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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducersort iconDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
"record Date: May 6- 1984"1984Gayblevision30In Library OnlyGV67
"record Date: June 3- 1984"1984Gayblevision26In Library OnlyGV68
"record Date: August 1- 1984- Madge Episode 1"1984Gayblevision28In Library OnlyGV69
"record Date: July 2- 1984- Pacific Wave #8- #10"1984Gayblevision57In Library OnlyGV70
"record Date: December 3- 1984- Pacific Wave #12"1984Gayblevision47In Library OnlyGV71
"record Date: April 10- 1983"1983Gayblevision33In Library OnlyGV72
Record Date: ? Bloolips Outtakes2022GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV73
Record Date: ? Preliminary Edit2022GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV74
Record Date: ? Titles2022GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV75
"record Date: October 23- 1983- Solidarity March"1983Gayblevision27In Library OnlyGV76
"record Date: February 11- 1982- H. Britt"1982Gayblevision26In Library OnlyGV77
"record Date: February 3- 1980"1980Gayblevision57In Library OnlyGV78
"record Date: October 27- 1982- Robin Tyler Special"1982Gayblevision29In Library OnlyGV79
"record Date: October- 1985"1985Gayblevision60In Library OnlyGV80
"record Date: January 6- 1986"1986Gayblevision35In Library OnlyGV81
"record Date: April 4- 1986- #2"1986Gayblevision52In Library OnlyGV82
Record Date: December 19851985GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV83
Record Date: ? David Roundell2022Gayblevision42In Library OnlyGV84
"record Date: May 2- 1986- Telethon Show"1986Gayblevision28In Library OnlyGV85
Record Date: ? Sharing The Obvious2022Gayblevision60In Library OnlyGV86
"record Date: February 5- 1983- No Strings"1983Gayblevision40In Library OnlyGV87
Record Date: ? Private Members Bill2022Gayblevision60In Library OnlyGV88
"record Date: August 10- 1983"1983Gayblevision29In Library OnlyGV89
"record Date: July 23- 1983"1983Gayblevision41In Library OnlyGV90
"record Date: July 28- 1983"1983Gayblevision30In Library OnlyGV91
"record Date: April18- 1984"1984Gayblevision27In Library OnlyGV92
"record Date: August 21- 1983"1983Gayblevision29In Library OnlyGV93
Work Your Body2009Gay Men's Health CrisisIn Distribution1750b
Cayuga Station: Part 31975Gary Marcuse25In Library Only531
State Of The Arts1985Gary Marcuse9In Library Only1351
Short History Of Water1989Gary Kibbins16:00In Distribution1711
Evel Knieval Spoof1974Gary Greenspoon22In Library Only301
By Courier1974Gary Greenspoon8In Library Only303
Glacier Project1972Gan Matsushita20In Library Only0047
Women - The Native Experience1973Gail Valaskis30In Library Only0402
Portrait Of Tim Porter1978G. Berteig15In Library Only811
Akumu1984Fumiko Kiyooka5In Library Only1185
Slasher1998Frederick Cummings5:00In Distribution2433
Fluoxitine1999Frederick Cummings6:00In Distribution2477
Lionels Return2002Frederick CummingsIn Distribution2616a
Diaper Boy2001Frederick CummingsIn Distribution2616b
Viral Cleansing2002Frederick CummingsIn Distribution2616d
Piss for Chris1999Frederick Cummings3:45In Distribution2616e
QP Collective2002Frederick CummingsIn Distribution2616f
Frederick Cummings Compilation2002Frederick CummingsIn Distribution2616
YotinPimoteoQuartzDevabe2002Frederick Cummings26:29In Distribution2661
I Told You From The Start Just How This Would End2006Frederick Cummings12:30In Distribution2931
Cassandra: An Opera In Four Acts1995Freda GuttmanIn Distribution2171
Amongst The Rain1983Fred Piller0In Library Only1260c
Organizing Community Action: "Using The Media"1984Fred Faulkes7In Library Only1163
Come Fly With Sonny Day1984Fraser Finlayson10:00In Distribution1290
Human Scope1984Francois Girard9In Library Only1279
Abortion1973Francie Wyland Women s Involvement Program24In Library Only0055a
Birth Control1973Francie Wyland33In Library Only0055b
Body Burden2000France Queyras16:00Special2530
No One Likes My Ass1999Forrest Smith5:00In Distribution2467
Life Craft Earth1972Fitch Cady50In Library Only105
Si'Elu'taxw1997First Nations Video Collective25:00In Distribution2235
Node1983Fillo Rankin0In Library Only1260a
Trades1972Fifties Room Video24In Library Only66
999 Live At Nashville Rooms1976Fantasy Factory7In Library Only0718a
Ideology & Nature1978Fabio Mauri55In Library Only742
News From Europe [1/2]1978Fabio Mauri25:00In Distribution0743a
News From Europe [2/2]1978Fabio Mauri5:00In Library Only0743b
Sculpture in Movement1974Evelyn Roth26:00In Library Only0138
Moving Sculpture Co.1978Evelyn Roth28In Library Only930
Few Questions1988Eva Manly33:00In Distribution1607a
Winning Of The North1989Eva Manly10:00In Distribution1751
Story To Tell You1990Eva Manly45:00In Distribution1806
Ur-analysis1993Eva Manly11:00In Distribution1929
Hair Today Gone Tomorrow1993Eva Manly4:00In Distribution2000
Few Questions1988Eva Manly32In Library OnlyW0006
Awakening of Elizabeth Shaw1996Eva Manly25:00In Distribution2174
Bringing truth to light: a struggle for Justice in Guatamala1998Eva Manly25:00In Distribution2328
Boob Tube1983Eva Everything4In Library Only1223b
Life is Like a Flow of Water2002Esther Shinkawa8:24In Distribution2633
Le Recit D'A1990Esther Valiquette20:00In Library Only2344
Seize In Love1991Estate of Art McP13:00In Distribution1810
The Students Voice: Organizing for Students Rights1975Essential Idea28In Library Only0480
Spots Before Your Eyes1977Eric Metcalfe22:00In Distribution678
Sax Island (EM)1984Eric Metcalfe12:00Special1161
Steel And Flesh1980Eric Metcalfe12:00In Distribution1210b
Peep Show1986Eric Metcalfe10:00In Distribution1405
Duster1992Eric Metcalfe37:00In Distribution1857
Steel And Flesh (version français)1980Eric Metcalfe12:00In Library Only1210a
Kitchen Dances2001Emma Howes6:44In Distribution2666
Laundry Room2002Emma Howes2:25In Distribution2708
Hiding In Plain Site2006Emma Howes8:00In Distribution2904
Subtle Architectures2007Emma Howes8:50In Distribution2964
Rapt and Happy1998Emily Vey Duke17:00In Distribution2317
Moderately Paced Video2000Emily Vey Duke17:00In Distribution2461
Being Fucked Up2001Emily Vey Duke11:30In Distribution2515
Strange Animals2001Emily Vey Duke10:00In Library Only2588
Fine Arts2002Emily Vey Duke3:38In Distribution2591
My Heart... The Lumberjack2002Emily Vey Duke0:13In Distribution2605a
My Heart... Drug Addled2002Emily Vey Duke2:03In Distribution2605b
I Am A Conjuror 2003Emily Vey Duke8:30In Distribution2722
Curious About Existence 2003Emily Vey Duke11:00In Distribution2723
Selected Works 1998-2004 (Duke &Battersby) DVD2004Emily Vey DukeIn Distribution2810
Attention Public2005Emily Vey Duke9:40In Distribution2814