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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationsort iconDistribution StatusAccession Number
Ten Skakel (My Baby)1995Cease Wyss25:00In Distribution2141
Awakening of Elizabeth Shaw1996Eva Manly25:00In Distribution2174
Si'Elu'taxw1997First Nations Video Collective25:00In Distribution2235
Mind Fuck1995Kagan Goh25:00In Distribution2244
Bringing truth to light: a struggle for Justice in Guatamala1998Eva Manly25:00In Distribution2328
Marking the Mother2000Laurel Swenson25:00In Distribution2465
A Private Dance with Cyd Harlow2003Meesoo Lee25:00In Distribution2756b
From the Inside/OUT!2000Persimmon Blackbridge25:00In Library Only2941
Mother/Land2000Ming-Yuen S. Ma25:00In Library Only2979
Your Cheatin' Heart, Part 32002Vanessa Kwan25:07In Distribution2781 d
Barby Nai Live Street Improv1994Marie Humber Clements25:10In Library Only2352
Mother's Son2003Sarah Butterfield25:30In Distribution2705
Earthworms1973Lisa Steele26In Library Only14
Lausanne- Switzerland1972Werner Aellen26In Library Only110
Survival In The City1973Dan E. Burns26In Library Only164
Food For Thought1974Dallas Selman26In Library Only188
March Of Time And Space1974Byron Black26In Library Only207
Dick's Music #21972Elizabeth Walker26In Library Only258
Maritime Variation1974Graham Metson26In Library Only0481b
Lesbian Mothers1981Ellen Frank26In Library Only934
Amazing Powers #81982Rod Mabee26In Library Only1086
Confused Sexual Views: Corry1984Jeanette Reinhardt26In Distribution1330
Confused Sexual Views: Paul1984Jeanette Reinhardt26In Distribution1343
This Is What1984Jane Wright26In Distribution1418
Yellow Peril - Silence Into Silence1989L Amitie Chinoise de Montreal26In Distribution1877
Yellow Peril - Chinese Cafes In Rural Saskatchewan1985Anthony Chan26Special1878
"record Date: November-1984- Pacific Wave #11"1984Gayblevision26In Library OnlyGV48
"record Date: June 3- 1984"1984Gayblevision26In Library OnlyGV68
"record Date: February 11- 1982- H. Britt"1982Gayblevision26In Library OnlyGV77
Sculpture in Movement1974Evelyn Roth26:00In Library Only0138
I Wanna Work1972Connexions26:00In Library Only0142
Breast Self-examination1975?26:00In Library Only368
Strange Fascinations1981Jorge Lozano26:00In Distribution1007a
Influences of My Mother1982Sara Diamond26:00In Distribution1052
Qu'est Ce Qu'un Homme Peut Faire?1986Clive Robertson26:00In Distribution1374
Chinese Cafes In Rural Saskatchewan1985Anthony Chan26:00In Distribution1573
Spag1998Lynne R. Kamm26:00In Distribution2288
Nondocument1998Vancouver Association for Noncommercial Culture26:00In Distribution2322
Photographer's Diary2001Wayne Yung26:00In Distribution2538
The New Freedom Founders2004Emily Vey Duke26:00In Distribution2815
YotinPimoteoQuartzDevabe2002Frederick Cummings26:29In Distribution2661
Telling Tales1979Elizabeth Chitty26:30In Distribution857
More Home Some1991Pia Massie26:30In Distribution1989
Suspects (Performance for the Police)2001Artspeak Gallery26:38In Distribution2564
Death & Love: A Rhythm Myth1997Terence Anthony26:40In Distribution2243
Before the New Millenium2007Lorna Boschman26:57In Distribution2958
Art Education1972Nova Scotia College of Art27In Library Only13
Ballet Horizons In Rehearsal*1973Michael Goldberg27In Library Only33
Liberation Media1972Women s Involvement Program27In Library Only0056b
Quebec! Ke Ce Ca? #41974Videographe27In Library Only162
What's Stewing1974Video Free U. Vancouver27In Library Only0178
North Of The North Pole1974Karyn Zajac27In Library Only254
Funny Money1974Richard Ward27In Library Only283
James Bond On U.i.c.1975Richard Ward27In Library Only391
Hello Ten Years Later1975Bill Vazan27In Library Only696
Writers Union Of Canada1979Keith Maillard27In Library Only802
International Festival Of Video Art1982Thierry LeBrum27In Library Only1204
Marie-claire Blais: An Interview1976Women in Focus27In Library OnlyW0066
"record Date: October 23- 1983- Solidarity March"1983Gayblevision27In Library OnlyGV76
"record Date: April18- 1984"1984Gayblevision27In Library OnlyGV92
Canada- Angola And Portugese Colonialism1974Metro Media27In Library OnlyM166
Swan River Round-up1997Gerry Kisil27In Library Only2355
Deccadance Exhibit1974Hank Bull27:00In Library Only195
Best Of Gina1979John Anderson27:00In Distribution0901a
You Must Remember This1979marshalore27:00In Distribution0925b
Mandala '821982Kou Nakajima27:00In Distribution1073
Robert Davidson: "I'm In Awe"1981Michael Brodie27:00In Distribution1100
Moscow Does Not Believe in Queers1986John Greyson27:00In Distribution1446
Community Economic Development In B.C.1987SPARC of B.C.27:00In Distribution1512
Doing Time1991Lorna Boschman27:00In Distribution1794
We're Here- We're Queer- We're Fabulous1990Maureen Bradley27:00In Distribution1922
Ladies of the Inlet1995Annie Fraziér Henry27:00In Distribution2158
Ozone1994Shawn Chappelle27:00In Distribution2238C
Reframing the Montreal Massacre1995Maureen Bradley27:00In Distribution2391
Alison Knowles2000Morris And Hellen Belkin Gallery27:00In Distribution2502
Tricia Middleton and Joel Taylor Compilation2001Tricia Middleton27:00In Distribution2569
Warriors on the Water2002Nitanis Desjarlais27:00In Distribution2624
Unsung Heros: Chinese Canadians in WW II1997Chistina M. Wong27:30In Distribution2649
Television Generation1970Brian Levin28In Library Only0009a
No- Non- Nein1979Jean Brisson28In Library Only36
Interviews2022Sheila Smyth28In Library Only0062a
Street Scenes2022Sheila Smyth28In Library Only0062b
Activities At Vehicule1974Andree Duchaine28In Library Only161
Tattoes2022Larry Gale28In Library Only233
Pareil-pas Pareil (ou L'inverse)1972Videographe28In Library Only242
Droits Des Indiens1972Videographe28In Library Only247
Metro Media Explanation1973Metro Media28In Library Only253
Indian Fishermen2022Randall Ginger28In Library Only267
Portable Video In Vancouver1975Richard Ward28In Library Only299
Rosehill Harvest Faire1974Bruce Whibley28In Library Only0315b
Christopher Gosson/peter Borowsky1974The Video Centre28In Library Only374
Performing Artists Show1975Martin Stubbs28In Library Only379
Getting Better Publicity1974Gwen Bassen28In Library Only425
Rape Is A Social Disease1975Marion Barling28In Library Only468
The Students Voice: Organizing for Students Rights1975Essential Idea28In Library Only0480
Nite Spots1975Western Front Video28In Library Only494
Karate And Self-defence For Women1975Women In Focus28In Library Only495
Interview With Margaret Mead1976Women In Focus28In Library Only0509
Women's Suffrage Movement In Canada1975Women In Focus28In Library Only511
Evelyn Roth Moving Sculpture Co.1976Helen May28In Library Only573