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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
Titlesort iconYearProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
I Wanna Work1972Connexions26:00In Library Only0142
I Touch Myself1999Jeremy Drummond3:50In Library Only2441d
I Touch Myself1999Jeremy Drummond3:46In Library Only2637m
I Told You From The Start Just How This Would End2006Frederick Cummings12:30In Distribution2931
I Make Sad Movies - The End2004Brian MacDonald2:50In Distribution2767 G
I Heard Her Angry Once1979Nora Hutchinson21:00In Distribution886
I Hate Housework1999Renee Poisson8:00In Distribution2434
I Forgot1982Julie Harrison2:11In Distribution1040a
I Dream...of Dreaming1981Marilyn Wulff4In Library Only1285e
I don't care who you are...2003Vanessa Kwan4:30In Distribution2782
I CUM I2006Sacha Fink10:00In Distribution2925
I Can't Believe You Actually Died / the Microphones2004Brian MacDonald4:30In Distribution2767 E
I Am One Of Them: Mothers Speak Out About Incest1989Hollie Levine30In Library OnlyW0004
I Am And You Are In The Sentence1977Rhoda Rosenfeld29In Library Only850
I Am A Conjuror 2003Emily Vey Duke8:30In Distribution2722
I Against I1996Tate Shimozawa10:00In Distribution2216
Hygiene1985Andrew James Paterson42:00In Distribution1309
Hybrid Vigour1994Stephen Arthur4In Distribution2048
Hybred2007Christine Kirouac9:40In Distribution3007
Hundred Videos (5)2023Steve ReinkeIn Library Only2358
Hundred Videos (4)2023Steve ReinkeIn Library Only2358
Hundred Videos (3)1996Steve ReinkeIn Library Only2358
Hundred Videos (2)1982Steve ReinkeIn Library Only2358
Hundred Videos (1)1996Steve ReinkeIn Library Only2358
Humans2001James Desjarlais6:44In Distribution2668 b
Human Scope1984Francois Girard9In Library Only1279
Human Body Energy No. 31984Keigo Yamamoto5:00In Distribution1245a
Howard Odum1973Joel Schatz50In Library Only198
How Tv Works1977Tom Defanti30In Library Only588
How To Survive In A Hostile Environment1991Paula Levine14In Distribution2077
How To Read Macho Mouse (Para Leer al Macho Mouse)1991Aaron Anish8:00In Distribution1859
How to Make Love in an Earthquake2001Donna Szoke5:57In Distribution2575
How to Lose a Guy2003Nickolaos Stagias5:36In Distribution2719
How to Fake an Orgasm1999Dayna McLeod9:00In Distribution2540a
How to be a Recluse: 7 Easy Steps1998Laurel Swenson4:30In Distribution2301
How Photographs are Stored in the Brain1998Steve Reinke7:30In Distribution2308b
How Many Fingers1981Andrew James Paterson8:30In Distribution1300
Hotel Sevilla2007Stuart Pound5:29In Distribution2928 a
Hot Water- Cayuga Station Pt. 21975Gary Marcuse30In Library Only924
Hot Flash1989Barbara Hammer21:00In Distribution1819
Hot Chicks on TV1986Elizabeth Vander Zaag6:30In Distribution1363
Hose1998Ken Anderlini9:00In Distribution2303
Hormone Warzone1984Hummer TV11:00In Distribution1217
Horizon1980Kou Nakajima8:00In Distribution1098a
Hope2007Dana Claxton9:51In Distribution2992
Homosexuality: Sex Issues On Trial1974Rick Holyoke60In Library Only444
Homolief En Manneleed1980Stichting Werkgroep Video52In Library Only1124
Hommage A Duchamp2023Rene Bauermeister6In Library Only0706b
Homeskin - Part 22023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM240
Homeskin - Part 12023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM239
Homemade Baby1974Connexions24In Library Only72
Homeless in Two Parts2001Annthea WhittakerIn Distribution2526
Homelands1986Paul Wong7:00In Distribution1373
Homecoming '92 - Redress: The Community In Process1993Ruby Truly45In Distribution2105
Homecoming '92 - Intermarriage #21993Ruby Truly40In Distribution2102
Homecoming '92 - Intermarriage #11993Ruby Truly45:00In Distribution2101
Homecoming '92 - Exiled To Japan1993Ruby Truly35In Distribution2104
Homecoming '92 - Conference Overview1993Ruby Truly48:00In Distribution1971
Homecoming '92 - Children Of Two Cultures1993Ruby Truly46In Distribution2103
Homecoming '92 - Before The Uprooting1993Ruby Truly47:00In Distribution2100
Home Street1986Gerry Kisil8:00In Distribution1490
Home Remedies With Noel Peterson1978Andrea Montclair28In Library Only741
Home Is Where You Are Happy2003Jeremy Drummond31:00In Library Only2765 A
Homage Medulla-Oblongata2001Kenneth Doren11:00In Distribution2579b
Homage1978Ken Kuramoto19In Library Only0825b
Holy Matrimony Billy2004Mark Kenneth Woods4:30In Distribution2777
Holy Joe1987Joe Sarahan10:37In Distribution1483
Holy Dog1999Judith Norris7:00In Distribution2423
Holy Cow!1987Tomiyo Sasaki12In Distribution1719a
Hollywood Story2003Marlene Madison15:00In Distribution2714b
Holly Near - Feminist Folksinger1980Amelia Productions20:00In Library Only1166
Holland1972Werner Aellen32In Library Only113
Hold The Baloney - Live Without Trident1978High Hopes Productions28In Library Only747
Hogan's Alley1994Cornelia Wyngaarden32:00Special1933
Ho Tam 2001 Compilation2001Ho Tam45:00In Distribution2621a-d
History of the World According to a Lesbian1987Barbara Hammer12:00In Distribution1822
History Of The Chinese Black Baboon1974Patrick Drake14In Library Only604
History1986Randy & Berenicci10:00In Distribution1394
History1994Joel Baird1:30In Distribution2438j
His Holiness, The Gyalwa Karmapa1974Byron Black20:00In Library Only0567
Hiroshima - The Atomic Affects2017Hiroshima Bomb Committee30In Library Only932
Highlights1975Ross Gentleman22In Library Only371
High Fidelity2023Rene Bauermeister7In Library Only0706c
Hiding In Plain Site2006Emma Howes8:00In Distribution2904
Hideo, It's Me, Mama1983Mako Idemitsu23:30In Distribution1162a
Hidden Hunger2005Deborah O12:30In Distribution2901
Hidden Holocaust1984Third Eye - BBC55In Distribution1384
Heterosexual Agenda2001Mark Kenneth Woods11:40In Distribution2743
Hete Roy2023In Library Only2525b
Heroics: Definitions1984Sara Diamond36:00In Distribution1268
Heroics: A Quest1984Sara Diamond16:00In Distribution1388
Heroics V: A Conscious and Difficult Choice1984Sara Diamond35:00In Distribution1393
Heroics IV: To Trumph Over Misfortune1984Sara Diamond40:00In Distribution1392
Heroics III: Survival1984Sara Diamond38:00In Distribution1391
Heroics II: A Shining Example1984Sara Diamond20:00In Distribution1390
Heroics I: Creativity1984Sara Diamond22:00In Distribution1389
Hermann Ortago - Chilean United Front For National1974Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM008
Herman Nitsch At The Western Front1978Kim Tomczak5:00In Distribution0989b
Here's Relief1984Rumpo Reels25In Library Only1350
Here in the Southwest1984Joyan Saunders22:30In Distribution1238a