Browse and search the videos available for personal/research viewing("in library only") from the library as well as the videos in the special collections of VIVO. Videos are available for research, personal viewing, and possibly distribution on a case by case and video by video basis. Please contact the library and archives at to make a request and to discuss further.

Many historic "in library only" videos were deposited by a mixture of producers and community members to be shared with library users, rather than distributed. Others were intended to be both distributed and available for library viewing at VIVO. Special collections videos have often been donated as sets by their creators, see the archives website for more information.

TitleDescriptionDate of ProductionProducer(s)Country of ProductionAccesion Number
Titlesort iconProducerDate of Production
Pea Soup [2/3]Pierre Falardeau2024
Pea Soup [3/3]Pierre Falardeau2024
Peace of Paper: an introduction to origamiDaniel Hess1997
Peace TvNelson Becker2016
Peanut DrivePatrick Drake1972
People SpeakMetro Media2024
Peoples PlaygroupVenice Women s Film Collective1972
Performing Artists ShowMartin Stubbs1975
Perils Of PedagogyJohn Greyson1984
Perser HouseDebbie Littman1976
Peter RandazzoVisus1974
Petit Prince [1/2]Yves Trepanier2024
Petit Prince [2/2]Yves Trepanier2024
Phoenix ObservedEducational Television Ontario1971
Pier Group Mural CompanyArdelle Lister1974
Pilchuk Workshop HighlightsBuster Simpson1973
Pink Floyd - Part 1Metro Media2024
Pink Floyd - Part 2Metro Media2024
Pis Pas Rien Que Du Cote Des GarderiesCine-Videobec1977
Pixel VisionEric Saks2024
Plan MayardvilleMetro Media2024
Planetarium - Levi - Vrb (tape 1 & 2)2024
Planification UrbaineDominique Belloir1974
Play Therapy With Marion SaltmanJames Frederick Housel1972
Plein du vide (Full of Wide)Michel Bonnemaison1980
Poet In Person1976
Poetry Reading At Metro Media - Part 1Metro Media2024
Poetry Reading At Metro Media - Part 2Metro Media2024
Poetry ReadingsMetro Media2024
Point 2Jean Pierre Poirier1974
Point Grey And Environmental DiscussionMetro Media1971
Pointe Equal Rights Movement vs Samuel Cohen RealtorGwen Bassen1973
Poly-fillaKen Kuramoto1980
Poontang Video ComixJohnny Video Tape1972
Porn 22024
Pornography: A Respectable LieWomen in Focus1980
Portable Channel - Compilation TapeMetro Media2024
Portable Video In VancouverRichard Ward1975
PortfillMetro Media1972
PortraitDavid Moore1977
Portrait Of 3 Chinese-american WomenAsian-American Workshop2017
Portrait Of Tim PorterG. Berteig1978
Possibly in MichiganCecelia Condit1983
Post-Mortal EjaculationJeremy Drummond2003
PostcardsPeter Berg1972
Pour Faire Changement [1/2]Tahany Rashed1974
Pour Faire Changement [2/2]Tahany Rashed1974
Pour Moi- Vous Etes Aussi ExotiquesPatricia Plattner1979
Pour Une Civilisation CreditisteMarie Chamberland1973
Power Flick ChroniclesAllen Frederickson1972
Preschool Years: An Alternative .0Jan Abbey1976
Press GangThe Media Mothers1974
Press Gang PublishersPat Feindel2024
Prevention TankJeremy Drummond2003
Preventive MedicineBen Fairless1978
Primal TherapyMetro Media2024
Prime Cuts (PW)Paul Wong1981
Prime Cuts (WF)Western Front Video1981
PrivatgeschichteGabor Body1978
Problèmes d'argentJean-Paul Morisset1972
Processed ImagesWalter Wright1975
Profiles Of WomenJune Boe1972
Programs In Dance #4Visus Foundation1975
Prostitution Debate [1/2]Rick Holyoke1974
Prostitution Debate [2/2]Rick Holyoke1974
Public Access To N.e.b.Metro Media1980
Public Meeting At Langara College - Part 1Metro Media2024
Public Meeting At Langara College - Part 2Metro Media2024
Pumps Special CollectionPumps1979
Pumps VideoPumps1980
Punjabi TapeBecky Munsie1974
Punk-a-roonieJim Cummins1979
Purcell String QuartetSFU Video Workshop1976
Puyallup TribeHans Jorg Heinrich1978
Quackery Part 1: MedicationMervyn Brown1981
Quackery Part 2. Food: Use Or AbuseMervyn Brown1982
Quackery Part 3: Mental HealthMervyn Brown1982
Quand On Pogne Le 3 [1/2]Monique Messier1970
Quand On Pogne Le 3 [2/2]Monique Messier1970
Quebec At CrisisMetro Media1970
Quebec At CrisisMetro Media1970
Quebec Ke Ce Ca #6Videographe1974
Quebec! Ke Ce Ca? #4Videographe1974
Quebecoise RientDiane Heffernon1977
Queen Mary Community School/clare K.Metro Media1974
Quick CityVisual Purple1975
Radiation Workers: ReprocessingWillow Mixed Media Inc.1979
Radio Centreville CRTC AppearanceNational Cablevision1975
Radio VoidMina Shum1984
Railroad Grade Moraine TrailRobert Linsley1996
Rally For The ArtsKaren Henry1985
Ramelro East TimorClive Scollay1975
Randy RealityGerry Gilbert1974
RapeWomen Alive- Cable 101974
Rape Is A Social DiseaseMarion Barling1975
Rape Is A Social DiseaseWomen in Focus1975
Rape ReliefWomen in Focus1974
Rape-blossoms/devil-fish/ironyHitoshi Momura1975
Rape: The RealityElaine Velazques1976
Rated F ... (DL)Donna Lee & Terra Poirier2005