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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducersort iconDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Pure Sin1990Tanya Mars22:00In Distribution1799
Mz. Frankenstein1993Tanya Mars15:30In Distribution2156
Native Land Claims In Bc - An Introduction1976Target Canada20In Library Only551
I Against I1996Tate Shimozawa10:00In Distribution2216
Urbaneutics1998Terence Anthony9:00In Distribution2302
Snip1998Terence Anthony4:30In Distribution2302a
Blackout1995Terence Anthony14:00In Distribution2142
Death & Love: A Rhythm Myth1997Terence Anthony26:40In Distribution2243
G1998Terence Anthony4:35In Distribution2302b
Educate Your Attitude1993Teresa Marshall30:00In Distribution1915
Sunglasses1976Teri Chmilar7In Library Only0949a
Run!1976Teri Chmilar2In Library Only0949b
Woman & Violin1977Teri Chmilar3In Library Only0949c
Moving Images Vs Stills1977Teri Chmilar2In Library Only0949d
Survey Of Empathy1978Teri Chmilar3In Library Only0949e
Disection #11978Teri Chmilar3In Library Only0949f
Nellies1981Teri Chmilar42:00In Distribution1009
Dezine1981Teri Chmilar31:00In Distribution1010
Sudz1982Teri Chmilar33In Distribution1011
Ada1983Teri Chmilar23In Library Only1276
1-800 Yer Mama1998Terra Poirier6:00In Distribution2296
Spaghetti 82002Terra Poirier2:30In Distribution2673
Adventures of A.D.D. Girl2000Terra Poirier4:00In Distribution2674
Bear River2004Terra Poirier3:30In Distribution2784
Rated F... (TP)2005Terra Poirier & Donna Lee8:13Special2880
As The Petals Fall1983Terry Ewasiuk30:00In Distribution1119
Skin For Life2005Terry Haines5:55In Distribution2820
Painted Positive2005Terry Haines12:34In Distribution2828
Raven Heart2005Terry Haines12:30In Distribution2872
The Walk2006Terry Haines3:30In Distribution2903
Dragonfly2006Terry Haines4:07In Distribution2920
Betty Has A Bad Hair Day2007Terry Haines6:40In Distribution2988
Reading Alone1982Terry Harasym4:00In Distribution1434a
Equal Time1982Terry Harasym4In Distribution1434b
Untitled1982Terry Harasym3In Distribution1434c
Kathryne Cowie October-november 19831983Terry Harasym7In Distribution1434d
Core1986Terry Harasym6In Distribution1514a
Matter Of Life And Death1983Terry Harasym14In Distribution1514b
Green Video1982Terry Harasym18In Distribution1514c
Imagination Of The Street1984Terry Harasym15In Distribution1514d
Blind Faith1986Terry Harasym6In Distribution1514e
Skid Row Under The Rug1973Terry Ketler30In Library Only77
Tournesol1974Terry Mcglade17In Library Only71
That's Life1972Terry Mcglade30In Library Only430
Letting It Ride1975Terry McGlade15In Library Only0449
Judy Jarvis1974Terry Mcglade28:00In Library Only0483
Slow Dazzle1976Terry McGlade12In Library Only0607a
Rocket1976Terry McGlade6In Library Only0607b
Frivolous1974Terry McGlade4In Library Only0607c
Alone1976Terry McGlade17:00In Library Only0609a
Red Dare1976Terry McGlade12In Library Only0609b
Old Dresses1985Tess Payne14:42In Distribution1500
Life On Our Planet1987Tess Payne12In Library OnlyW0121
Press Gang1974The Media Mothers20In Library Only527
Video Brain1974The Poem Company30:00In Library Only840
Willie P. Bennett1974The Video Centre14In Library Only372
Video Archives Intro/ Klas Verboom1974The Video Centre21In Library Only373
Christopher Gosson/peter Borowsky1974The Video Centre28In Library Only374
International Festival Of Video Art1982Thierry LeBrum27In Library Only1204
Hidden Holocaust1984Third Eye - BBC55In Distribution1384
Bare1991Tien15:00In Distribution1833
Fast Life on a Lazy Susan1993Tien15:00In Distribution1919
2x Tim Ray1984Tim Ray10In Library Only1205
Mekaron1994Tiure5:00In Distribution1980
Mekaron Compilation1994Tiure5In Library Only1983
Colonization: the Second Coming1996TJ Cuthand3:30In Distribution2272
Working Baby Dyke Theory: The Diasporic Impact of Cross Generational Barriers1997TJ Cuthand3:00In Distribution2273
Untouchable1998TJ Cuthand4:15In Distribution2274
Helpless Maiden Makes an I Statement1999TJ Cuthand6:00In Distribution2451
Anhedonia2001TJ Cuthand9:00In Distribution2602
Love and Numbers2004TJ Cuthand8:03In Distribution2787
U-Beast1984Todd Sturn15In Library Only1310
Letter1995Tom Gedalia30:00In Distribution2157
Sandpile1973Tom Burrows60In Library Only149
Fear Of Blue1982Tom Dean54:00In Distribution1703
Tom Konyves Video Sampler1982Tom Konyves43In Library Only1183
Pacific Reach: Paul Spong1974Tom Shandel58In Library Only0302
Individual Release1978Tom Sherman25In Library Only1317
Toni Latour: Selected Video Work2000Toni Latour30:00In Library Only2706
No Such Animal New Animal Work2003Toni Latour14:54In Distribution2750a +b
New Animal Work2003Toni LaTour3:39In Distribution2750b
Toni Latour Compilation DVD 1999-20052005Toni LatourIn Library Only2999
From Here to LA2000Tony Allard28In Distribution2510
Attachments2001Tricia Middleton13:30In Distribution2514
Tricia Middleton and Joel Taylor Compilation2001Tricia Middleton27:00In Distribution2569
Theme Song II2001Tricia Middleton3:30In Distribution2570
On the Romance Tip2001Tricia Middleton3In Distribution2571
Apartment Living & West-Nile Redux2004Tricia Middleton17:00In Distribution2769
Selected Works 20032003Tricia Middleton35:00In Distribution2770 a-c
All Sales Final2000Tricia Middleton4:17In Library Only2425
Variations on a Polypropylene Wrapper2001Tricia Middleton5In Distribution2539
Lost in Space2003Tricia Middleton11:15In Distribution2683
Midnight Studio Rambles #1 (shorts and cuts)- 13:002003Tricia Middleton13:00In Distribution2770 a
Midnight Studio Rambles #2 (one location- one cut)2003Tricia Middleton13:00In Distribution2770 b
FRIENDS (TM)2004Tricia Middleton9:00In Distribution2770 c
Grape Boycott [1/2]1974Trinity Square Video30In Library Only428
Grape Boycott [2/2]1974Trinity Square Video30In Library Only429
Video Festival Promo1973Trinity Square Video29In Library Only431
Organizing Tenants1976Trinity Square Video24In Library Only611
Devil Music2002Trinity Square Video41:55In Library Only2669