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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducersort iconDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Rule Of Thumb1977Peg Campbell30In Library Only615
Common Assault1981Peg Campbell35:00In Library Only671
Sign Of Affection?1977Peg Campbell25In Library Only677
We Will Not Be Beaten1980Peg Campbell30In Library Only853
The Legend of Buck Kelly2006Peggy Anne Berton72:00In Distribution2902
More Than Hair Care Products2004Pendra Wilson13:30In Distribution2771
Alternative Occupied Spaces (alternative Squatting1984Penelope Buitenhuis13In Library OnlyW0017
It's Our World So Let's Do Something About It1976Penny Joy30In Library Only662
Swampwater1977Penny JoyIn Library Only0663a
Daddy- Are We Alive Or On Videotape?1977Penny JoyIn Library Only0663b
Wills - Should You Have One?1979Peoples Law School24In Library Only793
Canadian Court System [1/4]1978Peoples Law School25In Library Only0794a
Canadian Court System [2/4]1978Peoples Law School25In Library Only0794b
Canadian Court System [3/4]1978Peoples Law School35In Library Only0795a
Canadian Court System [4/4]1978Peoples Law School35In Library Only0795b
From the Inside/OUT!2000Persimmon Blackbridge25:00In Library Only2941
Life Of 16 East1974Peter Byszewski25In Library Only491
TOXIC (Yellow River)1996Peter Courtemanche5:00In Distribution2297
Wall To Floor Exercises1975Peter Dudar17In Library Only532
Running In O And R1975Peter Dudar12In Library Only533
New Waves '78 (vancouver Bands)1978Peter Lipskis60In Library Only772
Wallpaper Vids1973Phil Darrah19In Library Only277
Sovereign1995Philip Napier12:00In Distribution2162
More Home Some1991Pia Massie26:30In Distribution1989
No Words Will Ever Do1992Pia Massie21:00In Distribution1990
Godspeed1987Pia Massie9In Library Only2096
Espace2005Pierre Andre Sonolet56:00In Distribution2840
Delirium1973Pierre Bonin12In Library Only215
Continuons Le Combat1974Pierre Falardeau31In Library Only132
Pea Soup [1/3]2023Pierre Falardeau30In Library Only735
Pea Soup [2/3]2023Pierre Falardeau30In Library Only736
Pea Soup [3/3]2023Pierre Falardeau30In Library Only737
Petits Negres De La Great Lakes [1/2]1974Pierre Joyal30In Library Only236
Petits Negres De La Great Lakes [2/2]1974Pierre Joyal20In Library Only237
Untitled #12002Pierre- Andre Sonolet8:20In Distribution2716
Commercial Culture1985Popular Projects5:00In Distribution1371b
Abode2005Portia Priegert5:14In Distribution2859
Immersed2007Portia Priegert3:50In Distribution2993
Instead Of Prisons: Managing The Systems Parts 1&21980Prisoners Right Group60In Library Only1142
Pumps Special Collection1979PumpsIn Library Only.01SC
Video Film Vancouver 19791979PumpsIn Library OnlyPMP1
Three Musicians1979PumpsIn Library OnlyPMP2
Pumps Video1980PumpsIn Library OnlyPMP3
"monica Holden-lawrence- Part 1"1980PumpsIn Library OnlyPMP4
"monica Holden-lawrence- Part 2"1980PumpsIn Library OnlyPMP5
Dollhouse Diaries1999Rae Staseson7:11In Distribution2392
Comfort Suite1996Rae Staseson9:40In Distribution2225
Stain1994Rae Staseson4:00In Distribution2226
Slang1994Rae Staseson5:00In Distribution2227
Indian Fishermen2023Randall Ginger28In Library Only267
Welcome To Ogopogoland2005Randy Grskovic5:57In Distribution2858
Queer DNA2004Randy Lee Cutler3:00In Distribution2822
Videage1981Randy & Berenicci34:00In Distribution1235
Unbashed Heroics1982Randy & Berenicci20:00In Distribution1378
Once Upon a Time1982Randy & Berenicci17:30In Distribution1379
Lost City Found1979Randy & Berenicci20:00In Distribution1385
History1986Randy & Berenicci10:00In Distribution1394
Ars Gratis Artis1979Randy and Berenicci46In Library Only863
Raven Mad1990Randy and Berenicci6:30In Distribution1715
Lets Eat2016Randy Gledhill20In Library Only0137a
saltysatedradiant2002Randy Lee CutlerIn Distribution2709 a
Transportation2002Randy Lee Cutler5:30In Distribution2709 b
Video Out Queer Sampler 20062006Randy Lee Cutler, et alIn Distribution2885
Culture1970Raven Society of B.C.12In Library Only268
See How We Are1972Raven Society of B.C.20In Library Only0270
Ce Soir On Improvise [1/2]1974Raymond Gervais25In Library Only243
Ce Soir On Improvise [2/2]1972Raymond Gervais30In Library Only244
Balloon Lady1975Red River Community College60In Library Only0451
Self-help Health With Joan Miller1975Red River Community College55In Library Only467
Industrial Discipline And Hierarchy1974Red River Community College36In Library Only469
Parliament Of Labour1974Red River Community College61In Library Only470
Our Bodies- Our Selves1973Reel Feelings Media24In Library Only0232a
Women In The Arts1973Reel Feelings Media21In Library Only0232b
Her Handicapped1977Reel Feelings Media25:00In Library Only638
Good Luck Greta2012Reel Feelings Media12In Library Only0784a
Eric2023Reel Feelings Media8In Library Only0784b
Alas- "We Have Not Come A Long Way- Babies"1971Reel Feelings Media0In Library Only0883b
Of Mice And Men [1/2]1976Reg Alcock60In Library Only646
Of Mice And Men [2/2]1976Reg Alcock60In Library Only687
Tekhn1999Remi Lacoste45:00In Distribution2473
Out of Place2001Renee Poisson11:00In Distribution2532
I Hate Housework1999Renee Poisson8:00In Distribution2434
I Am And You Are In The Sentence1977Rhoda Rosenfeld29In Library Only850
Ancient Mariner And My Sister Sailorbait1984Rhonda Abrams13In Library Only1177a
Geography Is Destiny1983Rhonda Abrams15In Library Only1177b
Expo Forever1987Rich Romell16In Distribution1528
Suzanne Et Lucie: Danseuses a go-go1973Richard Boutet24:00In Library Only0158
Conspiration Des Lampadaires [1/2]1974Richard Boutet25In Library Only322
Conspiration Des Lampadaires [2/2]1974Richard Boutet30In Library Only323
Yellow Peril - Chinese Characters1986Richard Fung20In Library Only1879
Wood1981Richard Layzell6:00In Distribution0999b
Floor1980Richard Layzell15:00In Distribution1000a
Guide1981Richard Layzell15:00In Distribution1000b
Soap And Water1983Richard Layzell17:00In Distribution1150
Merchants Of Death1972Richard Ward16In Library Only0143b
The Day Sex Ended1973Richard Ward13In Library Only0144
Funny Money1974Richard Ward27In Library Only283
Portable Video In Vancouver1975Richard Ward28In Library Only299
Life Rhythm Pioneer People's Workshop1975Richard Ward15In Library Only0355
B.c. Video Artists1974Richard Ward25In Library Only356