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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducersort iconDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Body Without Organs2008Giada Ghiringhelli14:22In Distribution3064
This is Dedicated2008Heather DiPietro7:50In Library Only3061
Easter Everywhere2008Jeremy Todd68:00In Distribution3062
I'm So Happy2008Sarah Shamash5:16In Distribution3070
The Adventure of a Photographer2008Sarah Shamash9:12In Distribution3069
Warrior2008Terry Haines6:30In Distribution3068
Up the Rabbit Hole2008Asa Mori5:00In Distribution3067
Sleeper2004Marina Roy8:05In Distribution3029
Through Another’s Lens1998Brian Kent Gotro5:02In Distribution3035
The Final Cut1999Brian Kent Gotro1:15In Distribution3036
120999041900 (the murder of god and the arrival of the human)2000Brian Kent Gotro3:10In Distribution3037
God is a Canadian2000Brian Kent Gotro1:38In Distribution3038
Crippled Communication Resolved2001Brian Kent Gotro4:23In Distribution3039
Briefcase on Fire2001Brian Kent Gotro2:50In Distribution3040
Running Toward Consequence2001Brian Kent Gotro2:41In Distribution3041
eleven2003Brian Kent Gotro6:40In Distribution3042
A 60 Second Video2003Brian Kent Gotro1:00In Distribution3043
ID Error2004Brian Kent Gotro3:44In Distribution3044
burth2004Brian Kent Gotro6:57In Distribution3045
Untitled (2 telephone messages)2004Brian Kent Gotro4:06In Distribution3046
absence presence place2004Brian Kent Gotro3:21In Distribution3047
mouth trick2004Brian Kent Gotro2:40In Distribution3048
Mood2005Brian Kent Gotro4:41In Distribution3049
00:17:06:47 > 00:00:30:002006Brian Kent Gotro0:30In Distribution3050
the notion of self (in 30 seconds)2007Brian Kent Gotro0:30In Distribution3051
BEACH2008Brian Kent Gotro3:20In Distribution3052
RESONANCE MARK2008Brian Kent Gotro3:41In Distribution3053
VIDEOtapeRBG2008Brian Kent Gotro3:15In Distribution3054
VIDEOtapeRBG2008Brian Kent Gotro3:15In Distribution3054
VIDEOtapeRBG + Owen2008Brian Kent Gotro5:15In Distribution3055
WALK2008Brian Kent Gotro1:00In Distribution3056
Incident2008Oliver Hockenhull9:16In Distribution3057
This Lane Is Our Lane2008Terry Haines6:44In Distribution3058
Cybernetic Love Triangle2008Brendan Baudat2:30In Distribution3059
Water Squatters (Thinking and Living Outside the Box)2007Leon Kaplan1:15:00In Distribution3060
Hey F*** Face2008Amber Dawn4:15In Distribution3034
Intermedia History1973Glenn Lewis30:00In Distribution1 a- b
Brian + Virginie2008Brian MacDonald3:33In Distribution3028
Apartment2004Eric Deis1:49In Distribution3027
From The Ground Up In Order, Embrace2007Nick Briz1:39In Distribution3026
GREYCON42007Brandon Blommaert6:36In Distribution3025
Checkpoint2007Alex Mah12:00In Distribution3024
Narc- Narc- Who's There?[1/2]197560In Library Only684
Tai Chi Chuan197810In Library Only766
Margaret Mead: An Interview197514In Library OnlyW0002
Robin Morgan: Ubc Lecture2024In Library OnlyW0014
Crtc Task Force Hearings1977In Library OnlyW0023
Seven Sisters Show2024In Library OnlyW0024
Transition (caroline)2024In Library OnlyW0026
Outward Bound2024In Library OnlyW0027
Gap Transfer1987In Library OnlyW0028
Dorothy Todd Henaut Speaks1987In Library OnlyW0029
Women In Film202429In Library OnlyW0031
Magic Marker Collective197529In Library OnlyW0037
Single Mothers197628In Library OnlyW0040
Mature Women197628In Library OnlyW0044
Women In The Third World197529In Library OnlyW0049
Women In Focus #72024In Library OnlyW0050
Poet In Person197629In Library OnlyW0052
Discrimination In The Labour Force197628In Library OnlyW0053
Folkets Bio2024In Library OnlyW0055
"women In Bc: Program #1- Natives And Newcomers"202424In Library OnlyW0056
Women In Bc: Program #22024In Library OnlyW0057
"take Her- She's Mad"2024In Library OnlyW0068
If I Were A Carpenter202428In Library OnlyW0077
Kelowna Foster Parents Association: Bill Mussel2024In Library OnlyW0078
Hastings Public Meeting197427In Library OnlyW0079
West End Reference Group2024In Library OnlyW0080
Planetarium - Levi - Vrb (tape 1 & 2)2024In Library OnlyW0081
Roots2024In Library OnlyW0082
Family Support Workers (prince George)2024In Library OnlyW0088
Oaths2024In Library OnlyW0089
Images - Stereotypes2024In Library OnlyW0092
Images - D.t. Outside2024In Library OnlyW0093
Images - Kids And Comics2024In Library OnlyW0094
Porn 22024In Library OnlyW0095
Wcfvs Promotional Tape2024In Library OnlyW0100
Falaise Park2024In Library OnlyW0103
Rosemary Sunquist: Child Abuse1977In Library OnlyW0104
Lynd Drescher: Child Abuse1975In Library OnlyW0105
Dinner Speech2024In Library OnlyW0106
Music2024In Library OnlyW0107
Maintenance Tape2024In Library OnlyW0109
Images - Voice2024In Library OnlyW0112
Guiditta Tornetta: Limits And Limitations1982In Library OnlyW0118
New Acquisitions Winter 1997 Tape 1199754In Library Only2253
New Acquisitions Winter 1998-99 Tape 1199960:00In Library Only2313a
New Acquisitions Winter 98-99202460:00In Library Only2313b
New Queer Acquisitions 1998199960:00In Library Only2323
Falcons ÒShadowlandsÓ1996In Library Only2348
video Tapes From Lebanon & Morocco (1)1994In Library Only2362
video Tapes From Lebanon & Morocco (2video Tapes From Lebanon & Morocco (1))1994In Library Only2362
Arttape 22024In Library Only2376
Video Verite compilation for 1996 IFVA AGM199660:00In Library Only2384
Fear of Others1989In Library Only2385
Inclinations Etendus2024In Library Only2396
Ambiguously Gay Duo #1-82024In Library Only2525a
Hete Roy2024In Library Only2525b
Ariella Pahlke Compilation199660:00In Library Only2428
New Queer Acquisitions Fall 1999 tape 1 199960:00In Distribution2444a