Browse and search the videos available for personal/research viewing("in library only") from the library as well as the videos in the special collections of VIVO. Videos are available for research, personal viewing, and possibly distribution on a case by case and video by video basis. Please contact the library and archives at to make a request and to discuss further.

Many historic "in library only" videos were deposited by a mixture of producers and community members to be shared with library users, rather than distributed. Others were intended to be both distributed and available for library viewing at VIVO. Special collections videos have often been donated as sets by their creators, see the archives website for more information.

TitleDescriptionDate of ProductionProducer(s)Country of ProductionAccesion Number
TitleProducerDate of Productionsort icon
Mary Jo Fulmer- Dancer (29 Min.)Jancie Starko1984
Visual Artists SeriesJanice Starko1984
Visual Artists SeriesJanice Starko1984
Rubdown Downtown: Thin Edge Of The WedgeJoe Naylor1984
2x Tim RayTim Ray1984
D-day + 40 YearsMaury Peterson1984
Written In The StarsRosie Kovexdi1984
Perils Of PedagogyJohn Greyson1984
Best Of Under 5Video In1984
Because I Know...and You Don'tPaul Landon1984
I Want A New DrugStephen Sabyon1984
Spaghetti: Une ObsessionMartin L Abbe1984
Radio VoidMina Shum1984
Music TherapyIan Woodson1984
VideopionierGerd Conradt1984
Westen Im Osten - Der Osten Im WestenHartmut Jahn1984
Feminism & Toronto's New Music...Harris Taylor1984
Excerpts From Solide salade TourMichel Lemeiux1984
Our Noblest AspirationsAndreas Nieman1984
Scratching The SixtiesMichael Morris1984
Three Towers Of OsakaMarlin Oliveros1984
White OrpheusIvo Zanatta1984
Our Choice: A Tape About Teenage MothersWomen s Media Allinace1984
L'actualiteSaralee James1984
Human ScopeFrancois Girard1984
CR's On StrikeYvonne Dignard1984
Sharkey's DayDean Winkler1984
Big WakeMarilyn Wulff1984
Strings And VectorsMarilyn Wulff1984
Lake Placid 1984Nam June Paik1984
RenaissanceDean Winkler1984
U-BeastTodd Sturn1984
Deutsche Geclichte-zeitgemai VorgetragenGerd Conradt1984
Here's ReliefRumpo Reels1984
Alternative Occupied Spaces (alternative SquattingPenelope Buitenhuis1984
Record Date: Red Cross #3Gayblevision1984
Record Date: ? Pacific Wave #3Gayblevision1984
"record Date: March 4-1984- Pacific Wave #4"Gayblevision1984
"record Date: November-1984- Pacific Wave #11"Gayblevision1984
"record Date: September 13/84- Verlena Werlurmute"Gayblevision1984
"record Date: July 28- 1984- Verlena Werlurmute"Gayblevision1984
"record Date: March 27- 1984"Gayblevision1984
"record Date: May 6- 1984"Gayblevision1984
"record Date: June 3- 1984"Gayblevision1984
"record Date: August 1- 1984- Madge Episode 1"Gayblevision1984
"record Date: July 2- 1984- Pacific Wave #8- #10"Gayblevision1984
"record Date: December 3- 1984- Pacific Wave #12"Gayblevision1984
"record Date: April18- 1984"Gayblevision1984
Body LanguageMetro Media1984
Sax Island (WF)Western Front Video1984
Summer FestivalDream Beam Productions1983
FlukeAnthony Cordi1983
Part-time Mercenary Episodes 1-3Dorothy Kaminski1983
I'm Ready To Die Anytime Within 15 Minutes...are YMaury Peterman1983
Metal DetectorJoe Naylor1983
Legend Of Jimmy OffsalesJoe Naylor1983
1983 No Budget Hit SinglesStokely Seip1983
Mississippi Tapes - Episodes 1 And 2Jane Wright1983
Mississippi Tapes - Episodes 3 And 4Jane Wright1983
Mississippi Tapes - Episodes 5 And 6Jane Wright1983
Glenn Branca - ConcertStokely Seip1983
Beverly Sister - Battle Of The BandsCable West Production1983
Beverly Sisters On Ckvu Vancouver ShowCKVU1983
CORSAGE/PAYOLASRussell Stevens1983
Letter To My GoddaughterShawen Preus1983
Doris Chase DocumentaryDoris Chase1983
167 Street/Bronx 83Bob Harris1983
Manzana For ManzanaJohn Greyson1983
Geography Is DestinyRhonda Abrams1983
Central America: 1983Russell Stephens1983
Do Be DoJoe Naylor1983
Share It With MeJoe Naylor1983
Four ImpostersMaury Peterman1983
Voices by the RiversDora Fitzgerald1983
ElephantsNoel Harding1983
Boob TubeEva Everything1983
K-137-20Anthony Cordi1983
Geisel (the Hostage)Gabor Body1983
NodeFillo Rankin1983
Erect SystemsDerek Graham1983
Amongst The RainFred Piller1983
IcarusDanielle Depeyre1983
Mother Makes Father Cuts A Simple ThreadDimitrije Martinovic1983
AdaTeri Chmilar1983
General DeliveryPatti Poskitt1983
Act IIIDean Winkler1983
This Is The PictureDean Winkler1983
Video Sketchbook: PregnancyLaurie McDonald1983
We Don't Want To Own It: We Just Want To Live HerePenelope Buitenhuis1983
"record Date: January 2- 1983"Gayblevision1983
"record Date: February 5-1983- #32"Gayblevision1983
"record Date: March 6- 1983- #33"Gayblevision1983
"record Date: April 2- 1983- #34- Aids Special"Gayblevision1983
"record Date: May 14- 1983- #35b- Walk For Peace"Gayblevision1983
"record Date: May 1- 1983- #35a- Walk For Peace"Gayblevision1983
"record Date: July 2- 1983- #37"Gayblevision1983
"record Date: July 1- 1983- #38 The Sleep Of Reason"Gayblevision1983
Record Date: ? Gay Pride 83 Van Coronation Ball 82Gayblevision1983
"record Date: August 31- 1983- #39"Gayblevision1983
"record Date: October 1- 1983- #40"Gayblevision1983