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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearsort iconProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
No Escape From The Flesh Pad1986Marty St. James7:30In Distribution1414b
Luminous Sites1986Video In60:00In Distribution1420
6-6-6- O'Clock News1986Patrick Hughes12:00In Distribution1442
Money Talks - Bullshit Walks1986Rodney Werden36:00In Distribution1445
Moscow Does Not Believe in Queers1986John Greyson27:00In Distribution1446
Dream Voices, Day Voices1986John Galloway6:30In Distribution1447
Marriage Of Yasushi1986Mako Idemitsu23:00In Distribution1461
Forgotten Fictions1986David Finch19In Distribution1471
Echoes Of Death/Forever Young1986Lydia Schouten13:00In Distribution1474
Wa/Ran (Order/Chaos)1986Paula Levine5:00In Distribution1478
Strangest Dream1986Laura Lamb12In Distribution1480
Orbit1986Arturo Cubacub3:00In Distribution1486b
Kappa1986Bruce Yonemoto26:00In Distribution1488
Ati-Ati-Han1986Marlin Oliveros8:30In Distribution1489
Home Street1986Gerry Kisil8:00In Distribution1490
All Orientals Look The Same1986Valerie Soe2:00In Distribution1494a
Ma1986Kate Craig16:30In Distribution1497
Ay De Los Vencidos1986Lotty Rosenfeld2:15In Distribution1504l
Diamela Eltit1986Gloria Camiruaga5:00In Distribution1506b
Palabra De Mujer1986Lotty Rosenfeld10:00In Distribution1507b
Core1986Terry Harasym6In Distribution1514a
Blind Faith1986Terry Harasym6In Distribution1514e
Time To Time1986Rob Milthorp5:30In Distribution1518
Ascent Of Man: Parts 1, 2 & 31986Jayce Salloum18:30In Distribution1520
Learning About Feminine Sexuality1986Wendy Geller3In Distribution1540a
Rebecca At 281986Lynn Hershman28:00In Distribution1562a
Confessions Of A Chameleon1986Lynn Hershman10:00In Distribution1562b
He's Like1986John Goss24:00In Distribution1566
Virtual Cockpits Of Tomorrow1986John C. Goss10In Distribution1567
New Music America1986Laurie McDonald58:00In Distribution1569
Bulimia: Out Of Control Eating1986Michael Doherty23:00In Distribution1575
Elephant Shrine At Rama Vi Bridge1986Byron Balck14In Distribution1590a
Zoe's Car1986Ardele Lister6:30In Distribution1605
Nine Person Precision Ball Passing1986Skip Blumberg8In Distribution1768b
Seoul Brother Report1986Skip Blumberg4In Distribution1771c
Play1986Catherine Elwes4:00In Distribution1782d
Post Card1986Catherine Elwes4:00In Distribution1782f
Bleachables1986Shalhevet Goldhar40:00In Distribution1784
Yellow Peril - Chinese Characters1986Richard Fung20In Library Only1879
Flow Of Appearances1986Tess Payne14In Library OnlyW0021
Collection (framed- Periphery- Disposable)1986Penelope Buitenhuis58In Library OnlyW0127
Inside Information1986Joshua Blakney3:23In Distribution2079a
Under The Privileged1986Joshua Blakney1:12In Distribution2079b
Tooth Fairy1986Joshua Blakney10:23In Distribution2079c
Pen Pals1986Joshua Blakney3:21In Distribution2079d
"record Date: March 3- 1986- #1"1986Gayblevision28In Library OnlyGV01
"record Date: October 5-1986- #8"1986Gayblevision28In Library OnlyGV08
"record Date: January 6- 1986"1986Gayblevision35In Library OnlyGV81
"record Date: April 4- 1986- #2"1986Gayblevision52In Library OnlyGV82
"record Date: May 2- 1986- Telethon Show"1986Gayblevision28In Library OnlyGV85
Road to Tlalocan: Video Art Selections From Vancouver1986Joe Sarahan13:00In Library Only
Scars1987Lorna Boschman12:00In Distribution1439
Victims1987John Galloway10:00In Distribution1448
Yoji, What's Wrong With You?1987Mako Idemitsu20:00In Distribution1462
What!! (fechner's Law)1987Chris Mullingron3In Distribution1472
Stickshaker1987Mark Verabioff4:20In Distribution1473
Bennu1987Judy Norris13In Library Only1476
Mirror, Mirror1987Paula Levine3:00In Distribution1479
Day In Glass City1987Laura Lamb10In Distribution1481
Reliable Clowns1987Laura Lamb15In Distribution1482
Holy Joe1987Joe Sarahan10:37In Distribution1483
Aboo1987Rodney Werden19:00In Distribution1487
Within Dialogue (Silence)1987Susan Rynard6:00In Distribution1491
Body Fluid1987Paul Wong22:00In Distribution1492
Mother May I?1987Jeanette Reinhardt13:00In Distribution1493
Scratch Video1987Valerie Soe4:30In Distribution1494b
New Years- Part I And II1987Valerie Soe10:00In Distribution1494c
Five Thousand Years Of Good Advice1987Mary Ann Liu12:00In Distribution1496
Private Eyes1987Lisa Steele18:30In Distribution1498
La Gallinita Ciega1987Patricia Navarro8:19In Distribution1505b
El Pan Nuestro De Cada Dia1987Gloria Camiruaga7:00In Distribution1506c
El Mensajero1987Hernan Littin45:00In Distribution1507a
Community Economic Development In B.C.1987SPARC of B.C.27:00In Distribution1512
Thundering Scream Of The Seraphim's Delight1987Reynold Weidenaar14:30In Distribution1516
Out of Air1987Rob Milthorp8:00In Distribution1517
Sybaris1987Nina Skogster16:00In Distribution1519
Expo Forever1987Rich Romell16In Distribution1528
Visual Race1987Scott Robinson6:00In Distribution1529a
Between The Light And The Dark1987Scott Robinson5:00In Distribution1529c
...And The Word Was God1987Ruby Truly9:30In Distribution1541
Summer 86: A Neighbourhood Notebook1987Edward Hillel29In Distribution1543d
Hard Metals Disease And Follow Up1987Jon Alpert60:00In Distribution1558
Binge1987Lynn Hershman28:00In Distribution1561a
Their Hands1987Michele Waquant6:00In Distribution1563
Esta Linea Es Mi Arma1987Lotty Rosenfeld35:18In Distribution1587
| - +1987Lotty Rosenfeld20:00In Distribution1588
Big Wedding1987Cottage Films Industry Ltd.15In Distribution1611
Bright Eyes Part Three1987Stuart Marshall40:00In Library Only1618
Kaleidoscope-21987Haruo Higuma18In Distribution1675b
Kaleidoscope-11987Haruo Higuma16In Distribution1676a
Kaleidescope-31987Haruo Higuma15In Distribution1677c
My Mother Is A Dangerous Woman1987b.h. Yael16In Library Only1697
Ads Epidemic1987John Greyson4:00In Distribution1709
Girls Just Wanna Have Funds1987Cathy Busby11In Distribution1718
Holy Cow!1987Tomiyo Sasaki12In Distribution1719a
Immortality1987Andrew James Paterson28In Distribution1740b
Other Prisoners1987Stephen Roszell59In Distribution1746a
Women Of The Calabash1987Skip Blumberg18:58In Distribution1768a
No No Nooky T.V.1987Barbara Hammer12:00In Distribution1820
History of the World According to a Lesbian1987Barbara Hammer12:00In Distribution1822