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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
Titlesort iconYearProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
As a Wife Has a Cow1985Cornelia Wyngaarden40:00In Distribution1382
As The Petals Fall1983Terry Ewasiuk30:00In Distribution1119
Ascension1996John BoehmeIn Distribution2499
Ascent Of Man: Parts 1, 2 & 31986Jayce Salloum18:30In Distribution1520
Asian Boyfriend2006Wayne Yung1:00In Distribution2995
Asteroid1978Steve Paxton19:00In Distribution693
Ati-Ati-Han1986Marlin Oliveros8:30In Distribution1489
Atrocities2001Michelle Oleman3:30In Distribution2668d
Attachments2001Tricia Middleton13:30In Distribution2514
Attention Public2005Emily Vey Duke9:40In Distribution2814
Attraction To Older Men2005Clark Nikolai10:00In Distribution2855
Attraction To Older Men (with french subtitles- for preview only)2005Clark Nikolai10:00In Distribution2855b
Aud(vid)ition1981Lin Rankin5In Library Only1270
Audio Performance Tours2001Tagny Duff16:00In Distribution2583
Automatic Music 2003Meesoo Lee3:45In Distribution2756 a
Automatic Music re-edit2003Meesoo Lee3:36In Distribution2818 B
Automatopoeia2004Laiwan9:00In Distribution2786
autoscopy2005Igor Santizo12:00In Distribution2921
Ava's Mountain Adventure2001Robert Linsley20In Distribution2593
Avalanche2007Clark Nikolai5:20In Distribution2987
Awakening of Elizabeth Shaw1996Eva Manly25:00In Distribution2174
Axis Mime At Van Tech1978John Sawyer25In Library Only708
B-84: Leaving The Ground1981Byron Black17:00In Distribution1256a
B.c. Bowl Busters 19771978Sharon Lovett20In Library Only674
B.C. Environmental Council2020Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM111
B.c. Video Artists1974Richard Ward25In Library Only356
Babel 781974Michel Latraverse32In Library Only157
Baby Dolls1978Rodney Werden17:00In Distribution1016
Baby Eyes1983Elizabeth Vander Zaag3:00In Distribution1118
Back Up1978Margret Dragu38:00In Distribution1005
Bad Boy2005Velveeta Krisp4:43In Distribution2876
Bad Hair Day2001Meesoo Lee7:20In Distribution2549
Bad Ideas for Paradise2002Emily Vey Duke19:34In Distribution2590
Bad Person2005Donna Szoke1:45In Distribution2849
Ballet Horizons - Part 12023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM153
Ballet Horizons - Part 22023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM154
Ballet Horizons In Rehearsal*1973Michael Goldberg27In Library Only33
Ballistics1981Gerry Kisil6In Library Only1187
Balloon Lady1975Red River Community College60In Library Only0451
bambi/colours2005Meesoo Lee4:35In Distribution2975
Band Capital Planning1972Department of Indian Affairs20In Library Only1145
Banff Improv1985George A. Lessard12In Library Only1316e
Banyacya At Habitat Forum1976Kate French52In Library Only514
Barbered2006Andrew Power3:45In Distribution2909
Barby Nai Live Street Improv1994Marie Humber Clements25:10In Library Only2352
Bardo Gap1994Margaret Dragu18:00In Distribution2148
Bare1991Tien15:00In Distribution1833
BC Hydro et ses projects du Site C et de Hat Creek1981Yan Geofroy28In Distribution1600
Beacon Hill Daycare Tape1988Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM248
Bear River2004Terra Poirier3:30In Distribution2784
Beautiful Jew2002Oliver Hockenhull1:45:In Distribution2689 a-b
Because I Know...and You Don't1984Paul Landon5In Library Only1223c
Bed of Fear 2004Lisa G5:25In Distribution2794
Beemaster's Short Course1974John Korner55In Library Only180
Before the New Millenium2007Lorna Boschman26:57In Distribution2958
Beginner's Curse for Sluts and Psychopaths2002Goody B. Wiseman2:06In Distribution2619
Behind the Billboard on Prior Street2005Michael Lithgow18:23In Distribution2821
Behind The Scenes: Film Making1982Mervyn Brown29In Library Only1065
Behind The Scenes: Tv Production1982Mervyn Brown30In Library Only1066
Behold The Promised Land1991Ardele Lister23In Distribution1921
Being Fucked Up2001Emily Vey Duke11:30In Distribution2515
Belly Dance-ymca1975Shawn Preus23In Library Only568
Ben Metcalf1978Metro Media20In Library Only1198
Bennu1987Judy Norris13In Library Only1476
Best Of Gina1979John Anderson27:00In Distribution0901a
Best Of Under 51984Video In50In Library Only1223
Betty Has A Bad Hair Day2007Terry Haines6:40In Distribution2988
Betty Kaplowitz: Blues Singer2017Women in Focus29In Library OnlyW0045
Between The Light And The Dark1987Scott Robinson5:00In Distribution1529c
Beverly Sister - Battle Of The Bands1983Cable West Production40In Library Only1135a
Beverly Sisters On Ckvu Vancouver Show1983CKVU8In Library Only1135b
Beware Young Ladies1975Women in Focus29In Library OnlyW0046
Beyond these Walls1999Gordon Wong6:30In Distribution2439
Bicyclette1978Andrew Krumins15In Library Only752
Big Fat Slenderella1993Lorna Boschman15:00In Distribution1965
Big Wedding1987Cottage Films Industry Ltd.15In Distribution1611
Big World1984Ed Mowbray18:00In Distribution1220
Billy Club/strathcona/intervention At Social Work2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM147
Bio-electric Patina2007Oliver Hockenhull5:00In Distribution2929
Biological Cycle Part 51981Kou Nakajima8:00In Distribution1098b
Birth Control1973Francie Wyland33In Library Only0055b
Birthday2018Chris Mullington0In Distribution1630a
Birthday Suit - Scars And Defects1974Lisa Steele12:00Special526
Bisexuality: Dr. Pepper Schwartz1975Women in Focus29In Library OnlyW0051
Bit Paint2007Oliver HockenhullIn Distribution2932
Black Flag1998Istvan Kantor9:00In Distribution2316
Black in the Middle2003Lisa GIn Distribution2721d
Black Magic Theatre1972Video West30In Library Only0060b
Black Shiny Shoes Opera1996Marlene Madison8:00In Distribution
Blackface1975Calgary Cable North30In Library Only0465
Blackout1995Terence Anthony14:00In Distribution2142
Blank Visuals2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM040
Bleachables1986Shalhevet Goldhar40:00In Distribution1784
Blending Milk And Water: Sex In The New World1996Paul Wong28:00In Distribution2155
Bless You2006Miriam Needoba6:00In Distribution2966c
Blind Faith1986Terry Harasym6In Distribution1514e
Blood2003Debora O7:30In Distribution2729
Blood Risk1989Michael Balser22In Distribution1924
Blue Collar And Buddha1987Kati Johnson57In Distribution2041
Blue Moon1983Rodney Werden14:00In Distribution1443