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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationDistribution Statussort iconAccession Number
Something! Ah!1975Matthew Speier23In Library Only455
Bulletin Colombien Series #11975Odette Brassard60In Library Only456
Bulletin Colombien Series #21975Odette Brassard60In Library Only457
Discussion [1/2]2023Sheila Smyth30In Library Only458
Discussion [2/2]2023Sheila Smyth30In Library Only459
Mime1975Peter Bertani20In Library Only463
Blackface1975Calgary Cable North30In Library Only0465
Rough Dance Thoughts1975Norm Gould32In Library Only466
Self-help Health With Joan Miller1975Red River Community College55In Library Only467
Rape Is A Social Disease1975Marion Barling28In Library Only468
Industrial Discipline And Hierarchy1974Red River Community College36In Library Only469
Parliament Of Labour1974Red River Community College61In Library Only470
Brief To The Crtc1975National Film Board15In Library Only471
Un'ode Per Un Concettualismo Italia1975Marshalore18In Library Only0472
Fat Chance1974Kim Block26In Library Only0473a
Community Radio 751975John Mondello22In Library Only0473b
Paula Ross Dancers1974Matthew Speier25In Library Only474
Sounds Of The City1975Double Helix Corporation11In Library Only0475a
Don't Be Confused1975Double Helix Corporation12In Library Only0475b
Forest Park1975John D. Lark25In Library Only476
These Schools - Children's Future1975Indian Cultural College32In Library Only477
This Is Nada1975Steve Dilkus22In Library Only478
Caravan1975John Garner29In Library Only479
The Students Voice: Organizing for Students Rights1975Essential Idea28In Library Only0480
Grid1974Graham Metson23In Library Only0481a
Maritime Variation1974Graham Metson26In Library Only0481b
Peter Randazzo1974Visus36In Library Only482
Judy Jarvis1974Terry Mcglade28:00In Library Only0483
Mona Lisa1975Toshio Matsumoto23In Library Only484
Vanishing Line1974Katsushiro Yamaguchi8In Library Only0485a
Video Self Portrait1974Katsushiro Yamaguchi12In Library Only0485b
Object Collection 19741974Mao Komura20In Library Only0486
Straight Flush1974Shoko Matsushita13In Library Only0487
Scanimate A1976Hakudo Kobayashi7In Library Only0488a
Lapse Communication1976Hakudo Kobayashi20In Library Only0488b
Box Concert1975Suzy Lake5In Library Only489
Black Stump1974Ana Maria Soares10In Library Only490
Life Of 16 East1974Peter Byszewski25In Library Only491
Like The Trees1973Kathleen Shannon15In Library Only492
Glass Hut1976Richard Ward18In Library Only493
Nite Spots1975Western Front Video28In Library Only494
Karate And Self-defence For Women1975Women In Focus28In Library Only495
Lookout Show1975Gerry Pethick25In Library Only496
Women's Rally For Action1976Women In Focus29In Library Only497
Condensation Mucus1975Tom Puckey35In Library Only499
Music For Stocking-top- Staircase And Swing1974Cosey Fanni30In Library Only500
Music And Sunset1976Jane Wright30In Library Only501
Feminist Theatre1975Women In Focus29In Library Only502
Leonard Peltier Demonstration/extradition1976Alma House55In Library Only504
Grease: Car Repair For Women1976Sharon Lovett15In Library Only0505
Kootenay Valley Folk Festival 1976 [1/2]1976Jim Lipkovitz60In Library Only506
Kootenay Valley Folk Festival [2/2]1976Jim Lipkovitz60In Library Only507
What Will I Be?1975Women In Focus30In Library Only508
Interview With Margaret Mead1976Women In Focus28In Library Only0509
Tomorrow's Leaders1975Women In Focus30In Library Only510
Women's Suffrage Movement In Canada1975Women In Focus28In Library Only511
Natural Right1976Diamond Light Productions20In Library Only512
Counterplay1976Century II Dancers (Calgary)8In Library Only0513
Banyacya At Habitat Forum1976Kate French52In Library Only514
Too Poor To Live Here1975David Kasper25In Library Only515
Damn Everything But The Circus1976Lance Diskan15In Library Only516
Programs In Dance #41975Visus Foundation18In Library Only517
Sonovovitch1975Miriam Adams22In Library Only518
Perser House1976Debbie Littman20In Library Only519
Fantasy Flight And Inner Space Vibrations1976Patrick Drake13In Library Only520
Vibrasonic Video1976Patrick Drake60In Library Only521
Sail On Festival Habitat1976Gerry Gilbert30In Library Only522
Vancouver Mental Patients Association1976Dennis Blue43In Library Only523
Microprocessors1975Bob Phillips60In Library Only524
Press Gang1974The Media Mothers20In Library Only527
Clearance1974Valerie Hammer10In Library Only528
Rape: The Reality1976Elaine Velazques38In Library Only530
Cayuga Station: Part 31975Gary Marcuse25In Library Only531
Wall To Floor Exercises1975Peter Dudar17In Library Only532
Running In O And R1975Peter Dudar12In Library Only533
Chilliwack Conference [1/2]1975B.C. Council of Indian Chiefs70In Library Only535
Chilliwack Conference [2/2]1975B.C. Council of Indian Chiefs70In Library Only536
Mary Jane's Diary-a Primer On A Super Herb1976Youngstown State University25In Library Only542
Michael Lewis1976Younstown State University29In Library Only543
Les Masques1973Bruno De Panafiev25In Library Only544
Planification Urbaine1974Dominique Belloir25In Library Only545
Purcell String Quartet1976SFU Video Workshop60In Library Only546
Magnetic Storm1975B. McCrimmon20In Library Only547
Ramelro East Timor1975Clive Scollay28In Library Only548
Loisir1975Lue Blanchard15In Library Only550
Native Land Claims In Bc - An Introduction1976Target Canada20In Library Only551
Danial Buren1976Art/Tapes 22 Production3In Library Only552
Festival De Musique Traditionelle [2/3]1973Marcus Pons30In Library Only553
Festival De Musique Traditionelle [3/3]1973Marcus Pons30In Library Only554
China - Her Sights And Sounds [1/2]1976Audrey Capel Doray60In Library Only556
China - Her Sights And Sounds [2/2]1976Audrey Capel Doray10In Library Only557
Video Journal 11974Sue Hall23In Library Only0558a
Video Journal1974Sue Hall9In Library Only0558b
Battered Wife1975Interaction33In Library Only559
Contact 74-51975Phil Shingler15In Library Only0560a
Kids Video1975Phil Shingler17In Library Only0560b
Video In Community Work1975Interaction15In Library Only561
Kith And Kids1975Interaction33In Library Only562
Preschool Years: An Alternative .01976Jan Abbey17In Library Only563
New Era Video Theatre #21976New Era Social Club30In Library Only564