Browse and search the videos available for personal/research viewing("in library only") from the library as well as the videos in the special collections of VIVO. Videos are available for research, personal viewing, and possibly distribution on a case by case and video by video basis. Please contact the library and archives at to make a request and to discuss further.

Many historic "in library only" videos were deposited by a mixture of producers and community members to be shared with library users, rather than distributed. Others were intended to be both distributed and available for library viewing at VIVO. Special collections videos have often been donated as sets by their creators, see the archives website for more information.

TitleDescriptionDate of ProductionProducer(s)Country of ProductionAccesion Number
TitleProducerDate of Productionsort icon
A Dream of NamingPenelope Buitenhuis1991
An Evening with Pia MassieVIVO2020
Confirmation by Doing № 4A - Digging in Sand № 1Keigo Yamamoto1972
Language ÷ Emotion + Syntax = MessageLes Levine2019
,000,Isabelle Pauwels2016
The Gay AgendaRight Wing Morality Group1992
Video Notebook: What is Violence?Aaron Pollard1992
Stick it to MeKaija Pepper1978
Red Hot Video Hates Women.2019
VheryBarry Doupé2013
LouieBrian Levin1970
About The River GodStuart Pound2013
ThreadsSandra Vida2010
The Victory PartyFlick Harrison2002
"Sex, Drugs, Love, Marx..."Flick Harrison2004
Marie TyrellFlick Harrison2004
This is DedicatedHeather DiPietro2008
Noisy White FeverMichitaka Nakahara2020
B.C. Environmental CouncilMetro Media2020
Fun With A SausageIngrid Wilhite2019
L'IngenueIngrid Wilhite2019
Chief Dan GeorgeMetro Media2019
Portrait Of 3 Chinese-american WomenAsian-American Workshop2017
Hiroshima - The Atomic AffectsHiroshima Bomb Committee2017
Women's RallyWomen in Focus2017
Fashion As A Social ControlWomen in Focus2017
Betty Kaplowitz: Blues SingerWomen in Focus2017
"ti-grace Atkinson- Conversation With..."Women in Focus2017
Dance VideotapesLaurie McDonald2017
Homage To Colonel SandersMichael Hayden2016
Lets EatRandy Gledhill2016
Women's ClinicMo Simpson2016
Cotton: The Industrial Web [1/2]Denys Arcand2016
Cotton: The Industrial Web [2/2]Denys Arcand2016
Peace TvNelson Becker2016
St. Francis Park PartyBob Phillips2016
Haida Dancing [1/2]Charles Naktong Sr.2016
Haida Dancing [2/2]Charles Natkong Sr.2016
Golden Mountain Of The Silver ScreenKQED-TV2016
Chinese-American ArtistsMike Chin2016
Coastal Bird MigrationTim Tierney2016
Aspects Of TemporalityMark Gilliland2016
Stop The ExtraditionJan Darger2012
Good Luck GretaReel Feelings Media2012
Sea's ChildrenMetro Media2012
Off Limitsn/a2008
FriedaMaureen Bradley2007
[os]Ming-Yuen S. Ma2007
Works 1999-2007Christine Kirouac2007
Clark Nikolai Beta CompilationClark Nikolai2006
Groovular Niftiness - A Collection of shorts by Clark NikolaiClark Nikolai2005
Cue Up - Swarm PresentationCue Up Collective2005
Rated F ... (DL)Donna Lee & Terra Poirier2005
Rated F... (TP)Terra Poirier & Donna Lee2005
Video Out Sampler 2005Various Artists2005
A Zen Life - D.T. SuzukiMichael Goldberg2005
Toni Latour Compilation DVD 1999-2005Toni Latour2005
100% WomanKaren Duthie2004
untitled installation tapes (1999 - 2004)Jayce Salloum2004
Recollect / Toronto- Toronto / ClosureNico Stagias2003
Tu SuhudinhHelen Haig-Brown2003
Out For Bubble TeaDesiree Lim director2003
Home Is Where You Are HappyJeremy Drummond2003
Tuesday and I (Remix)Jeremy Drummond2003
Mustache ParkJeremy Drummond2003
Post-Mortal EjaculationJeremy Drummond2003
A Safer AmericaJeremy Drummond2003
Prevention TankJeremy Drummond2003
The Director's CutJeremy Drummond2003
Clark Nikolai Videos - PALClark Nikolai2003
Movements East-WestMing-Yuen S. Ma2003
Gender Line ExtendedWG Burnham2002
Jeremy Drummond CompilationJeremy Drummond2002
Suburban DisciplineJeremy Drummond2002
SatelliteNelson Henricks2002
E V O (Anamorphic Version 16:9)Oliver Hockenhull2002
Devil MusicTrinity Square Video2002
Satellite: PerformanceNelson Hendricks2002
Deep WestNikola Marin2002
LibraryLisa G2002
3 VideosScott Russell2002
E V O (Installation Version 16:9) DVDOliver Hockenhull2002
JunkmailJeremy Drummond2002
E V O (Letterbox)Oliver Hockenhull2002
Larry's Leap DaycareMetro Media2001
Candie Tanaka CompilationCandie Tanaka2001
My Sweet Prince CharmingLisa G2001
Three Things My Mother Never Told MeLisa G2001
Videos for LimousinesJonathan Wells2001
Strange AnimalsEmily Vey Duke2001
Theft of the Agony of St. PenguiNikola Marin2001
Take Back the NightNikola Marin2001
Storage RoomJeremy Drummond2001
Untitled (JD)Jeremy Drummond2001
Sweet as HoneyJeremy Drummond2001
Blue TuesdayLisa G2001
She's So GayLisa G2001
Re-actPaul Wong2001