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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationDistribution Statussort iconAccession Number
Bio-electric Patina2007Oliver Hockenhull5:00In Distribution2929
The Spirit of Humanity2001Venus Soberanes6:00In Distribution2913
Impermanence2002Venus Soberanes6:00In Distribution2914
The Moon's Pyramid2003Venus Soberanes8:30In Distribution2915
Ancestral Archetypes2006Venus Soberanes17:00In Distribution2916a
Me and my foreskin- or how I finally got to love my own penis2006Venus Soberanes11:11In Distribution2916b
Lover2007Venus Soberanes8:00In Distribution2917
Lines2006Stephanie Loveless9:30In Distribution2918
Sure- I'm Fine!2004Alex Young Hwa Cho16:00In Distribution2919
Dragonfly2006Terry Haines4:07In Distribution2920
autoscopy2005Igor Santizo12:00In Distribution2921
World Briefing2007Oliver HockenhullinstaIn Distribution2923
Pee America2001Ivan E. Coyote17:10In Distribution2924
I CUM I2006Sacha Fink10:00In Distribution2925
New Works Winter 20072007Asa Mori et alIn Distribution2926
New Queer Works Winter 20072007Daniel Barrow et alIn Distribution2927
Stuart Pound 2006-72007Stuart PoundIn Distribution2928 a-f
Bus Stop2007Stuart Pound4:43In Distribution2928 c
Hotel Sevilla2007Stuart Pound5:29In Distribution2928 a
Kissing in Hats2007Stuart Pound1:30In Distribution2928 e
Montparnasse 0012007Stuart Pound3:14In Distribution2928 b
Reverberations in time2007Stuart Pound2:18In Distribution2928 d
A day in the life of Gilbert & George2007Stuart Pound9:30In Distribution2928 f
Three - A Compilation2007Oliver HockenhullIn Distribution2930
Attraction To Older Men (with french subtitles- for preview only)2005Clark Nikolai10:00In Distribution2855b
I Told You From The Start Just How This Would End2006Frederick Cummings12:30In Distribution2931
Bit Paint2007Oliver HockenhullIn Distribution2932
Lovely Corruption (After Edison)2007Oliver Hockenhull2:00In Distribution2933
Purveyor of Taste2006Brendan Baudat3:48In Distribution2934
3-D Song2006Brendan Baudat16:04In Distribution2935
untitled installation tapes (1999 - 2004)2004Jayce Salloum1:18:00In Distribution2938
Facing Fasd2007Heidi Slat4:00In Distribution2939
dry idea2007Velveeta Krisp2:19In Distribution2940
Mary (DS)2007Donna Szoke7:00In Distribution2942
We Are All in Your Head2006Sacha Fink6:00In Distribution2943
Video Art Therapy #1: Journey To A Distant Planet2007Brian MacDonald16:32In Distribution2944
Boyfriend2006Lisa G5:02In Distribution2945
Donna Szoke Selected Works 2007 BETA2007Donna SzokeIn Distribution2946
Towards the day... we are all free2007Meg Torwl90:00In Distribution2947A
Towards the day... we are all free (textless version)2007Meg Torwl90:00In Distribution2947B
Intermedia History1973Glenn Lewis30:00In Distribution0001b
The Merry Sea-Gentleman and the Cod Fisher's Voyage Below2006Sam Scott6:25In Distribution2948
movements2007Stephanie Loveless3:20In Distribution2949
imMaterial2007Stephanie Loveless5:10In Distribution2950
Somewhere In Between2005Gina Pei Chi Chen3:00In Distribution2951
A Fleeting Moment2006Gina Pei Chi Chen6:00In Distribution2952
S/He2007Gina Pei Chi Chen12:00In Distribution2953
Private Property2007James Diamond6:00In Distribution2959
SuPORNNatural2007Sacha Fink4:00In Distribution2955
Vast Tonic2002Jen WeihIn Distribution2954
Subtle Architectures2007Emma Howes8:50In Distribution2964
Invitation2007Michael V. Smith5:40In Distribution2957
Before the New Millenium2007Lorna Boschman26:57In Distribution2958
Salpuri Dance2007Alex Young Hwa Cho8:00In Distribution2960
Her Lens: Familial Distance2007Various Artists72:10In Distribution2961
Her Lens: Gender Currents2007Various Artists65:04In Distribution2962
Her Lens: More Unsettling of the West2007Various Artists87:00In Distribution2963
"Couch" (The Dance)2008Ken AnderliniIn Distribution2965
Terminal2005Miriam Needoba3:00In Distribution2966a
Gaching2006Miriam Needoba6:00In Distribution2966b
Bless You2006Miriam Needoba6:00In Distribution2966c
Intermedia History1973Glenn Lewis30:00In Distribution1 a- b
Pink Fairy2006Juli Saragosa7:00In Distribution2967
Aeonsroom2007Juli Saragosa30:00In Distribution2968
They Dance Alone2005Juli Saragosa5:00In Distribution2969
Outsiders2005Juli Saragosa6:30In Distribution2970
Self Storage2007Maureen Bradley3:50In Distribution2972
Sisyphus (MB)2006Maureen Bradley1:30In Distribution2973
Smash2002Paul Wong55:00In Distribution2974
bambi/colours2005Meesoo Lee4:35In Distribution2975
Domestic Blitz2007Kyath Battie5:00In Distribution2976
Broken Family2007Donna Lee8:22In Distribution2986
Avalanche2007Clark Nikolai5:20In Distribution2987
Betty Has A Bad Hair Day2007Terry Haines6:40In Distribution2988
Discopedia2007Ho Tam8:15In Distribution2977
Queer Works Summer 20072007Various Artists54:00In Distribution2982
Experimental Works Summer 20072007Sam Scott, et alIn Distribution2981
Recent Acquisitions Summer 20072007Gina Pei Chi Chen, et alIn Distribution2983
Animation Compilation 20072017Daniel Barrow, et alIn Distribution2984
The Love That Won't Shut Up2007Ivan E. Coyote21:00In Distribution2985
Patient Storm2006Dana Claxton8:00In Distribution2989
Wolf Lake2006Michael V. Smith4:15In Distribution2900
Say It's Ok2006Dana Claxton2:00In Distribution2990
Gunplay (Part Two)2007Dana Claxton1:30In Distribution2991
Hope2007Dana Claxton9:51In Distribution2992
Immersed2007Portia Priegert3:50In Distribution2993
Shattered2007Karin Lee22:00In Distribution2994
Asian Boyfriend2006Wayne Yung1:00In Distribution2995
Song for the City with Music in its Bones2007Amy Lynn Kazymerchyk13:00In Distribution2996b
Dear Guy2007Jeremy Todd83:00In Distribution2997
Deb and Sisi2007Mark Kenneth Woods81:00In Distribution2998
Running In A Maze2007Paul Wong2:15In Distribution3000
Perfect Day2007Paul Wong7:25In Distribution3001
Eat2003Paul Wong3:45In Distribution3002
Near-Perfect Wedding2007Michael V. Smith1:33In Distribution3003
What's My Mother !#@$ Name2007Amber Dawn4:25In Distribution3004
Ice Skate Canada2007Mark Peacock1:57In Distribution3005
Canada's Next Top Showgirl2007Mark Peacock5:09In Distribution3006
Hybred2007Christine Kirouac9:40In Distribution3007
Introduction2007Christine Kirouac4:00In Distribution3008