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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducersort iconDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Building Heaven- Remembering Earth: Confessions of a Fallen Architect1999Oliver Hockenhull104In Distribution2398 2
Aldous Huxley: The Gravity of Light1996Oliver Hockenhull78:31In Distribution2516ab
Ò6Ó2001Oliver Hockenhull15:00In Distribution2557
Boilt Pixels2001Oliver Hockenhull8:00In Distribution2558
Please Sir can I have Some More2002Oliver Hockenhull4:00In Distribution2631
Ode to Galactic Traffic2002Oliver Hockenhull4:00In Distribution2632
E V O2002Oliver Hockenhull1:17:In Distribution2655
E V O (Anamorphic Version 16:9)2002Oliver Hockenhull1:17:Special2655b
Beautiful Jew2002Oliver Hockenhull1:45:In Distribution2689 a-b
E V O (Installation Version 16:9) DVD2002Oliver Hockenhull1:17:Special2655c
Mother- Father- Son 2004Oliver Hockenhull3:00In Distribution2753
Elementary Parts2004Oliver Hockenhull17:00In Distribution2754
One's Own Snore2005Oliver Hockenhull21:00In Distribution2838
Shane Remediated2005Oliver Hockenhull15:00In Distribution2839
8 Loops2005Oliver Hockenhull30:00In Distribution2847
Bio-electric Patina2007Oliver Hockenhull5:00In Distribution2929
World Briefing2007Oliver HockenhullinstaIn Distribution2923
Three - A Compilation2007Oliver HockenhullIn Distribution2930
Bit Paint2007Oliver HockenhullIn Distribution2932
Lovely Corruption (After Edison)2007Oliver Hockenhull2:00In Distribution2933
E V O (Letterbox)2002Oliver Hockenhull1:17:Special2655d
Legends (OF) sx̱wex̱wx̱wiy'am'1999Omni Film Productions Ltd.24:00Special2412
Vancouver Co-op Radio C.R.T.C. Application1974Palladin Portapacks20:00In Distribution0182
Sun Spot Activity 19371977Pat Drake13In Library Only651
Press Gang Publishers2023Pat Feindel7In Library Only833
International Women's Day Special1979Pat Feindel25In Library Only834
Vancouver Womens' Movement1980Pat Feindel60In Library Only881
Choice Issue1979Pat Feindel13:00In Library Only0883a
Role Of The Woman In The Chilean Resistance1977Pat Smith30In Library Only824
Womyn Warriors1999Patrice Leung48:20In Distribution2422
Klwn Cntnl Clbrtn2005Patrick Connelly3:43In Distribution2860
Waterfront1975Patrick Chatikian15In Library Only0400
Peanut Drive1972Patrick Drake19In Library Only0050
Fantasy Flight And Inner Space Vibrations1976Patrick Drake13In Library Only520
Vibrasonic Video1976Patrick Drake60In Library Only521
History Of The Chinese Black Baboon1974Patrick Drake14In Library Only604
6-6-6- O'Clock News1986Patrick Hughes12:00In Distribution1442
General Delivery1983Patti Poskitt2In Library Only1278
Slices Of My Life1993Paul Dhillon17:45In Distribution2091
Because I Know...and You Don't1984Paul Landon5In Library Only1223c
"lmn (tactile- Neurostalgia- Bennu)"1987Paul Lang30Special2022
Footprints1999Paul Manly6:00In Distribution2315
P4 Promo Reel2001Paul Manly13:30In Distribution2531
Upgrade Beta Version 1.12001Paul Manly4:00In Distribution2546
Sombrio2006Paul Manly60:00In Distribution2896
Canadian Artists And Telidon1984Paul Petro20:30In Distribution2062
Killer Whales And Friends1973Paul Spong18:00In Library Only0179
Magic Mushrooms1976Paul Tucker7In Library Only582
New Era Marathon1974Paul Wong54:00In Distribution249
William Burroughs Reading1974Paul Wong42In Library Only281
Earthworks In Harmony1974Paul Wong32:00In Distribution287
Snack Pack 11975Paul Wong30In Library Only288
Amass/composite 19761976Paul Wong18:00In Distribution616
Gutter1976Paul Wong8:00In Distribution0773a
Rotunda1976Paul Wong8:00In Distribution0773b
Script (Abe's)1980Paul Wong29In Library Only0866
In Ten Sity1979Paul Wong24:00In Distribution0867
Mainstreet Tapes1976Paul Wong30:00In Distribution872
Three Video Dance Poems1976Paul Wong30In Library Only905
Seven Day Activity1978Paul Wong13:00In Distribution1023
Murder Research1977Paul Wong17:00In Distribution1024
Prime Cuts (PW)1981Paul Wong20:00Special1030
41978Paul Wong45:00In Distribution1058
Support Modeling (installation)1977Paul Wong5:00In Distribution1076
Support Modeling [2]1977Paul Wong5:00In Library Only1077
Support Modeling [3]1977Paul Wong5:00In Library Only1078
Subway Loop (installation)1975Paul Wong11:00In Distribution1079
Subway Loop [2]1975Paul Wong11:00In Library Only1080
Subway Loop [3]1975Paul Wong11:00In Library Only1081
Rock Garden (installation)1976Paul Wong10:00In Distribution1082
Rock Garden [2]1976Paul Wong10:00In Library Only1083
Amass (installation)1976Paul Wong30:00In Distribution1120
Amass (part 2 Of 4 - Wall)1976Paul Wong30In Library Only1121
Amass (part 3 Of 4 - Cliff)1976Paul Wong30In Library Only1122
Amass (part 4 Of 4 - Roof )1976Paul Wong30:00In Library Only1123
Installation 19841985Paul Wong6In Library Only1261
Los Popularos Compilation1982Paul Wong7In Library Only1265
Confused1984Paul Wong52:00In Distribution1294
Homelands1986Paul Wong7:00In Distribution1373
Body Fluid1987Paul Wong22:00In Distribution1492
Confused Sexual Views (compilation Edit)1984Paul Wong29:00In Distribution1589
Ordinary Shadows/Chinese Shade1988Paul Wong45:00In Distribution1621
Ordinary Shadows/Chinese Shade [2/2]1988Paul Wong44In Distribution1622
F.L.V.: Feature Length Video1989Paul Wong60In Distribution1704
Paul Wong: Videoclips1992Paul Wong60:00In Distribution1837
Chinaman's Peak: Walking The Mountain1992Paul Wong25:00In Distribution1849
So Are You1994Paul Wong28:00In Distribution2074
60 Unit Bruise1976Paul Wong5:00In Distribution0872a
Blending Milk And Water: Sex In The New World1996Paul Wong28:00In Distribution2155
Temple Of My Familiar1995Paul Wong20:00In Distribution2187
Miss Chinatown1997Paul Wong4:30In Distribution2214
Born Under Surveillance1999Paul Wong2:00In Distribution2324
Contact Improvisational Dance1976Paul Wong24minIn Library Only0503
Class of 2000: Unite Against Racism2000Paul WongIn Distribution2524
Re-act2001Paul WongSpecial2936
Smash2002Paul Wong55:00In Distribution2974
Running In A Maze2007Paul Wong2:15In Distribution3000
Perfect Day2007Paul Wong7:25In Distribution3001
Eat2003Paul Wong3:45In Distribution3002
Is Your Mother Living?1984Paula Levine20:00In Distribution1242