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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducersort iconDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Webbed 2003Laurel Swenson3:00In Distribution2741
Motherfuckers1995Laurel Swenson4:00Special2159
Your Mother Wears Combat Boots1996Laurel Swenson15:00Special2178
Fistfull1996Laurel Swenson6:00Special2193
Laurel Swenson Compilation 1995Laurel Swenson28In Library Only2255
How to be a Recluse: 7 Easy Steps1998Laurel Swenson4:30In Distribution2301
Marking the Mother2000Laurel Swenson25:00In Distribution2465
Listless2002Laurel Swenson6:11In Distribution2606
Swing2002Laurel Swenson4:14In Distribution2607
Window (LS) 2003Laurel Swenson5:49In Distribution2761a
Cherry 2004Laurel Swenson3:25In Distribution2761b
Twenty-Eight Years Of Cadillacs1979Laurie McDonald17:00In Distribution1091a
Henry Johnson and his Collection1978Laurie McDonald10:00In Distribution1091b
Generic Video Art1982Laurie McDonald12:00In Distribution1093a
Prime Time1981Laurie McDonald5:00In Distribution1093b
Water- Wind And the Record of the Rocks1979Laurie McDonald10:00In Library Only1093c
Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup1980Laurie McDonald27:00In Distribution1094
Duet For Tap and Galoshes1980Laurie McDonald2:00In Distribution1095a
Minute Waltz1977Laurie McDonald3:00In Distribution1095b
Deux Pieds1976Laurie McDonald4:00In Distribution1095c
Dying Swan1975Laurie McDonald3:00In Distribution1095d
Filling The Boxes Of Joseph Cornell1985Laurie McDonald9:00In Distribution1375a
Dedication To Lee Choon-Sop1984Laurie McDonald3:00In Distribution1375b
Video Sketchbook: Pregnancy1983Laurie McDonald23:00In Library Only1376
Dorothy Davis: Make A Way1984Laurie McDonald26:00In Distribution1377
Three Worlds- Part I: WaveformsCorrosion1985Laurie McDonald23:00In Library Only1459
New Music America1986Laurie McDonald58:00In Distribution1569
Dreamtime1988Laurie McDonald7:00In Distribution1689
Death of the Lotus1989Laurie McDonald5:20In Distribution1710
Dance Videotapes2017Laurie McDonald18:12In Library OnlyW0125
Inherent Rights- Vision Rights1992Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun12:00In Distribution2228
Through Deaf Womens' Eyes2002Leanor Vlug13:30In Distribution2627
South Africa1977Leen Oosterling15In Library Only723
White Palace2003Leigh (Jen) Fisher4:00In Distribution2740
Journey Women - Reflections On The Survival Sex Trade2006Leigh (Jen) Fisher45:00In Distribution2897
Three Woman Sculptors1975Leigh Deering30In Library Only389
Tv Dinner1979Leigh Edward Harrington3In Library Only780
India Hearts Beat1988Leila Sujir14:00In Distribution1705
Working Portraits1992Leila Sujir40:00In Distribution1944
Archival Moments In An Ongoing Story Of Power Relations1992Leila Sujir10In Distribution1938
My Two Grandmothers- Her Great Grandfather- And Me1991Leila Sujir31In Distribution1943
India Hearts Beat1988Leila Sujir13In Library OnlyW0120
Dreams of the Night Cleaners1995Leila Sujir46:30In Distribution2145
My Two Grandmothers- Her Great Grandfather- And Me2020Leila Sujir31:00In Distribution1942
Working Portraits1992Leila Sujir40:00In Distribution1945
Working Portraits1992Leila Sujir40:00In Library Only1946
Working Portraits1992Leila Sujir40:00In Library Only1947
Working Portraits1992Leila Sujir40:00In Library Only1948
Working Portraits1992Leila Sujir40:00In Library Only1949
Essay On A Lifestyle1972Leni Goldberg7In Library Only0046a
Women's Lib From Sarah1972Leni Goldberg18In Library Only0046b
Angela Davis - UCLA Lecture1973Leni Goldberg48In Library Only53
Matrix Tape1973Leni Goldberg23In Library Only69
Cerizay: Elles ont osé1973Les Cents Fleurs40In Library Only0291a
Gilbert And George1973Les Levine4In Library Only0167a
Christmas Card1973Les Levine10In Library Only0167b
Outside The Republican Convention1972Les Levine13In Library Only0167c
Space Walk1974Les Levine35In Library Only168
The Troubles. An Artist's Document of Ulster1972Les Levine54In Library Only0169
Stand Up Cop1971Les Levine60In Library Only171
Whatever1973Les Levine25In Library Only172
Topesthesia1970Les Levine20In Library Only173
My Snowball Scream1995Lesley Gering8In Library Only2351
Downtown East: Beauty Or Beast?1980Leslie Dyson44In Library Only876
Somewhat True1995Leslie Gering3In Library Only2338
Defending The Motherland1979Lily Eng19In Library Only859
Sounds Of Silence: The Voyage1977Lin Bennett15In Library Only605
Aud(vid)ition1981Lin Rankin5In Library Only1270
Dances in Death Valley1974Linda Rubin32:00In Library Only228
The Opening of The Thunder Bay Indian Friendship Centre1972Linda Johnson22In Library Only0059
Communal Living - An Alternative1973Linda Vance30In Library Only0420
Identity1992Ling Chiu4:00In Distribution2008
Tee Hee Hee1994Ling Chiu4:00In Distribution2008a
Trust (1-3)2003Lisa G7:30In Distribution2734a-c
Deaf Rowing Challenge2002Lisa Anderson7:00In Distribution2625
My Sweet Prince Charming2001Lisa G4:55Special2559
Three Things My Mother Never Told Me2001Lisa G5:27Special2560
Blue Tuesday2001Lisa G2:46Special2644
She's So Gay2001Lisa G28:48Special2685
Unravelled2002Lisa G2:05In Distribution2686
Library2002Lisa G2:40Special2687
The Language of Mosaic2003Lisa G5:40In Distribution2721a
Bush2003Lisa G2:40In Distribution2721b
She Says2003Lisa G3:00In Distribution2721c
Black in the Middle2003Lisa GIn Distribution2721d
Trust 12003Lisa G2:23In Distribution2734a
Trust 22003Lisa G2:23In Distribution2734b
Trust 32003Lisa G2:23In Distribution2734c
Straightening Out the Gay 2004Lisa G11:00In Distribution2776 a
Writer's Block 2004Lisa G6:50In Distribution2776 b
Bed of Fear 2004Lisa G5:25In Distribution2794
Lisa G. Barbie Compilation2006Lisa GIn Distribution2889
Boyfriend2006Lisa G5:02In Distribution2945
Earthworms1973Lisa Steele26In Library Only14
Know Your Turtle1973Lisa Steele20In Library Only125
Very Personal Story1974Lisa Steele17:00In Distribution525
Birthday Suit - Scars And Defects1974Lisa Steele12:00Special526
Working the Double Shift1984Lisa Steele18:00In Distribution1237
Some Call It Bad Luck1982Lisa Steele50:00In Distribution1239
See Evil1985Lisa Steele28:00In Distribution1286