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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationsort iconDistribution StatusAccession Number
"record Date: April 2- 1983- #34- Aids Special"1983Gayblevision42In Library OnlyGV31
Record Date: ? David Roundell2023Gayblevision42In Library OnlyGV84
Fred Quilt1974Metro Media42In Library OnlyM191
Devil Music Screening2002Various41:56In Distribution2669
Devil Music2002Trinity Square Video41:55In Library Only2669
"record Date: July 23- 1983"1983Gayblevision41In Library OnlyGV90
Wounded Knee1974Metro Media41In Library OnlyM163
For the Unpersuaded: An Interview With Marge Piercy1980Shawn Preus40:45In Library Only846
Untitled Part 1: Everything and Nothing2001Jayce Salloum40:40In Distribution2622
Stuart Pound Compilation DVD2005Stuart Pound40:35In Distribution2864-2869
Signed- Sealed And Delivered1980Erik Lewis40:00In Distribution927
Drawing The Lines1982Andy Harvey40:00In Distribution1022
As a Wife Has a Cow1985Cornelia Wyngaarden40:00In Distribution1382
Heroics IV: To Trumph Over Misfortune1984Sara Diamond40:00In Distribution1392
Bright Eyes Part Three1987Stuart Marshall40:00In Library Only1618
Bleachables1986Shalhevet Goldhar40:00In Distribution1784
Working Portraits1992Leila Sujir40:00In Distribution1944
Dana Claxton Compilation1994Dana Claxton40:00In Library Only2261
Working Portraits1992Leila Sujir40:00In Distribution1945
Working Portraits1992Leila Sujir40:00In Library Only1946
Working Portraits1992Leila Sujir40:00In Library Only1947
Working Portraits1992Leila Sujir40:00In Library Only1948
Working Portraits1992Leila Sujir40:00In Library Only1949
Voice: Roy Kiyooka1999Michael de Courcy40:00In Distribution2440
And Yet We Survived1995Kangja Hwangbo40:00In Library Only2576
Satellite: Performance2002Nelson Hendricks40:00In Library Only2675
Desiree Lim DVD Compilation2004Desiree Lim40:00In Distribution2796
Crtc Interventions For Television Communitaire1974Videographe40In Library Only213
Cerizay: Elles ont osé1973Les Cents Fleurs40In Library Only0291a
Defend Yourselves1977Medienpedogogik-Zentrum40In Library Only727
Tale Of Channel 681977Vampire Video40In Library Only739
Renaissance Fair 19791979Andrew Krumins40In Library Only874
Cause For Suspicion1982David Alan Ostrem40In Library Only1088
Beverly Sister - Battle Of The Bands1983Cable West Production40In Library Only1135a
Halo-action1981Videoladen40In Library Only1322a
"record Date: February 5- 1983- No Strings"1983Gayblevision40In Library OnlyGV87
Homecoming '92 - Intermarriage #21993Ruby Truly40In Distribution2102
Truck Tape/larry's Leap2023Metro Media40In Library OnlyM189
Gilbert And George1973Les Levine4In Library Only0167a
Confirmation By Doing #4: Wrapping Rope1971Keigo Yamamoto4In Library Only202
Frivolous1974Terry McGlade4In Library Only0607c
Experimental TV Centre N.Y.1976Peer Bode4In Library Only0645d
Congruence1976Keigo Yamamoto4In Distribution692
Shot Of The City1978Ken Kuramoto4In Library Only0825a
Interview1979Daniel Dion4In Library Only0870c
Everything Is Illusion Except Power1978Kim Tomczak4In Distribution0989c
Rubdown Downtown: Thin Edge Of The Wedge1984Joe Naylor4In Library Only1203c
Elephants1983Noel Harding4In Library Only1223a
Boob Tube1983Eva Everything4In Library Only1223b
K-137-201983Anthony Cordi4In Library Only1223d
Such A Grind- By I- Weedeater1985Joe Naylor4In Library Only1259c
Knock It Off1985Joe Naylor4In Library Only1259d
This Is The Picture1983Dean Winkler4In Library Only1283c
Sharkey's Day1984Dean Winkler4In Library Only1283d
I Dream...of Dreaming1981Marilyn Wulff4In Library Only1285e
Untitled - A Tape About Memory1985Susan Rynard4In Distribution1365
Phases1984Susan Rynard4In Distribution1366
Equal Time1982Terry Harasym4In Distribution1434b
Seoul Brother Report1986Skip Blumberg4In Distribution1771c
Hybrid Vigour1994Stephen Arthur4In Distribution2048
Toilet Mouth1999Velveeta Krisp4In Distribution2420
Video is Fun!1997Ariella Pahlke4In Distribution2426 g
Sunshine2003Meesoo Lee3:58In Distribution2735 b
Stranded2004Maureen Bradley3:56In Distribution2801
Pink Comb2007lamathilde3:56In Distribution3015
She's a Diva1998Sheila James3:55In Distribution2410
I Touch Myself1999Jeremy Drummond3:50In Library Only2441d
usagi2004asa mori3:50In Distribution2873
Self Storage2007Maureen Bradley3:50In Distribution2972
Immersed2007Portia Priegert3:50In Distribution2993
The Hill 2004Dana Claxton3:49In Distribution2779
Purveyor of Taste2006Brendan Baudat3:48In Distribution2934
I Touch Myself1999Jeremy Drummond3:46In Library Only2637m
Piss for Chris1999Frederick Cummings3:45In Distribution2616e
Automatic Music 2003Meesoo Lee3:45In Distribution2756 a
Mustache Park2003Jeremy Drummond3:45In Library Only2765 C
My Heart Belongs To Data2005Mark Kenneth Woods3:45In Distribution2878
Barbered2006Andrew Power3:45In Distribution2909
Eat2003Paul Wong3:45In Distribution3002
A BOY NAMED SUE2004Meesoo Lee3:44In Distribution2798 C
Sometimes the Memory is Enough1997Christof Migone3:43In Distribution2396b
Klwn Cntnl Clbrtn2005Patrick Connelly3:43In Distribution2860
Keeping Her Cool2000Goody B. Wiseman3:41In Distribution2542
Le Viaduc d'Or2002Clark Nikolai3:41In Distribution2620
The Man From Venus1999James Diamond3:40In Distribution2407
An der Nordseekuste2003Clark Nikolai3:40In Distribution2762
New Animal Work2003Toni LaTour3:39In Distribution2750b
Fine Arts2002Emily Vey Duke3:38In Distribution2591
The Storm2006Meesoo Lee3:38In Distribution2888 A
Automatic Music re-edit2003Meesoo Lee3:36In Distribution2818 B
January 15th2004Monique Moumblow3:35In Distribution2766
Technology Knows No Sacred Cows1984Cornelia Wyngaarden3:30In Distribution1228
Airline Safety Film #4a1991Damaged Californians3:30In Distribution1778
Most Glorious Salvation of a Corporate Icon1992Sheila Urbanoski3:30In Distribution2182
Colonization: the Second Coming1996TJ Cuthand3:30In Distribution2272
Season of the Boys1997Ho Tam3:30In Distribution2294e
dos cartas / two letters1999Ho Tam3:30In Distribution2403c
Ear-risistible1999Annthea Whittaker3:30In Distribution2411
Theme Song II2001Tricia Middleton3:30In Distribution2570
Lady of Shallot - A Surveillance Player2002Margaret Dragu3:30In Distribution2639