Distribution2672
Clown2002Kim Dawn4:30In Distribution2681
Creeper2001Kim Dawn5:00In Distribution2682
One Hundred Years Of Aggression1979Kim Tomczak19:00In Distribution0989a
Herman Nitsch At The Western Front1978Kim Tomczak5:00In Distribution0989b
Everything Is Illusion Except Power1978Kim Tomczak4In Distribution0989c
Vancouver Canada Or They Chant Fed Up1980Kim Tomczak23:00In Distribution0990a
Demonstration of the Fear of Pain1980Kim Tomczak14:00In Distribution0991a
Off the Street with Peter George1980Kim Tomczak4:00In Library Only0991b
Paradise Lost1981Kim Tomczak22:00In Distribution1054
Occidental Tourist1994Kira Wu7:00In Distribution2170
Empty Orchestra1997Kira Wu13:30In Distribution2200
Whitewash1995Kira Wu10:00In Distribution2213
Mandala '821982Kou Nakajima27:00In Distribution1073
Biological Cycle Part 51981Kou Nakajima8:00In Distribution1098b
Video Animation Workshop1982Kou Nakajima20In Distribution1407
Animaker1982Kou Nakajima20:00In Distribution1084
Sounding Queer Space1998Kris Zalite5:00In Distribution2304
Under My Pillow2003Kyath Battie7:00In Distribution2824
Vixen1998Kyath Battie5:00In Library Only2825
Domestic Blitz2007Kyath Battie5:00In Distribution2976
Yellow Peril - Silence Into Silence1989L Amitie Chinoise de Montreal26In Distribution1877
Tourist/film/video1980L. Lazer55In Library Only1173c
It's a Slut2002L.O.V.EIn Distribution2676
Allicia Macdonald2002L.O.V.E15:12In Distribution2677
Kalie's Tape2002L.O.V.E15:12In Distribution2678 Ses Sorcieres1976La Femme et le film53In Library Only759
Getting Organized With the Ladies! Video 1: Bag Folding2002Ladies Afternoon Art Society4:52In Distribution2707
Remotely In Touch1998Laiwan15:00In Distribution2280
Automatopoeia2004Laiwan9:00In Distribution2786
Pink Comb2007lamathilde3:56In Distribution3015
Sexnoys2006lamathilde1:29In Distribution3016
Dildances2006lamathilde1:22In Distribution3017
Triple Axxxel2003lamathilde3:30In Distribution3018
Tattoes2023Larry Gale28In Library Only233
Seuls les ƒternuements sont ƒternels1998laura jeanne lefave9:00In Distribution2475
_X_ (prologue)1999laura jeanne lefave3:00In Distribution2476
Strangest Dream1986Laura Lamb12In Distribution1480
Day In Glass City1987Laura Lamb10In Distribution1481
Reliable Clowns1987Laura Lamb15In Distribution1482
Unkempt2003Laura Ralph13:54In Distribution2728
Webbed 2003Laurel Swenson3:00In Distribution2741
Motherfuckers1995Laurel Swenson4:00Special2159
Your Mother Wears Combat Boots1996Laurel Swenson15:00Special2178
Fistfull1996Laurel Swenson6:00Special2193
Laurel Swenson Compilation 1995Laurel Swenson28In Library Only2255
How to be a Recluse: 7 Easy Steps1998Laurel Swenson4:30In Distribution2301
Marking the Mother2000Laurel Swenson25:00In Distribution2465
Listless2002Laurel Swenson6:11In Distribution2606
Swing2002Laurel Swenson4:14In Distribution2607
Window (LS) 2003Laurel Swenson5:49In Distribution2761a
Cherry 2004Laurel Swenson3:25In Distribution2761b
Dance Videotapes2017Laurie McDonald18:12In Library OnlyW0125
Inherent Rights- Vision Rights1992Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun12:00In Distribution2228
Through Deaf Womens' Eyes2002Leanor Vlug13:30In Distribution2627