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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearsort iconProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
How To Survive In A Hostile Environment1991Paula Levine14In Distribution2077
Monodramas1991Stan Douglas10:00Special2092
Monodramas: Eye On You1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092b
Monodramas: I'm Not Gary1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092c
Monodramas: Encampment1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092j
Monodramas: Guilty 1 (hiro)1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092e
Monodramas: Up1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092f
Monodramas: Guilty 2 (jennifer)1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092g
Monodramas: Disagree1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092h
Monodramas: Guilty 3 (billy)1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092i
Monodramas: Stadium1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092j
Bodies In Trouble1991Marusya Bociurkiw15:00In Distribution2111
Red, Blue...1991Shawn Chappelle10:00In Distribution2238A
Servicing The Target1991Shawn Chappelle10:00In Distribution2238B
Shani Mootoo Compilation 91-94 1991Shani Mootoo42:00In Library Only2276
Thaumatrope1991Clark Nikolai8:13In Distribution2257f
doktor Ovakozminsky1991Clark Nikolai14:20In Distribution2257h
In the Age of Latex Sex1991Judy Cheung6:00In Distribution
Drawing The Line1992Lorna Boschman7:30In Distribution1828
Passing1992Susan Harman38:00In Distribution1829
Jaws1992Susan Harman9:00In Distribution1830
Subject In Progress1992Susan Harman4:00In Distribution1831
Wohosheni1992Susan Harman7:00In Distribution1832
Paul Wong: Videoclips1992Paul Wong60:00In Distribution1837
On To Ottawa1992Sara Diamond53:00In Distribution1843
29/921992Sara Diamond17:00In Distribution1844
True Inversions1992Lorna Boschman29:00In Distribution1847
Chinaman's Peak: Walking The Mountain1992Paul Wong25:00In Distribution1849
Dead Man Was a Woman1992Cornelia Wyngaarden20:00In Distribution1851
Paddle and a Compass1992Shani Mootoo10:00In Distribution1854
Living With Elephants1992Susan Harman16:00In Distribution1856
Duster1992Eric Metcalfe37:00In Distribution1857
This Aliennation1992Nicole Thompson12:00In Distribution1860a
Working Portraits1992Leila Sujir40:00In Distribution1944
Archival Moments In An Ongoing Story Of Power Relations1992Leila Sujir10In Distribution1938
Words of Wisdom1992Annie Fraziér Henry15:00In Distribution1914
No Words Will Ever Do1992Pia Massie21:00In Distribution1990
Identity1992Ling Chiu4:00In Distribution2008
Gender- Lace And Glass1992David Findley3:00In Distribution2020
Visions1992Annie Frazier Henry9:00In Distribution2132
Travelogue 4: Coming From The Wrong Side1992Stefaan Decostere56:00In Distribution1925
Most Glorious Salvation of a Corporate Icon1992Sheila Urbanoski3:30In Distribution2182
Inherent Rights- Vision Rights1992Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun12:00In Distribution2228
Other Tongues Compilation1992various42:00In Library Only2239
Red Interiors Compilation1992Various45:00In Library Only2240
Working Portraits1992Leila Sujir40:00In Distribution1945
Working Portraits1992Leila Sujir40:00In Library Only1946
Working Portraits1992Leila Sujir40:00In Library Only1947
Working Portraits1992Leila Sujir40:00In Library Only1948
Working Portraits1992Leila Sujir40:00In Library Only1949
Yah Mon1992Clark Nikolai2:04In Distribution2257c
Sick World (II)1992Deborah VanSlet18:00In Library Only2342
Safe Sex is Hot Sex1992Maureen Bradley4:30In Distribution2401
Paddle and a Compass1992Wendy Oberlander10:00In Library Only1854
Broken Crows1992David Clark49:00In Distribution2488
Eating Lunch1992Zachery Longboy12:00In Distribution2695
Broken Night1993Susan Harman5:00In Distribution1876
Coming Out Of The Closet1993Susan Harman4:00In Distribution1912
Fast Life on a Lazy Susan1993Tien15:00In Distribution1919
The Wild Woman In The Woods1993Shani Mootoo14:00In Distribution1926
Ur-analysis1993Eva Manly11:00In Distribution1929
Skinned1993Jennifer Abbott6:00In Distribution1931
Danielle T- D or P1993Nicole Thompson30:00In Distribution1906
Big Fat Slenderella1993Lorna Boschman15:00In Distribution1965
Queer Across Canada1993Maureen Bradley10:00In Distribution1966
ƒcoute S'il Pleut1993Zainub Verjee7:30In Distribution1967
Making Fire1993Ruby Truly1:00In Distribution1920
Living Tree1993Zachery Longboy1In Library Only1969
She Thrills Me1993Maureen Bradley13:00In Distribution1970
Educate Your Attitude1993Teresa Marshall30:00In Distribution1915
Homecoming '92 - Conference Overview1993Ruby Truly48:00In Distribution1971
With Our Own Eyes1993Ruby Truly35:40In Distribution1972
All Good Medicine: Kon-a-wai Kloshe La-mes-tin1993Cease Wyss28:00In Distribution1975
Hair Today Gone Tomorrow1993Eva Manly4:00In Distribution2000
Land Use1993Cleo Reece21:00In Distribution2002
New View- New Eyes1993Kaspar Saxena50:00In Distribution2003
Pink In Public1993Andrew James Paterson20:00In Distribution2004
Defiance1993Maureen Bradley6:15In Distribution2013
Curse Of The Homo1993Joe Sarahan24In Distribution2015
Yo Soy Eine Kleine Shopkeeper1993Margaret DraguIn Distribution2021
Changing Worlds: Women, Art, History & Revolution1993Lynn Hershman57In Distribution2023
Gendertroublemakers1993Jeanne B. (aka Mihra-Soleil Ross)20:00In Distribution2027
Clayoquot Sounds1993Brenda Mary28In Distribution2028
Slices Of My Life1993Paul Dhillon17:45In Distribution2091
Homecoming '92 - Before The Uprooting1993Ruby Truly47:00In Distribution2100
Homecoming '92 - Intermarriage #11993Ruby Truly45:00In Distribution2101
Homecoming '92 - Intermarriage #21993Ruby Truly40In Distribution2102
Homecoming '92 - Children Of Two Cultures1993Ruby Truly46In Distribution2103
Homecoming '92 - Exiled To Japan1993Ruby Truly35In Distribution2104
Homecoming '92 - Redress: The Community In Process1993Ruby Truly45In Distribution2105
8th Canadian Scout Jamboree1993Keme Sales Inc.59In Library Only2106
Mz. Frankenstein1993Tanya Mars15:30In Distribution2156
Icarus Landed 1993Kenneth Sherman5:00In Distribution2281
In the Blue Light1993Kenneth Sherman5:00In Distribution2283
R.E.M.1993Clark Nikolai2:16In Distribution2257b
Space as State of Mind and the Work of Rita McKeough1993Rita McKeough15:00In Library Only2331
Independent Film and Video Alliance1993Video InIn Library Only2366
Liabilities: The First Ten Minutes1993Monique Moumblow10:00In Distribution2454
My New Roommate1993Ariella Pahlke13In Distribution2426 e
Living Tree1993Zachery Longboy0:30In Distribution2698