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Many historic "in library only" videos were deposited by a mixture of producers and community members to be shared with library users, rather than distributed. Others were intended to be both distributed and available for library viewing at VIVO. Special collections videos have often been donated as sets by their creators, see the archives website for more information.

TitleDescriptionDate of ProductionProducer(s)Country of ProductionAccesion Number
TitleProducersort iconDate of Production
Record Date: Aids - Allan Hicox #2Gayblevision2023
"record Date: July 27-1981- #14"Gayblevision1981
"record Date: October 3- 1981"Gayblevision1981
"record Date: June 3- 1981"Gayblevision1981
Record Date: ? Magic TimeGayblevision2023
"record Date: July 1- 1985"Gayblevision1985
"record Date: April 1- 1985"Gayblevision1985
"record Date: October 26- 1980"Gayblevision1980
"record Date: April 6- 1982- Ball '82 Special"Gayblevision1982
"record Date: February 16/81- Robin Tyler Special"Gayblevision1981
"record Date: August 28- 1981- Forbidden Fruits"Gayblevision1981
"record Date: September 13/84- Verlena Werlurmute"Gayblevision1984
"record Date: July 28- 1984- Verlena Werlurmute"Gayblevision1984
Record Date: ? Pacific Wave Red #2Gayblevision2023
"record Date: March 27- 1984"Gayblevision1984
"record Date: May 6- 1984"Gayblevision1984
"record Date: June 3- 1984"Gayblevision1984
"record Date: August 1- 1984- Madge Episode 1"Gayblevision1984
"record Date: July 2- 1984- Pacific Wave #8- #10"Gayblevision1984
"record Date: December 3- 1984- Pacific Wave #12"Gayblevision1984
"record Date: April 10- 1983"Gayblevision1983
Record Date: ? Bloolips OuttakesGayblevision2023
Record Date: ? Preliminary EditGayblevision2023
Record Date: ? TitlesGayblevision2023
"record Date: October 23- 1983- Solidarity March"Gayblevision1983
"record Date: February 11- 1982- H. Britt"Gayblevision1982
"record Date: February 3- 1980"Gayblevision1980
"record Date: October 27- 1982- Robin Tyler Special"Gayblevision1982
"record Date: October- 1985"Gayblevision1985
"record Date: January 6- 1986"Gayblevision1986
"record Date: April 4- 1986- #2"Gayblevision1986
Record Date: December 1985Gayblevision1985
Record Date: ? David RoundellGayblevision2023
"record Date: May 2- 1986- Telethon Show"Gayblevision1986
Record Date: ? Sharing The ObviousGayblevision2023
"record Date: February 5- 1983- No Strings"Gayblevision1983
Record Date: ? Private Members BillGayblevision2023
"record Date: August 10- 1983"Gayblevision1983
"record Date: July 23- 1983"Gayblevision1983
"record Date: July 28- 1983"Gayblevision1983
"record Date: April18- 1984"Gayblevision1984
"record Date: August 21- 1983"Gayblevision1983
Taxi DriversGeoff Wheelwright1977
Two Stills...George A. Lessard1985
Still Frame Copyright Notice Over FeedbackGeorge A. Lessard2023
Aniputer Demo #1George A. Lessard1985
Banff ImprovGeorge A. Lessard1985
Women In The TradesGeorgette Ganne1977
Liquid Legs-a Preparation For BioniGerard Pas1978
Uber Holger Meins-ein Versuch-unsere Sicht HeuteGerd Conradt1982
VideopionierGerd Conradt1984
Energie Arbeit Mit KincleruGerd Conradt1985
VideobriefGerd Conradt1985
Deutsche Geclichte-zeitgemai VorgetragenGerd Conradt1984
Uber Holger Meins-ein Versuch-unsere Sicht HeuteGerg Conradt1982
Randy RealityGerry Gilbert1974
Sail On Festival HabitatGerry Gilbert1976
This StreetGerry Gilbert1978
BallisticsGerry Kisil1981
Swan River Round-upGerry Kisil1997
2 bits a RideGerry Kisil1997
There's a Dog in the FieldGerry Kisil1995
Lookout ShowGerry Pethick1975
Global Village Gazette #3Global Village1977
BirthGloria Lemay1975
Timeless/toussaint OvertureGoddamatch1977
Environmental EducationGrade 7 Boys- Llewellyn School1972
GridGraham Metson1974
Maritime VariationGraham Metson1974
Lovejoy's Nuclear WarGreen Mountain Post1978
The Rites Of EverythingGregg Simpson1974
Votre SanteGroupe Intervention Video1977
Why Build An Organization?Gwen Bassen1974
Getting Better PublicityGwen Bassen1974
Making Your Own PublicityGwen Bassen1975
Pointe Equal Rights Movement vs Samuel Cohen RealtorGwen Bassen1973
Scanimate AHakudo Kobayashi1976
Lapse CommunicationHakudo Kobayashi1976
Video FlameHakudo Kobayashi2023
Deccadance ExhibitHank Bull1974
Mondo Arte CabaretHank Bull1979
Middleclass MarriageHank Bull1979
Puyallup TribeHans Jorg Heinrich1978
Feminism & Toronto's New Music...Harris Taylor1984
Westen Im Osten - Der Osten Im WestenHartmut Jahn1984
Objects Are Larger than they Appear (HF)Heather Frise2000
Waglisla Artists (bella Bella B.c.)Heiltsuk Community TV1982
Wordswound Of SilenceHelen Doyle1985
This Isn't WonderlandHelen Doyle1981
Tu SuhudinhHelen Haig-Brown2003
Evelyn Roth Moving Sculpture Co.Helen May1976
Être enfant à Paris 12º arrondissementHenrie Dumolie1973
Women And Power In The Nuclear AgeHigh Hopes Media1980
Nowhere To Run: A Media ScramHigh Hopes Media1980
Hold The Baloney - Live Without TridentHigh Hopes Productions1978
Satsop ReclamationHigh Hopes Productions1978
Building Blocks IIHiromu Saiki1981
Hiroshima - The Atomic AffectsHiroshima Bomb Committee2017
Rape-blossoms/devil-fish/ironyHitoshi Momura1975