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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationDistribution Statussort iconAccession Number
Ambiguously Gay Duo #1-82023In Library Only2525a
Hete Roy2023In Library Only2525b
Electronic Diary #1- 2- 31985Lynn Hershman Leeson60:00In Library Only2427
Ariella Pahlke Compilation199660:00In Library Only2428
Stallworks Act I1999Jeremy Drummond1:00In Library Only2441a
Stallworks Act 21999Jeremy Drummond2:20In Library Only2441b
Stallworks Act 31999Jeremy Drummond2:15In Library Only2441c
I Touch Myself1999Jeremy Drummond3:50In Library Only2441d
Lasting Impakt2023In Library Only2424
All Sales Final2000Tricia Middleton4:17In Library Only2425
Bye Buy World: The Battle of Seattle2000Annahid Dashtgard11:31In Library Only2482
Out of Bounds2023In Library Only
Alchemy2023In Library Only2495
Appropriate behaviors2000In Library Only2497
Atmosphere2000In Library Only2498
Mainstreet Drag Ball1985In Library Only1564
Dragged out Vancouver (Tape 1)2023In Library Only2529a
Dragged out Vancouver (Tape 2)2023In Library Only2529b
And Yet We Survived1995Kangja Hwangbo40:00In Library Only2576
Videos for Limousines2001Jonathan Wells17:00In Library Only2584
Strange Animals2001Emily Vey Duke10:00In Library Only2588
Papaver Somniferum: The Opium Poppy1996Robert Linsley20In Library Only2594
Mt. Baker Compilation1997Robert Linsley1:15:In Library Only2595
Railroad Grade Moraine Trail1996Robert Linsley12:00In Library Only2596-2601
Jeremy Drummond Compilation2002Jeremy DrummondIn Library Only2637a-m
Spit2000Jeremy Drummond2:27In Library Only2637a
Blueprint1999Jeremy Drummond4:06In Library Only2637b
Suburban Discipline2002Jeremy Drummond6:24In Library Only2637c
Storage Room2001Jeremy Drummond2:50In Library Only2637d
White Christmas1998Jeremy Drummond1:32In Library Only2637e
Untitled (JD)2001Jeremy Drummond5:45In Library Only2637f
Sweet as Honey2001Jeremy Drummond2:30In Library Only2637i
Stallworks: Act 11999Jeremy Drummond1:06In Library Only2637j
Stallworks: Act 21999Jeremy Drummond2:16In Library Only2637k
Stallworks: Act 31999Jeremy Drummond2:32In Library Only2637L
I Touch Myself1999Jeremy Drummond3:46In Library Only2637m
Satellite2002Nelson Henricks5:30In Library Only2662
Devil Music2002Trinity Square Video41:55In Library Only2669
Satellite: Performance2002Nelson Hendricks40:00In Library Only2675
Toni Latour: Selected Video Work2000Toni Latour30:00In Library Only2706
Junkmail2002Jeremy Drummond1:56In Library Only2733
Tu Suhudinh2003Helen Haig-Brown12:00In Library Only2736
Home Is Where You Are Happy2003Jeremy Drummond31:00In Library Only2765 A
Tuesday and I (Remix)2003Jeremy Drummond4:00In Library Only2765 B
Mustache Park2003Jeremy Drummond3:45In Library Only2765 C
Post-Mortal Ejaculation2003Jeremy Drummond5:00In Library Only2765 D
A Safer America2003Jeremy Drummond5:00In Library Only2765e
Prevention Tank2003Jeremy Drummond6:00In Library Only2765f
The Director's Cut2003Jeremy Drummond5:30In Library Only2765 G
Vixen1998Kyath Battie5:00In Library Only2825
Groovular Niftiness - A Collection of shorts by Clark Nikolai2005Clark NikolaiIn Library Only2870
From the Inside/OUT!2000Persimmon Blackbridge25:00In Library Only2941
A Zen Life - D.T. Suzuki2005Michael Goldberg87:00In Library Only2956
Steel And Flesh (version français)1980Eric Metcalfe12:00In Library Only1210a
Frieda2007Maureen BradleyIn Library Only2971
Movements East-West2003Ming-Yuen S. Ma17:00In Library Only2978
Mother/Land2000Ming-Yuen S. Ma25:00In Library Only2979
[os]2007Ming-Yuen S. Ma60:00In Library Only2980
Toni Latour Compilation DVD 1999-20052005Toni LatourIn Library Only2999
Confirmation By Doing #11972Keigo YamamotoIn Library Only3020
Confirmation By Doing #21972Keigo YamamotoIn Library Only3021
Works 1999-20072007Christine KirouacIn Library Only3022
Fun With A Sausage2019Ingrid Wilhite15:00In Library1469a
L'Ingenue2019Ingrid Wilhite14In Library1469b
Language Is Culture1988Coqualeetza Cultural Edu. Centre11In Library1604
Intermedia History1973Glenn Lewis30:00In Distribution1 a- b
Intermedia Sampler1972Michael Goldberg30:00In Distribution0067
Metro Media Sampler1972Metro Media50:00In Distribution0073
Video Inn At The C.r.t.c.1973Video Inn10In Distribution0091a
Vancouver Collage1973Michael Goldberg33:00In Distribution92
Vancouver Co-op Radio C.R.T.C. Application1974Palladin Portapacks20:00In Distribution0182
Love Hotel1974Taki Bluesinger10:00In Distribution196
Excerpts From Video Inn At the CRTC1977Video Inn0In Distribution0241b
New Era Marathon1974Paul Wong54:00In Distribution249
Earthworks In Harmony1974Paul Wong32:00In Distribution287
Off the Air Coverage of the Peanut Campaign1974Vincent Trasov20:00In Distribution0336
My Five Years In A Nutshell1975Vincent Trasov30:00In Distribution0365
Contact Lens1978Shawn Preus3:00In Distribution0450a
Skins1975Kate Craig30:00In Distribution498
Very Personal Story1974Lisa Steele17:00In Distribution525
Amass/composite 19761976Paul Wong18:00In Distribution616
The Agony and the Ecstasy1976John Mitchell8:00In Distribution0672a
Born Again1978John Mitchell8:00In Distribution0672b
Spots Before Your Eyes1977Eric Metcalfe22:00In Distribution678
Hand No. 21976Keigo Yamamoto5:00In Distribution690
Foot No. 31977Keigo Yamamoto5:00In Distribution691
Congruence1976Keigo Yamamoto4In Distribution692
Asteroid1978Steve Paxton19:00In Distribution693
Uranium Question1978Andy Harvey45:00In Distribution724
Night Visions1989Marusya Bociurkiw58:00In Distribution1805
News From Europe [1/2]1978Fabio Mauri25:00In Distribution0743a
Report From Ground Zero: Trident1978Metro Media24In Distribution761
Gutter1976Paul Wong8:00In Distribution0773a
Rotunda1976Paul Wong8:00In Distribution0773b
The Typist1976Rodney Werden18:00In Distribution0775
Foot No. 41978Keigo Yamamoto8:00In Distribution803
Foot No. 61978Keigo Yamamoto8In Distribution804
CRTC Alternative Hearing- February 23- 19781978Video Inn30:00In Distribution835
Inn Counter 19771977Janet Miller29:00In Distribution839
Pesticides: The Hidden Assassins1979Shawn Preus29:00In Distribution845