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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
Titlesort iconYearProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Miss Chinatown1997Paul Wong4:30In Distribution2214
Miss Edmonton Teenburger 1983 in: It's Party Time!2001Amy Lockhart17:00In Distribution2646
Miss Edmonton teenburger 1983 in: You're Eternal2002Amy Lockhart7:00In Distribution2647
Miss General Idea1974Western Front Video30In Library Only194
Mississippi Tapes - Episodes 1 And 21983Jane Wright60In Library Only1130
Mississippi Tapes - Episodes 3 And 41983Jane Wright60In Library Only1131
Mississippi Tapes - Episodes 5 And 61983Jane Wright60In Library Only1132
Mmmmmm1981Anne Ramsden21:00In Distribution1032a
Moderately Paced Video2000Emily Vey Duke17:00In Distribution2461
Mold Grows On Baby1988Shalhevet Goldhar50:00In Distribution1783
Mom On the Skytrain2004Nimi Langer8:30In Distribution2795
Mom- I Think I'm...1995Anna Malkin10:00In Distribution2164
Mon Coeur la Pompe de Sang2005Clark Nikolai1:35In Distribution2813 A
Mondo Arte Cabaret1979Hank Bull30In Library Only862
Money Talks - Bullshit Walks1986Rodney Werden36:00In Distribution1445
Monkey2002Joe Sarahan5:30In Distribution2615
Monodramas1991Stan Douglas10:00Special2092
Monodramas: Disagree1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092h
Monodramas: Encampment1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092j
Monodramas: Eye On You1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092b
Monodramas: Guilty 1 (hiro)1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092e
Monodramas: Guilty 2 (jennifer)1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092g
Monodramas: Guilty 3 (billy)1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092i
Monodramas: I'm Not Gary1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092c
Monodramas: Stadium1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092j
Monodramas: Up1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092f
Monologue Series2001Kim Dawn45:00In Distribution2671
Montparnasse 0012007Stuart Pound3:14In Distribution2928 b
Moon's New Fury1985Paula Levine11In Distribution1353
Moonshot2004Meesoo Lee4:34In Distribution2798 A
Moonwalk Synthesized1973Jack Buchans30In Library Only0407
More Cleaning and Loving It2002Margaret Dragu13:00In Distribution2640
More Home Some1991Pia Massie26:30In Distribution1989
More Than A Paycheque: Health And Poverty In East Vancouver1985Harris Taylor29:00In Distribution1415
More Than Hair Care Products2004Pendra Wilson13:30In Distribution2771
More Than I Can Say2004Meesoo Lee6:40In Distribution2764
Morgentaler On Abortion1974Stuart Cryer12In Library Only619
Moscow Does Not Believe in Queers1986John Greyson27:00In Distribution1446
Most Glorious Salvation of a Corporate Icon1992Sheila Urbanoski3:30In Distribution2182
Mother Makes Father Cuts A Simple Thread1983Dimitrije Martinovic12In Library Only1260e
Mother May I?1987Jeanette Reinhardt13:00In Distribution1493
Mother's Son2003Sarah Butterfield25:30In Distribution2705
Mother- Father- Son 2004Oliver Hockenhull3:00In Distribution2753
Mother/Land2000Ming-Yuen S. Ma25:00In Library Only2979
Motherfuckers1995Laurel Swenson4:00Special2159
Mothers Are Working People1973National Film Board6:00In Library Only0193
Mothers Day 19801980Amelia Productions30In Library Only0941
Mount Pleasant - A Changing Neighborhood2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM059
Mount Pleasant Fairview Visuals2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM039
Mount Pleasant: A Changing Neighborhood1973Elizabeth Walker15In Library Only0027
Mountain Dance Company1979Janet Miller43In Library Only931
Mountain Dance Company [1/3]1979Janet Miller30In Library Only789
Mountain Dance Company [2/3]1979Janet Miller9In Library Only790
Mountain Dance Company [3/3]1979Janet Miller12In Library Only791
movements2007Stephanie Loveless3:20In Distribution2949
Movements East-West2003Ming-Yuen S. Ma17:00In Library Only2978
Moving Images Vs Stills1977Teri Chmilar2In Library Only0949d
Moving Sculpture Co.1978Evelyn Roth28In Library Only930
Mrs. Allende At S.f.u.2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM116
Mt. Baker Compilation1997Robert Linsley1:15:In Library Only2595
Mubarakah1994Cherie Moses24:00In Distribution1987
Mudflats1973June Boe14In Library Only119
Multi-cultural Festival - Part 12023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM045
Multi-cultural Festival - Part 22023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM046
Murder and UFOs2005Brian MacDonald20:00In Distribution2845
Murder Research1977Paul Wong17:00In Distribution1024
Music 11975Jane Wright13In Library Only0936b
Music And Sunset1976Jane Wright30In Library Only501
Music For Stocking-top- Staircase And Swing1974Cosey Fanni30In Library Only500
Music Therapy1984Ian Woodson19In Library Only1226
Mustache Park2003Jeremy Drummond3:45In Library Only2765 C
My Dead Mother Mother Project1998Kerri Lattimer9:40In Distribution2305
My First Cigarette2006Nimi Langer16In Distribution2883
My Five Years In A Nutshell1975Vincent Trasov30:00In Distribution0365
My Heart Belongs To Data2005Mark Kenneth Woods3:45In Distribution2878
My Heart the Blood Pump2003Clark Nikolai1:37In Distribution2739 a
My Heart The Cook2001Clark Nikolai2:00In Distribution2739b
My Heart the Dancer2003Meesoo Lee2:40In Distribution2735 c
My Heart the Lunchbox2001Jeremy DrummondIn Distribution2637h
My Heart the Prophet2001Jeremy Drummond1:45In Distribution2637g
My Heart... Drug Addled2002Emily Vey Duke2:03In Distribution2605b
My Heart... The Lumberjack2002Emily Vey Duke0:13In Distribution2605a
My Mother Is A Dangerous Woman1987b.h. Yael16In Library Only1697
My New Roommate1993Ariella Pahlke13In Distribution2426 e
my poor head2001Brian MacDonaldIn Distribution2641 D
My Sweet Prince Charming2001Lisa G4:55Special2559
My Two Grandmothers- Her Great Grandfather- And Me1991Leila Sujir31In Distribution1943
My Two Grandmothers- Her Great Grandfather- And Me2020Leila Sujir31:00In Distribution1942
Mz. Frankenstein1993Tanya Mars15:30In Distribution2156
N.e. B.1980Metro Media30In Library OnlyM249
Naf Arts & Crafts/kraft Boycott/wounded Knee1973Metro Media60In Library OnlyM195
Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Haunted Body1999Marusya Bociurkiw45:00Special2479
Nash The Slash1982Stokely Seip17In Library Only1021
Natalie of Wood2001Shawn Chappelle2:45In Distribution2587
Natalie Without a Cause2003Shawn Chappelle4:00In Distribution2725
National Native Indian Artists Symposium1983Matrix Production60:00In Distribution1186
Native Land Claims In Bc - An Introduction1976Target Canada20In Library Only551
Native Women: Within Two Cultures1975Women in Focus28In Library OnlyW0072
Native Youth Movement (Secwepemc Chapter) Roadblock2002Nitanis Desjarlais29:51In Distribution2658
Native Youth Movement: Vancouver Chapter2001Nitanis Desjarlais49:00In Distribution2589