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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducersort iconDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Mz. Frankenstein1993Tanya Mars15:30In Distribution2156
Traces of Absence1999Tamara Vukov4:30In Distribution2447
Junk Photo Exhibition1971Taki Bluesinger25In Library Only0181b
Edge Of Sleep1977Taki Bluesinger60In Library Only648
Pour Faire Changement [1/2]1974Tahany Rashed48In Library Only245
Pour Faire Changement [2/2]1974Tahany Rashed18In Library Only246
Discover Oral Hygiene1997Tagny Duff6:00In Distribution2382
prosthetic territories2000Tagny Duff13:00In Distribution2478
Elephantiasis Ears: Performance Documentation1998Tagny Duff15:00In Distribution2504
Audio Performance Tours2001Tagny Duff16:00In Distribution2583
Just My Hat2000Sydney Hermant4:00In Distribution2522
Box Concert1975Suzy Lake5In Library Only489
Untitled - A Tape About Memory1985Susan Rynard4In Distribution1365
Phases1984Susan Rynard4In Distribution1366
Within Dialogue (Silence)1987Susan Rynard6:00In Distribution1491
19321988Susan Rynard9:00In Distribution1654
19321988Susan Rynard8In DistributionW0007
Rosalie/codex/spacelab/metropolis1978Susan Kaija20In Library Only0777a
Dance For Television1978Susan Kaija25In Library Only0777b
Childhood Ghosts1991Susan Harman5:00In Distribution1813a
Passing1992Susan Harman38:00In Distribution1829
Jaws1992Susan Harman9:00In Distribution1830
Subject In Progress1992Susan Harman4:00In Distribution1831
Wohosheni1992Susan Harman7:00In Distribution1832
Living With Elephants1992Susan Harman16:00In Distribution1856
Broken Night1993Susan Harman5:00In Distribution1876
Coming Out Of The Closet1993Susan Harman4:00In Distribution1912
Despite The Endlessness1991Susan Harman10:00In Distribution1813b
Within Dialogue (silence)1987Susan C. Rynard5In Library OnlyW0020
Message To China1979Susan Britton22In Library Only0800
Casting Call1979Susan Britton35In Library Only851
Mae Brussel Conspiracy1972Sue Fox25In Library Only0044
Absence1986Su Rynard5:00In Distribution1364
Stuart Pound Compilation DVD2005Stuart Pound40:35In Distribution2864-2869
Stuart Pound 2006-72007Stuart PoundIn Distribution2928 a-f
Bus Stop2007Stuart Pound4:43In Distribution2928 c
Hotel Sevilla2007Stuart Pound5:29In Distribution2928 a
Kissing in Hats2007Stuart Pound1:30In Distribution2928 e
Montparnasse 0012007Stuart Pound3:14In Distribution2928 b
Reverberations in time2007Stuart Pound2:18In Distribution2928 d
A day in the life of Gilbert & George2007Stuart Pound9:30In Distribution2928 f
SF2007Stuart Pound8:40In Distribution3009
Dominant Culture2007Stuart Pound14:54In Distribution3010
Life On Mars2007Stuart Pound5:24In Distribution3011
Robert Marshall1991Stuart Marshall10:00In Distribution1838
Neil Bartlett: Pedagogue1988Stuart Marshall11:00In Distribution1850
Morgentaler On Abortion1974Stuart Cryer12In Library Only619
Der Doppelgänger2005Stuart Pound8:50In Distribution2864
Life Of A Squatter1980Stokely Seip10In Library Only916
David Wong - Master Sculptor1981Stokely Seip12In Library Only955
Nash The Slash1982Stokely Seip17In Library Only1021
Snuff Flick1982Stokely Seip4:40In Distribution1072
1983 No Budget Hit Singles1983Stokely Seip30In Library Only1129
Glenn Branca - Concert1983Stokely Seip55In Library Only1134
You Can't Take My Secret Away1984Stokely Seip5In Library Only1156
Childbirth1976Steven Sky31In Library Only398
Video This: Eomor (vol.1 No.1)1973Steven Dilkus30In Library Only333
Everybody Loves Nothing (Empathic Exercises)1996Steve Reinke11:00In Distribution2179
Spiritual Animal Kingdom1998Steve Reinke28:00In Distribution2307
How Photographs are Stored in the Brain1998Steve Reinke7:30In Distribution2308b
Andy1996Steve Reinke8:30In Distribution2308c
Hundred Videos (1)1996Steve ReinkeIn Library Only2358
Hundred Videos (2)1982Steve ReinkeIn Library Only2358
Hundred Videos (3)1996Steve ReinkeIn Library Only2358
Hundred Videos (4)2023Steve ReinkeIn Library Only2358
Hundred Videos (5)2023Steve ReinkeIn Library Only2358
Asteroid1978Steve Paxton19:00In Distribution693
Cabaret Voltaire1978Steve McCaffery & Co.60In Distribution1255
This Is Nada1975Steve Dilkus22In Library Only478
Echo Valley1998Steve Reinke7:15In Distribution2308a
Bondage Television2023Stev nn HallIn Distribution2436
I Want A New Drug1984Stephen Sabyon5In Library Only1223h
Hybrid Vigour1994Stephen Arthur4In Distribution2048
Lines2006Stephanie Loveless9:30In Distribution2918
movements2007Stephanie Loveless3:20In Distribution2949
imMaterial2007Stephanie Loveless5:10In Distribution2950
Cantaloup1980Steina Vasulkas28In Library Only1303
Travelogue 4: Coming From The Wrong Side1992Stefaan Decostere56:00In Distribution1925
Two Families1975Starla Anderson30In Library Only0414
Image Manipulation1973Stan Fox10In Library Only0005
Television Spots (w/sample ads)1988Stan Douglas11:00Special1701
Television Spots1988Stan Douglas5:19Special1702
Monodramas1991Stan Douglas10:00Special2092
Monodramas: Eye On You1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092b
Monodramas: I'm Not Gary1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092c
Monodramas: Encampment1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092j
Monodramas: Guilty 1 (hiro)1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092e
Monodramas: Up1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092f
Monodramas: Guilty 2 (jennifer)1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092g
Monodramas: Disagree1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092h
Monodramas: Guilty 3 (billy)1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092i
Monodramas: Stadium1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092j
Trouble With Oil1981SPEC18In Library Only657
Fight Back: Transition House1984Speak Out Productions30In Distribution1224
Community Economic Development In B.C.1987SPARC of B.C.27:00In Distribution1512
She's Not Alone2001Sondra Cross3:23In Distribution2668 c
Bootsin1994Solomon Tzeggai-Teferi3:00In Distribution1983b
EBA2002Smartbodies5:00In Distribution2648
Chinese Noodlemaking: Backwards And Forwards1990Skip Blumberg5:00In Distribution1762
Seoul Brother Report1986Skip Blumberg4In Distribution1771c