Browse and search the videos available for personal/research viewing("in library only") from the library as well as the videos in the special collections of VIVO. Videos are available for research, personal viewing, and possibly distribution on a case by case and video by video basis. Please contact the library and archives at to make a request and to discuss further.

Many historic "in library only" videos were deposited by a mixture of producers and community members to be shared with library users, rather than distributed. Others were intended to be both distributed and available for library viewing at VIVO. Special collections videos have often been donated as sets by their creators, see the archives website for more information.

TitleDescriptionDate of ProductionProducer(s)Country of ProductionAccesion Number
TitleProducerDate of Productionsort icon
Monodramas: Guilty 3 (billy)Stan Douglas1991
Monodramas: StadiumStan Douglas1991
Shani Mootoo Compilation 91-94 Shani Mootoo1991
Ming-Yuen S. Ma Compilation Ming-Yuen S. Ma1991
Great Divide - Channel 2Daniel Dion1990
Lull Before The Storm (part I & II)Sara Diamond1990
Shawn Chappelle CompilationShawn Chappelle1990
Le Recit D'AEsther Valiquette1990
Dry Kisses Only (continued)Kaucyila Brooks2022
Mary Lou (KC)Kate Craig1989
I Am One Of Them: Mothers Speak Out About IncestHollie Levine1989
Colour SchemesShu Lea Cheang1989
Another Day in AmericaTony Chan1989
Fear of Others1989
Mary Lou (WF)Western Front Video1989
Measures Of Distance (MH)Mona Hatoum1988
Eyes Skinned (MH)Mona Hatoum1988
Language Is CultureCoqualeetza Cultural Edu. Centre1988
Television Spots (w/sample ads)Stan Douglas1988
Television SpotsStan Douglas1988
Few QuestionsEva Manly1988
Mother Of The WatersElisa Tesser1988
India Hearts BeatLeila Sujir1988
Beacon Hill Daycare TapeMetro Media1988
Eyes Skinned (WF)Western Front Video1988
Measures Of Distance (WF)Western Front Video1988
BennuJudy Norris1987
Bright Eyes Part ThreeStuart Marshall1987
My Mother Is A Dangerous Womanb.h. Yael1987
1Lotty Rosenfeld1987
+Lotty Rosenfeld1987
=Lotty Rosenfeld1987
Within Dialogue (silence)Susan C. Rynard1987
Gap Transfer1987
Dorothy Todd Henaut Speaks1987
IndifferencePenelope Buitenhuis1987
Life On Our PlanetTess Payne1987
"lmn (tactile- Neurostalgia- Bennu)"Paul Lang1987
GodspeedPia Massie1987
Jennifer (knows They're Watching)Avril Dishwa1986
ArtifactsWoody Vasulka1986
UntitledKen Kuramoto1986
Joolz - Live At Gangland StudiosCutting Edge1986
Yellow Peril - Chinese CharactersRichard Fung1986
Flow Of AppearancesTess Payne1986
Collection (framed- Periphery- Disposable)Penelope Buitenhuis1986
"record Date: March 3- 1986- #1"Gayblevision1986
"record Date: October 5-1986- #8"Gayblevision1986
"record Date: January 6- 1986"Gayblevision1986
"record Date: April 4- 1986- #2"Gayblevision1986
"record Date: May 2- 1986- Telethon Show"Gayblevision1986
Road to Tlalocan: Video Art Selections From VancouverJoe Sarahan1986
Blue Mule InterviewsKen Kuramoto1985
UntitledKen Kuramoto1985
VisageKen Kuramoto1985
Marquee Masterworks Of BangkokByron Black1985
Severed Heads Music Video CompilationSevered Heads1985
Die In A NightclubJoe Naylor1985
Rubdown DowntownJoe Naylor1985
Such A Grind- By I- WeedeaterJoe Naylor1985
Knock It OffJoe Naylor1985
Installation 1984Paul Wong1985
Two Works By Andrew KeatingWestern Front Video1985
Half More/than A HalfMario Paoli1985
Wordswound Of SilenceHelen Doyle1985
Energie Arbeit Mit KincleruGerd Conradt1985
LacunaJulie Healey1985
Byron Black'n'blue-blindByron Black1985
LuminareJohn Sanborn1985
MedellinWilliam Fearn1985
VideobriefGerd Conradt1985
Two Stills...George A. Lessard1985
ShoesRobert Hamilton1985
Aniputer Demo #1George A. Lessard1985
Banff ImprovGeorge A. Lessard1985
ConformityDarrell Varga1985
State Of The ArtsGary Marcuse1985
Rally For The ArtsKaren Henry1985
Three Worlds- Part I: WaveformsCorrosionLaurie McDonald1985
Zona De Dolor IIDiamela Eltit1985
Zona De Dolor IIIDiamela Eltit1985
Kipling Trilogy: The Jungle BoyJohn Greyson1985
Kipling Trilogy: Kipling Meets The CowboysJohn Greyson1985
Yellow Peril - Chinese Cafes In Rural SaskatchewanAnthony Chan1985
Still SaneBrenda Ingratta1985
Sleeping TapeMargaret Dragu1985
"record Date: July 1- 1985"Gayblevision1985
"record Date: April 1- 1985"Gayblevision1985
"record Date: October- 1985"Gayblevision1985
Record Date: December 1985Gayblevision1985
Electronic Diary #1- 2- 3Lynn Hershman Leeson1985
Mainstreet Drag Ball1985
New State TvJay Samwald1984
NokaraDon Xaliman1984
Southall On TrailSouthall Campaige Committee1984
You Can't Take My Secret AwayStokely Seip1984
Sax Island (EM)Eric Metcalfe1984
Organizing Community Action: "Using The Media"Fred Faulkes1984
Ancient Mariner And My Sister SailorbaitRhonda Abrams1984
AkumuFumiko Kiyooka1984