Browse and search the videos available for personal/research viewing("in library only") from the library as well as the videos in the special collections of VIVO. Videos are available for research, personal viewing, and possibly distribution on a case by case and video by video basis. Please contact the library and archives at to make a request and to discuss further.

Many historic "in library only" videos were deposited by a mixture of producers and community members to be shared with library users, rather than distributed. Others were intended to be both distributed and available for library viewing at VIVO. Special collections videos have often been donated as sets by their creators, see the archives website for more information.

TitleDescriptionDate of ProductionProducer(s)Country of ProductionAccesion Number
Titlesort iconProducerDate of Production
Hakoki (projector)Katsumi Miyazaki2023
Half More/than A HalfMario Paoli1985
Handicapped: Four ProgramsMetro Media2023
Happy BirthdayCarole Itter1972
Harrisburg 8Community Video Centre1972
Hastings Public Meeting1974
HatRalph Hocking1976
He- She And It Works [1/3]Carol Itter1974
He- She And It Works [2/3]Carol Itter1974
He- She And It Works [3/3]Carol Itter1974
Hello Ten Years LaterBill Vazan1975
Hendrix/joplin/cooperWalter Wright1971
Her HandicappedReel Feelings Media1977
Here's ReliefRumpo Reels1984
Hermann Ortago - Chilean United Front For NationalMetro Media1974
Hete Roy2023
High FidelityRene Bauermeister2023
HighlightsRoss Gentleman1975
Hiroshima - The Atomic AffectsHiroshima Bomb Committee2017
His Holiness, The Gyalwa KarmapaByron Black1974
History Of The Chinese Black BaboonPatrick Drake1974
Hogan's AlleyCornelia Wyngaarden1994
Hold The Baloney - Live Without TridentHigh Hopes Productions1978
HollandWerner Aellen1972
Holly Near - Feminist FolksingerAmelia Productions1980
HomageKen Kuramoto1978
Home Is Where You Are HappyJeremy Drummond2003
Home Remedies With Noel PetersonAndrea Montclair1978
Homemade BabyConnexions1974
Homeskin - Part 1Metro Media2023
Homeskin - Part 2Metro Media2023
Hommage A DuchampRene Bauermeister2023
Homolief En ManneleedStichting Werkgroep Video1980
Homosexuality: Sex Issues On TrialRick Holyoke1974
Hot Water- Cayuga Station Pt. 2Gary Marcuse1975
How Tv WorksTom Defanti1977
Howard OdumJoel Schatz1973
Human ScopeFrancois Girard1984
Hundred Videos (1)Steve Reinke1996
Hundred Videos (2)Steve Reinke1982
Hundred Videos (3)Steve Reinke1996
Hundred Videos (4)Steve Reinke2023
Hundred Videos (5)Steve Reinke2023
I Am And You Are In The SentenceRhoda Rosenfeld1977
I Am One Of Them: Mothers Speak Out About IncestHollie Levine1989
I Dream...of DreamingMarilyn Wulff1981
I Touch MyselfJeremy Drummond1999
I Touch MyselfJeremy Drummond1999
I Wanna WorkConnexions1972
I Want A New DrugStephen Sabyon1984
I'm gonna go eat wormsAlex Jeavons2023
I'm Ready To Die Anytime Within 15 Minutes...are YMaury Peterman1983
Iberian Folk EveningMetro Media2023
Iberian Folk/burnaby Coop/wounded Knee Open StudioMetro Media1973
IcarusDanielle Depeyre1983
IcelandWoody Vasulkas1971
Ideology & NatureFabio Mauri1978
If I Were A Carpenter2023
IllusionBlack Rose Theatre1976
Image Bank Colour ResearchByron Black1974
Image ManipulationStan Fox1973
Images - D.t. Outside2023
Images - Kids And Comics2023
Images - Stereotypes2023
Images - Voice2023
In The Event Anyone DisappearsVideographe1974
Inclinations Etendus2023
Independent Film and Video AllianceVideo In1993
India Hearts BeatLeila Sujir1988
Indian CultureMetro Media1975
Indian FishermenRandall Ginger2023
IndifferencePenelope Buitenhuis1987
Individual ReleaseTom Sherman1978
Industrial Discipline And HierarchyRed River Community College1974
Influences Of My MotherSara Diamond1982
Ingrained Legacy: Early Prarie WoodworkersJudith Silverthorne1997
Ins & OutsRalph Hocking1976
Insights Into AlcoholismBud Godderis1974
Installation 1984Paul Wong1985
Installations By David KnoxAndrew Krumins1982
Instant DeathAce Space Company1974
Instead of Prisons - Hard TimeClaire Culhane1981
Instead of Prisons: Coalition Of Aboriginal WomenClaire Culhane1981
Instead of Prisons: Coalition Of Native Women Sit-In @Indian AffairsClaire Culhane1981
Instead of Prisons: Fra MccannClaire Culhane1981
Instead Of Prisons: Gary LakeClaire Culhane1979
Instead of Prisons: Inquest Into Death Of Steve BikoClaire Culhane1980
Instead of Prisons: Irish P.O.W. [1/2]Claire Culhane1981
Instead of Prisons: Irish P.O.W. [2/2]Claire Culhane1981
Instead of Prisons: Ivan HorvatClaire Culhane1979
Instead of Prisons: John Trudel (AIM)Claire Culhane1979
Instead Of Prisons: Managing The Systems Parts 1&2Prisoners Right Group1980
Instead of Prisons: Stanford Univ.prison Experiment:instead Of PrisonsClaire Culhane1979
Instead Of Prisons: SuicideClaire Culhane1978
Inter-action EnglandWerner Aellen1972
Interaction SamplerPhil Shingler1974
InterimDon Druick1977
International Festival Of Video ArtThierry LeBrum1982
International Women's DayLorna Boschman1997