Browse and search the videos available for personal/research viewing("in library only") from the library as well as the videos in the special collections of VIVO. Videos are available for research, personal viewing, and possibly distribution on a case by case and video by video basis. Please contact the library and archives at to make a request and to discuss further.

Many historic "in library only" videos were deposited by a mixture of producers and community members to be shared with library users, rather than distributed. Others were intended to be both distributed and available for library viewing at VIVO. Special collections videos have often been donated as sets by their creators, see the archives website for more information.

TitleDescriptionDate of ProductionProducer(s)Country of ProductionAccesion Number
Titlesort iconProducerDate of Production
Compilation Of Metro Media ProgramsMetro Media1973
Computer AnimationVideo Grease1973
Condensation MucusTom Puckey1975
Confession of an Adolescent MurdererJan Zimmerman1972
Confirmation By Doing #1Keigo Yamamoto1972
Confirmation By Doing #2Keigo Yamamoto1972
Confirmation By Doing #3: Paper DroppedKeigo Yamamoto1972
Confirmation By Doing #4: Wrapping RopeKeigo Yamamoto1971
Confirmation By Doing #5: Tearing PaperKeigo Yamamoto1971
Confirmation By Doing #8-7-9.Keigo Yamamoto1973
Confirmation By Doing: SamplerKeigo Yamamoto1973
ConformityDarrell Varga1985
Consciousness RaisingNancy Bernstein1975
Conspiracy - The PerformanceDaniel Guimond1980
Conspiration Des Lampadaires [1/2]Richard Boutet1974
Conspiration Des Lampadaires [2/2]Richard Boutet1974
Consumer Credit Program/recycling/teen ConsumerMetro Media2023
Contact 74-5Phil Shingler1975
Contact Improvisational DancePaul Wong1976
Contents UnknownMetro Media2023
Continental Diary #1Metro Media1979
Continuons Le CombatPierre Falardeau1974
Controlled EnvironmentsAndrew James Paterson1994
Conversation With Dr. DeathNelson Channel 101980
Cooking DemonstrationMetro Media2023
Correction Of A CatachresisCardena Warming-Up1975
CORSAGE/PAYOLASRussell Stevens1983
Cotton: The Industrial Web [1/2]Denys Arcand2016
Cotton: The Industrial Web [2/2]Denys Arcand2016
CounterplayCentury II Dancers (Calgary)1976
Cowichan Center RequiemMetro Media2023
CR's On StrikeYvonne Dignard1984
CrtcMetro Media2023
CrtcMetro Media2023
CrtcMetro Media2023
CrtcMetro Media2023
Crtc Interventions For Television CommunitaireVideographe1974
Crtc Task Force Hearings1977
Crystal BrainJun Okaxaki1981
Cue Up - Swarm PresentationCue Up Collective2005
CultureRaven Society of B.C.1970
Culture Jammin' Pt. 2Kira Wu2023
Culture Jammin' Pt.1Shani Mootoo2023
CY Smith- B. 1923-Maury Peterman1982
D-day + 40 YearsMaury Peterson1984
Daddy- Are We Alive Or On Videotape?Penny Joy1977
Damn Everything But The CircusLance Diskan1976
Dan George/Douglas Cardinal TalkMetro Media1975
Dana Claxton CompilationDana Claxton1994
Dance For TelevisionSusan Kaija1978
Dance SoapMarien Lewis1973
Dance Solitaire / Body PartsMatthew Speier1974
Dance VideotapesLaurie McDonald2017
Dances in Death ValleyLinda Rubin1974
Danial BurenArt/Tapes 22 Production1976
Dave's PlanesVideo Grease1972
David Suzuki/wired CityMetro Media2023
David Wong - Master SculptorStokely Seip1981
Day In The LifeUrban Planning Aid (Boston)1974
Daycare/chinese New YearMetro Media2023
Dead ActionOptic Nerve1976
DeccadanceAnt Farm1975
Deccadance ExhibitHank Bull1974
Deep WestNikola Marin2002
Defaite En Defaite Jusqu'a La VictoireJo Laforce1974
Defend YourselvesMedienpedogogik-Zentrum1977
Defending The MotherlandLily Eng1979
Degenerations Of AtlantaJill Kroesen1973
Del Martin And Phyllis LyonWomen in Focus1975
DeliriumPierre Bonin1973
Delito PersistenteLuz Donoso2023
Dennis Banks At PSUCreative Outlet1978
Dennis Chui compilationDennis Chui1995
Derwood ShowPaul Bergson1977
Descriptive Approach To CommunityC.I.R.C.T.2023
Deutsche Geclichte-zeitgemai VorgetragenGerd Conradt1984
Deutschland - Deutschland (3 Parts)Telewissen1977
Devil MusicTrinity Square Video2002
Dextron SolutionScott MacEachern1982
Diane Di Prima, John BeecherCreative Outlet1978
Dick Payne - Part 1Metro Media2023
Dick Payne - Part 2Metro Media2023
Dick Payne Music/the Day Sex EndedMetro Media2023
Dick's Music #2Elizabeth Walker1972
DidoAndrew Krumins1981
Die In A NightclubJoe Naylor1985
Dinner Speech2023
Disarmament Video SurveyVideo Inn1982
Discrimination In The Labour Force1976
Discussion [1/2]Sheila Smyth2023
Discussion [2/2]Sheila Smyth2023
Disection #1Teri Chmilar1978
Disks And ShapesWoody Vasulkas1971
Distortion #1Neil Goldstein1973
Diviate UnitDaniel Dion1979
Divinity Of Sex: Sex Issues On TrialRick Holyoke1974
Do Be DoJoe Naylor1983
Do You Really Love Me?Actors Workshop1979
Doing The Offset RagThe Media Project1974
Don CherryWoody Vasulkas1971