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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearsort iconProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Childbirth1976Steven Sky31In Library Only398
Video As A Community Tool -rosedale1976National Film Board30In Library Only419
Supermarket Aesthetics1976Mark Gilliland7In Library Only0445b
Scanimate A1976Hakudo Kobayashi7In Library Only0488a
Lapse Communication1976Hakudo Kobayashi20In Library Only0488b
Glass Hut1976Richard Ward18In Library Only493
Women's Rally For Action1976Women In Focus29In Library Only497
Music And Sunset1976Jane Wright30In Library Only501
Leonard Peltier Demonstration/extradition1976Alma House55In Library Only504
Grease: Car Repair For Women1976Sharon Lovett15In Library Only0505
Kootenay Valley Folk Festival 1976 [1/2]1976Jim Lipkovitz60In Library Only506
Kootenay Valley Folk Festival [2/2]1976Jim Lipkovitz60In Library Only507
Interview With Margaret Mead1976Women In Focus28In Library Only0509
Natural Right1976Diamond Light Productions20In Library Only512
Counterplay1976Century II Dancers (Calgary)8In Library Only0513
Banyacya At Habitat Forum1976Kate French52In Library Only514
Damn Everything But The Circus1976Lance Diskan15In Library Only516
Perser House1976Debbie Littman20In Library Only519
Fantasy Flight And Inner Space Vibrations1976Patrick Drake13In Library Only520
Vibrasonic Video1976Patrick Drake60In Library Only521
Sail On Festival Habitat1976Gerry Gilbert30In Library Only522
Vancouver Mental Patients Association1976Dennis Blue43In Library Only523
Rape: The Reality1976Elaine Velazques38In Library Only530
Mary Jane's Diary-a Primer On A Super Herb1976Youngstown State University25In Library Only542
Michael Lewis1976Younstown State University29In Library Only543
Purcell String Quartet1976SFU Video Workshop60In Library Only546
Native Land Claims In Bc - An Introduction1976Target Canada20In Library Only551
Danial Buren1976Art/Tapes 22 Production3In Library Only552
China - Her Sights And Sounds [1/2]1976Audrey Capel Doray60In Library Only556
China - Her Sights And Sounds [2/2]1976Audrey Capel Doray10In Library Only557
Preschool Years: An Alternative .01976Jan Abbey17In Library Only563
New Era Video Theatre #21976New Era Social Club30In Library Only564
We Are The Evidence Of The Western Hemisphere1976American Indian Treaty Council60In Library Only565
Rounds1976C. Charleton30In Library Only0569
Sage Project: "a Coming Of Age"1976Richard Fauman31In Library Only570
Evelyn Roth Moving Sculpture Co.1976Helen May28In Library Only573
Sliammon Program1976Yves Langlois30In Library Only580
Magic Mushrooms1976Paul Tucker7In Library Only582
Mamelle #11976Norm Gould30In Library Only0586a
Mamelle #21976Norm Gould30In Library Only587
Ferron At Co-op Radio1976Shawn Preus30In Library Only0592
Calico - Australia [1/5]1976Darwin Media Access Centre30In Library Only594
Calico - Australia [2/5]1976Darwin Media Access Centre30In Library Only595
Calico - Australia [3/5]1976Darwin Media Access Centre30In Library Only596
Calico - Australia [4/5]1976Darwin Media Access Centre30In Library Only597
Calico - Australia [5/5]1976Darwin Media Access Centre30In Library Only598
Fraser Valley Folk Festival1976Jim Lipkovits0In Library Only601
Slow Dazzle1976Terry McGlade12In Library Only0607a
Rocket1976Terry McGlade6In Library Only0607b
Alone1976Terry McGlade17:00In Library Only0609a
Red Dare1976Terry McGlade12In Library Only0609b
Organizing Tenants1976Trinity Square Video24In Library Only611
Amass/composite 19761976Paul Wong18:00In Distribution616
Mary Bell1976Nora Scott-Moncrieff25In Library Only617
Sharing The Dance1976Western Front Video60In Library Only618
Interview With Heronitis & Means1976Metro Media25In Library Only0620
Ethnocide [1/3]1976Cine Difusion Sep55In Library Only623
Ethnocide [2/3]1976Cine Difusion Sep55In Library Only0624
Ethnocide [3/3]1976Cine Difusion Sep20In Library Only625
Illusion1976Black Rose Theatre19In Library Only637
Billion Dollar Image1976Westside Video28In Library Only640
What Happened In Chile1976Loni Ding28In Library Only0644
Ins & Outs1976Ralph Hocking8In Library Only0645b
Hat1976Ralph Hocking8In Library Only0645c
Experimental TV Centre N.Y.1976Peer Bode4In Library Only0645d
Blue1976Peer Bode5In Library Only0645e
Of Mice And Men [1/2]1976Reg Alcock60In Library Only646
June Boe Pot Pourri1976June Boe50In Library Only647
Next 200 Years1976Video Circle50In Library Only0652
It's Our World So Let's Do Something About It1976Penny Joy30In Library Only662
Artists' Union Exhibition 19761976Gann Matsushita30In Library Only0667
Interview About 1960's Art In Japan1976Gann Matsushita30In Library Only668
The Agony and the Ecstasy1976John Mitchell8:00In Distribution0672a
Co-op Chez-nous1976Cine-Videobec17In Library Only680
Of Mice And Men [2/2]1976Reg Alcock60In Library Only687
Hand No. 21976Keigo Yamamoto5:00In Distribution690
Congruence1976Keigo Yamamoto4In Distribution692
Mauri Land Problems1976Darcy Lang60In Library Only0703
999 Live At Nashville Rooms1976Fantasy Factory7In Library Only0718a
Albion Free State1976Fantasy Factory60In Library Only0718b
Intimacies1976Cardena Warming-Up etc.etc.etc.10In Library Only0720a
Rencontres1976Cardena Warming-Up etc.etc.etc.10In Library Only0720b
Dead Action1976Optic Nerve25:50In Library Only748
Study Of Three Birmingham Schools1976Darcy Lang3In Library Only0751b
Seabrook1976University of Massechusetts30In Library Only757 Ses Sorcieres1976La Femme et le film53In Library Only759
Gutter1976Paul Wong8:00In Distribution0773a
Rotunda1976Paul Wong8:00In Distribution0773b
The Typist1976Rodney Werden18:00In Distribution0775
Video Tape File1976Video Information Centre12In Library Only810
European Fascist Meeting In West Germany1976Medienpedogogik-Zentrum60In Library Only832
Mainstreet Tapes1976Paul Wong30:00In Distribution872
Zagreb Sampler1976Sanja Ivekovik59In Library Only877
Three Video Dance Poems1976Paul Wong30In Library Only905
Cuba: The People [2/2]1976Jon Alpert25:00In Distribution943
Chinatown: Immigrants In America1976Downtown Community TV58:00In Distribution948
Sunglasses1976Teri Chmilar7In Library Only0949a
Run!1976Teri Chmilar2In Library Only0949b
Pauli Schell1976Rodney Werden55:00In Distribution1017
What is a Photograph? (A)1976Kou Nakajima28In Distribution1074