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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearsort iconProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Wallflower Order1982Marion Barling59In Library OnlyW0114
Guiditta Tornetta: Limits And Limitations1982In Library OnlyW0118
Influences Of My Mother1982Sara Diamond25In Library OnlyW0122
"record Date: December 22- 1982- #19"1982Gayblevision31In Library OnlyGV17
"record Date: January 27- 1982"1982Gayblevision33In Library OnlyGV18
"record Date: February 28- 1982- #21"1982Gayblevision34In Library OnlyGV19
"record Date: May 2- 1982- #23"1982Gayblevision30In Library OnlyGV20
"record Date: June 6- 1982- #24"1982Gayblevision58In Library OnlyGV21
"record Date: July 4- 1982- #25"1982Gayblevision61In Library OnlyGV22
"record Date: August 2- 1982- #26"1982Gayblevision55In Library OnlyGV23
"record Date: September 11- 1982- #27"1982Gayblevision57In Library OnlyGV24
"record Date: October 16- 1982- #28"1982Gayblevision43In Library OnlyGV25
"record Date: October 28- 1982- #29"1982Gayblevision44In Library OnlyGV26
"record Date: December 5- 1982- #30"1982Gayblevision50In Library OnlyGV27
"record Date: April 6- 1982- Ball '82 Special"1982Gayblevision30In Library OnlyGV60
"record Date: February 11- 1982- H. Britt"1982Gayblevision26In Library OnlyGV77
"record Date: October 27- 1982- Robin Tyler Special"1982Gayblevision29In Library OnlyGV79
Hundred Videos (2)1982Steve ReinkeIn Library Only2358
Animaker1982Kou Nakajima20:00In Distribution1084
Trouble With Oil1981SPEC18In Library Only657
Common Assault1981Peg Campbell35:00In Library Only671
Lesbians Against The Right1981Amelia Productions45In Library Only902
Terminal City Dance....At Work1981Michael Goldberg60:00In Distribution904
Simo Simo1981Charles Keast6In Library Only0918
Clichettes [1/2]1981Jeanette Reinhardt60In Library Only921
Lesbian Mothers1981Ellen Frank26In Library Only934
Wired Into The Future1981Jeanette Reinhardt7In Library Only937
Instead of Prisons: Irish P.O.W. [1/2]1981Claire Culhane20In Library Only0938a
Instead of Prisons: Irish P.O.W. [2/2]1981Claire Culhane30In Library Only0938b
Twu Tel1981Amelia Productions9In Library Only939
This Line Is Not In Service1981Amelia Productions25In Library Only940
The OAC Baby1981Joyan Saunders2:30In Distribution0950c
Untitled (JS)1981Joyan Saunders6:00In Distribution0950d
States Of Being1981Joyan Saunders4:00In Distribution0950e
Feed (as in Devour)1981Joyan Saunders10:00In Distribution0951a
Message Obscured1981Joyan Saunders8:00In Distribution0951b
Kidcatcher1981A.J. Krumins20In Library Only953
Sunshine Coast Arts Festival 19811981Andrew Krumins22In Library Only954
David Wong - Master Sculptor1981Stokely Seip12In Library Only955
Knox1981Andrew Krumins6In Library Only0956a
Dido1981Andrew Krumins12In Library Only0956b
Our House1981Andrew Krumins14In Library Only957
Four Chapters1981Noel Harding60In Library Only959
Instead of Prisons: Fra Mccann1981Claire Culhane30In Library Only960
Instead of Prisons: Coalition Of Aboriginal Women1981Claire Culhane30In Library Only961
Out Of Control1981Noel Harding15In Distribution964
Instead of Prisons: Coalition Of Native Women Sit-In @Indian Affairs1981Claire Culhane30In Library Only974
Farmers of the Sea1981Andy Harvey29:00In Distribution977
Maraculture: The Promise Of The Sea1981Andy Harvey29:00In Distribution0978
Eyes of Emma #11981Ed Mowbray2:35In Distribution980
Through The Holes1981Elizabeth Vander Zaag3:00In Distribution0981a
Dutch Light-Textual Action1981marshalore22:35In Distribution987
Stories from the Front (and Back) A True Blue Romance1981Vera Frenkel61:00In Distribution992
Writing On The Wall1981Joe Viszmeg23:00In Distribution0997
Paper Fair 19811981Andrew Krumins28In Library Only998
Wood1981Richard Layzell6:00In Distribution0999b
Guide1981Richard Layzell15:00In Distribution1000b
Tatayana Mamonova - Russian Feminist1981Amelia Productions60In Library Only1001
Video Display Terminals1981Amelia Productions30In Library Only1003
Strange Fascinations1981Jorge Lozano26:00In Distribution1007a
Nellies1981Teri Chmilar42:00In Distribution1009
Dezine1981Teri Chmilar31:00In Distribution1010
Systeme Des Beaux-Arts1981Daniel Dion9:00In Distribution1013a
Argentina1981Daniel Dion7:00In Distribution1013c
Ee Part 21981Daniel Dion2:00In Distribution1013d
Garbo System1981Daniel Dion5:00In Distribution1013e
Division de la Nature1981Daniel Dion5:00In Distribution1013f
Spleen De Paris1981Daniel Dion9:00In Distribution1013g
Yes1981Rodney Werden36:00In Distribution1020
Prime Cuts (PW)1981Paul Wong20:00Special1030
Mmmmmm1981Anne Ramsden21:00In Distribution1032a
New Freedom1981Anne Ramsden13:00In Distribution1032b
Paradise Lost1981Kim Tomczak22:00In Distribution1054
Je Let L'Him Talk1981Michel Ouellette12:00In Distribution1061
Quackery Part 1: Medication1981Mervyn Brown29In Library Only1062
Biological Cycle Part 51981Kou Nakajima8:00In Distribution1098b
Robert Davidson: "I'm In Awe"1981Michael Brodie27:00In Distribution1100
Salem II1981Nora Hutchinson10:00In Distribution1148
Wen Do Womens Self Defence Demo1981Amelia Production17In Library Only1164
The Canadian Union of Postal Workers strike 1981. Mothers' Rights: Union Rights1981Amelia Productions28:00In Library Only1165
Ballistics1981Gerry Kisil6In Library Only1187
Videage1981Randy & Berenicci34:00In Distribution1235
B-84: Leaving The Ground1981Byron Black17:00In Distribution1256a
Aud(vid)ition1981Lin Rankin5In Library Only1270
Patriarchy Takes All1981Clive Robertson6In Library Only1271
Split1981Ardele Lister20:00In Distribution1273
Edited Messages1981Marcella Bienvenue49:00In Distribution1295
Desire Control1981Elizabeth Chitty12:00In Distribution1297
How Many Fingers1981Andrew James Paterson8:30In Distribution1300
Dogmachine1981Elizabeth Chitty22:00In Distribution1565
BC Hydro et ses projects du Site C et de Hat Creek1981Yan Geofroy28In Distribution1600
T.w.u. Tel1981Amelia Productions9In Library OnlyW0022
This Isn't Wonderland1981Helen Doyle57In Library OnlyW0117
Tatyana Mamonova1981Amelia Productions60In Library OnlyW0124
Concerned Aboriginal Women Occupy The Department of Indian Affairs1981Amelia Productions60In Distribution1002
"record Date: February 1- 1981- #8"1981Gayblevision37In Library OnlyGV07
"record Date: February 28- 1981- #9-"1981Gayblevision30In Library OnlyGV09
"record Date: May 3- 1981- #11"1981Gayblevision30In Library OnlyGV10
"record Date: May 29- 1981- #12"1981Gayblevision30In Library OnlyGV11
"record Date: June 27- 1981- #13 (part B- Best Of)"1981Gayblevision29In Library OnlyGV12